Why Trusting Your Pain Specialist Is Vital for Effective Treatment

Why Trusting Your Pain Specialist Is Vital for Effective Treatment

It is safe to say that no one is thrilled that they need to go to a pain specialist. Although those who seek out these services want relief from the pain, it is not enjoyable to have to experience it in the first place, whether it is long-term or short-term. A pain specialist can be a significant asset for relieving this discomfort and helping patients do some, many, or all the tasks they previously did without an issue. Understanding how trusting a pain specialist and receiving effective treatment go hand-in-hand may inspire you to put in significant effort to find one you believe in.

It Can Help Decrease Your Stress Levels

There is no doubt that pain and stress are linked. Pain can take an enormous toll on your life, affecting everything from how you work and what jobs you can have to how you care for your family and how often you interact with loved ones. When you cannot do all the things you are used to doing for yourself and others, it can lead to a significant increase in stress.

Trusting a pain specialist to decrease your pain levels can be an excellent step in lowering your stress levels. However, it is also crucial that you do your part by taking the recommendations and suggestions the doctor gives you, such as about what you should and should not eat, and implementing them into your life.

You Can Communicate More Honestly

Think about someone whom you do not trust. You feel uncomfortable sitting in a room and chatting about some of your life’s most significant and personal details. You can only effectively communicate with a pain specialist if you trust them.

Take the time to find a pain specialist you trust so you can communicate honestly about how you are feeling and what you are thinking. All of it must come together into candid conversations so the specialist can plan effective treatments that coincide with your information.

You Will Feel More Comfortable Asking Questions

It is essential that you feel comfortable asking your pain specialist questions. If they tell you something you do not understand, especially if it involves treatment and/or medication, it is not something you can let go of. Trusting your pain specialist can allow you to feel open to asking questions rather than feeling like you would just be bothering them or that there is no point because they would not listen to what you have to say anyway. Having this trust means you believe they have your best interests in mind.

You Can Feel Comfortable Disagreeing

Trust in your pain specialist means you also feel comfortable disagreeing with them. You may very well agree with everything they say and do regarding your treatment, but if you do not and you don’t think it will be a good option for you, you need to speak up.

For instance, let’s say the specialist recommends a pain medication that you do not feel comfortable taking because of the side effects. Let them know you would prefer to try another option if there is one. Saying “okay” or merely nodding your head will not do you any favors. Another medication may not be available depending on your situation, but the pain specialist can only know what may or may not work for you and your lifestyle if you tell them.

It May Help Decrease Pain Levels

The ultimate goal of going to a pain specialist is to help manage and decrease your pain. If there is friction because you do not fully trust them, the overall approach may be less effective than if you team up and work together. If you genuinely want to lower your pain levels, do not settle for a pain specialist you do not trust and believe in.

It Could Help Improve Your Mood

Think back to how many times you have been in a bad mood because of how much pain you were in or simply because you were mad that you were experiencing any pain in the first place. As your pain levels decrease, you may experience more days where you feel like you are in a great mood.

Contact Oklahoma Interventional Spine & Pain when you are ready to finally have a pain specialist you trust who will listen to you and help you through the process. Working as a team is the best way to develop an effective treatment that can help ease your pain.

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