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TeraBox Review(Is TeraBox Safe To Use Or Not?)

Fame comes with controversies, and this thing perfectly fits with TeraBox cloud storage. Ever since this insanely beneficial cloud service was launched, it has indeed collected heaps of love from the users. But when you search for TeraBox reviews online, you see that people have different opinions about it. For some people, TeraBox isn’t less than a blessing, while for others, it’s not trustworthy.

If you’ve been using the TeraBox app for a while and know a little bit about it, you’ll already know that it’s one of the most secure cloud storage systems in the world. But if you’re a completely new user of it then I’ve got you covered with this post. This is basically going to be a TeraBox cloud storage review in which all of your doubts about it will be cleared.

TeraBox Review

TeraBox Cloud Storage:

If your smartphone, Mac, or iOS are running out of space, then you must have been recommended to use TeraBox. It’s cloud storage that is best known for the 1 TB of free storage that it bestows on every single user who uses this platform.

No matter if you have long or short videos, audio or video songs, applications, documents, or any pictures, the app can safely store all of them for you. TeraBox is available for three of the most commonly used operating systems: iOS, Android, and Mac.

So, regardless of which operating system you use, you’ll be able to get the most out of TeraBox cloud storage. But can you trust TeraBox for your data? This TeraBox cloud storage review will answer all of your questions about the app.

My Comprehensive TeraBox Review 2024:

If you’re confused about whether or not you should use the TeraBox app, this TeraBox review will remove your confusion.

Most Competitive Pricing and Plans:

If you’re like me and don’t have much data to store, then the free TeraBox version is all you need. It’s more than enough for you. However, if you need to store hundreds of larger files, then you’re lucky, as TeraBox offers the best pricing and plans for its users, which are way more affordable than other cloud storage services.

If you take its monthly plan, then you just have to pay $3.49 a month. For its yearly plan, the cost will be just $35.99, which is peanuts compared to the advantages you’ll be given by it.

User-friendly interface:

The other thing that I’d like to highlight in this TeraBox review is its user-friendly interface. When I first downloaded the app and opened it, I was welcomed with a crisp and clean interface.

Then, there were options to either sign up with Google, Facebook, or email or log in with the same accounts. I logged in with my Google account in the app, and it was a straightforward process.

After logging in, I could see a sidebar on the left side, which tells me about my remaining storage and how much of the storage I’ve consumed so far. I could also navigate the app with ease without stuttering or lagging. I’m highly impressed with its user interface.

Great Ad Placement.

I get agitated by ads, no matter what app I see them on.  They become more annoying for me when they’re cluttered up all over the interface of the app. Thanks to TeraBox cloud storage, which takes care of this by placing the ads properly at a good distance from all the functions of the app.

This allows me to not end up clicking on the ads while trying to use any functions. It makes using the app more convenient.

Speedy Sync speed:

Whichever cloud storage I’ve experienced, one thing I’ve found to be common in all of them is a slow sync speed. It would take me 40 to 50 minutes to simply upload a couple of hundred MB-long files. It would not only frustrate me but also keep me from getting my important work done.

TeraBox’s amazingly fast sync speed helps me upload longer files in just a couple of minutes. I’ve used its free version though, and even so, the sync speed was so fast that I was blown away. If you have many files to store, then TeraBox will surely help you with that by giving you a fantastic sync speed.

Free 1TB storage:

It would be unjust to not talk about TeraBox’s free 1TB storage. When you sign up for it, you’re granted free storage that you can then use. There aren’t any terms or conditions that you need to follow to get this much support.  The best part? You don’t even need to provide your credit card credentials to get the free storage, which is awesome.

File Recovery Is Easy:

The file recovery feature of TeraBox is indeed a lifesaver for people who often end up deleting their files accidentally. With this feature, you can easily recover your files within 10 days after deleting them. You can recover the file directly from the recycle bin of TeraBox, and it will take you only a minute to do so.

Easy To Share Data:

Sharing data on TeraBox is pretty simple. You get two simple options to do it. One is with the email. The second one is the generated link. I often use the email sharing feature of this app, as I find it convenient, and I also have the emails of the people with whom I have to share my files.

If you don’t have the person’s email, then you can use the app’s generate link option. With this option, you’ll be able to generate a unique sharing link for the file. When you share the link, the person will easily be able to access the file through that.

Safety and Privacy of TeraBox:

TeraBox keeps its users’ data safe by using the most advanced technology features, like cutting-edge technology, robust security protocols, two-step authentication, and also by offering an app lock. Besides these features, the app has a team of experts who are highly qualified in cybersecurity.

They keep an eye on any suspicious activities being done with the user’s data and then do everything to protect it. So, if you have some sensitive data to store in the app and you’re worried whether it’ll be safe in TeraBox or not, then don’t worry. It’s perfectly safe in it.

Safety and Privacy of TeraBox

Do I Recommend Using The TeraBox App?

I definitely recommend using the TeraBox app to store your files. It’s a beauty-designed app that contains a lot of storage features that you can get for free. It gives you a file recovery option, great sync speed, a user-friendly interface, the ability to share data easily, and also the most secure cloud storage for free.

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Not only that, the TeraBox app also has the most affordable premium plans as well compared to other cloud storage. So, if you’re looking for a secure cloud storage service with plenty of free storage options, then TeraBox is your way to go.

Do I Recommend Using The TeraBox App


1) When was TeraBox founded?

TeraBox was founded back in May 2020 as a cloud storage by Flextech Inc. In Japan. Since then, the app has been collecting a lot of love and downloads, specifically on the Google Play Store, where it has surprised 100 million downloads.

2) Can TeraBox be trusted?

Yes, absolutely. TeraBox can be trusted, as it’s one of the most secure and reputable cloud storage services these days. It’s a fully run and operated Japanese company that takes all of the security measures to protect the user’s data from being leaked and hacked. For further details, check Skybootstrap’s review of TeraBox.

3) Is TeraBox free forever?

Yes, TeraBox can be free forever if you keep watching the ads. However, it also offers premium plans that are reasonably priced.

Final Words:

TeraBox is one of the best cloud storage systems. I’m telling you that from my personal experience. The app has done an excellent job for me. It gives me 1 TB of storage for free, a superb sync speed, and a file recovery option. There is nothing else that any cloud storage user would need. What I liked the most about the TeraBox app is its affordable plans, which almost anybody can easily afford. For anyone looking to get the best and most secure cloud storage, TeraBox is the way to go.

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