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Stepping Into Summer: Colourful Sandal Styles To Enjoy The Australian Sun

It’s summer in Australia, and it’s just the right time to enjoy the long days at the beach, balmy evenings spent outdoors, and vibrant nights to the fullest. Most importantly, summers are the time to ditch closed shoes and enjoy the freedom of shining sandals for women! However, these sandals are not just for comfort but also about a massive colour palette to try something new each day.

Colourful Sandal Styles To Enjoy The Australian Sun

So, here is a guide of colourful sandals for all your moods and tips to explore how to pair them for a summer that’s both stylish and comfortable.

Sun-Kissed Sandals In Bronzes And Metallics

The bright Australian landscape itself inspires love for earthy tones, worn mostly on the beach nights. Bronzes and metallic sandals for women are a timeless choice, offering a touch of sophistication that complements a variety of looks. Especially, when you are wearing it with slit gowns or glitter dresses, accompanying a stunning night party look.

Bronzed Beauty:

For a relaxed vibe, pair bronze sandals with a flowy white maxi dress, creating an earthy look for the bright morning. With this, add a woven tote bag and a statement necklace for a touch of boho chic. This combination is perfect for a picnic in the park or a stroll along the beach.

Metallic Marvels:

Metallic sandals in gold or silver add instant glamour to any outfit. So, dress them up with a black jumpsuit for a night out, or consider it as an addition for your work outfits in summer, as these can be worn with a tailored white pantsuit and a silk camisole.

Metallic Marvels

Pop Of Colour In Sandals For Women To Make A Statement

Australian summers are all about embracing bold colours and playful patterns available in the sandals for women. Let your sandals be the star of the show with these vibrant options:

Red Hot:

Red hot sandals got to be the head-turning choice to immerse more confidence from your ootd. Channel your inner Australian celebrity with a pair of red sandals and a floral sundress. For a more casual look, rock red gladiator sandals with denim shorts and a graphic tee. This is how you bring out more hotness from your cool attire.

Citrus Splash:

Live the sunshine to the fullest with sandals in citrus hues like lemon yellow or orange. These happy colours pair beautifully with white jeans, a nautical-striped top, and a straw hat for a day at the beach. Moreover, the bright hue gives you complete freedom to pair with both light and dark outfits.

Tropical Paradise:

Bring the island vibes even when you are walking on the street roads with sandals for women featuring vibrant floral prints or palm tree motifs. These playful sandals look stunning with a simple white sundress or a breezy linen jumpsuit. Go sleeveless, go careless, because these are the most carefree outfit and footwear options.

Pop Of Colour In Sandals For Women To Make A Statement

Cool and Classic Sandals in Black, White, and Navy

If you are looking for a contemporary sandal that can go with almost everything, then the aforementioned colours have to be it. Black, white, and navy sandals offer endless pairing possibilities and remain summer staples.

Forever Black:

If you talk about the one all-season favourite colour, then black has to be it. Black sandals for women are a compulsion, as they can go with almost everything. Mostly, they dress up with a casual outfit like a denim skirt and t-shirt or add edge to a flowy maxi dress. Black sandals also work wonders with a jumpsuit or a tailored playsuit.

White Wonder:

White sandals generally offer a light and airy feel, making it perfect for hot summer days. Pair them with a pastel-coloured sundress for a romantic look, or create a crisp and professional summer office outfit by wearing these sandals with tailored linen trousers or pencil skirts and a white shirt.

Nautical Navy:

Navy-coloured sandals for women are a versatile choice that adds a touch of classic flair to the whole outfit. This coloured footwear pairs beautifully with white jeans, a striped top, and a blazer for a polished yet summery look.

Beyond the Colour: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sandals

While women generally emphasise on colours as one of the major choice-making factors, there are other essential factors to consider too when choosing your summer sandals:


The most important factor when picking sandals for women is a good fit. Sandals shouldn’t be too loose or too tight, and they should provide adequate support for your arches. This will ensure a comfortable fit for all your happy hours of strolling through the beach, walking in the evening market or when heading to the club.


Leather sandals for women are the most shopped, for how it offers both durability and style. For a more relaxed look, consider sandals made from canvas or woven materials. This material is ideal for pairing with a sundress and shorts for adding to the casual appearance.

Heel Height:

Not everyone is a high-heeled person. Some women do not want to rise above their flats too. For this, there are ample sandals for women in flats to wear for regular days as well as parties. Platforms and wedges in sandals offer a lift without sacrificing comfort, while flats are perfect for all-day wear. So, pick your place to go and pick your heel accordingly.

Enjoy A Colourful Summer

Summers in Australia are all about vibrancy, colours, and lots of fun. Add to this fun with choosing sandals for women in a diversity of colours. With these tips and ideas in mind, you’re ready to step into summer with confidence and make the best of every moment. Remember, the most important factor is to choose sandals that make you feel YOU. For this, Ipanema brings you a big fat collection of sandals in countless styles and a diversity of colours. Pick your dress and match your sandals, summers are here to welcome all your joyous moods.

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