48 Best Fully Remote Jobs to Apply for in February 2024

With January’s blues behind us Many people are looking to start their 2024 goals this month of February.This could include achieving an easier way to balance work and family and this is something that working from a remote location is naturally suited to.

The benefits of working from home include having more time to work, since without the commute you’ll have the ability to dedicate more time to your family, friends and other interests.It’s also an effective method of cutting costs as Dunkin’ was not getting less expensive the last time we had our breakfast fix.

Although a certain kind of CEO would have you believe that the cubicle is trending We’re here to remind you that you have a an option to choose what you do.In addition, there are many remote-based job opportunities still open employees from all over the world, you don’t need to give up your goals for career advancement or your financial goals, either.

Without further delay this list of the top remote jobs you could apply for during February 2024.
The 48 Best Fully Remote Jobs to Apply for in February 2024


Google doesn’t have a general remote working policy, however it does make this benefits available to many of positions. Currently, there are over 60 jobs which are remote-friendly the giant of the web.

This includes positions for engineers, sales reps, consultant, managers of projects and many more.Although there are a few remote positions that you can apply for without prior previous experience, they aren’t one of them. You’ll need to be a qualified professional, based on the reputation of the company and the expectation of their employees.

It is typical for this to appear to be a few years of knowledge in your field and a Bachelor’s, or Masters degree in the same field.If you’re in compliance with the requirements that Google has, the compensation at Google is usually high and with salaries that exceed $100k are not often.

Google’s Cloud division appears to be in the midst of a hiring spree right now So here are a few of the remote-only jobs that you can apply for now:

  • Senior Staff Software Engineer, Google Cloud Generative AI
  • Data Analytics Sales Specialist
  • Technical Editor, Google Cloud
  • Cyber Defense Analyst, Mandiant
  • Field Sales Representative, Mid-Market Enterprise (Google Cloud)
  • Program Manager, Data Center Construction
  • Senior Network Operations Engineer
  • Security Sales Specialist, Google Cloud

Learn more about these jobs Apply, or even apply, and discover other jobs on Google’s careers website.


Microsoft has been a long-time advocate of policies that support remote working and currently has more than 1,000 job openings across the globe which allow employees to work 100% at home.

It may seem odd considering that the company been able to eliminate nearly 2,000 positions however, it is likely that the Redmond-based tech giant will be looking to strategically shift resources to future growth areas particularly AI because of how closely it is now to ChatGPT the owner of OpenAI.

If you’re interested in hybrid working, the amount of jobs you could submit to Microsoft increases even more However, in terms of completely remote positions, you’re very much in the market for options.

Here are a few of our top jobs currently available at Microsoft this month:

  • Security Operations Center Technical Specialist
  • Principal Design Manager
  • Business Analytics Lead
  • Senior Product Manager
  • Global AI Go-To-Market Strategy Lead
  • Software Engineer (multiple levels and open positions)
  • Healthcare Sales Operations Manager

Learn more about these and other job openings on Microsoft’s Microsoft job search website.


It’s not a secret that software developers generally prefer working at home from any of their colleagues in the tech field.Therefore, it’s not a shock that an organization like Intuit produces famous software products such as QuickBooks and MailChimp is among the most remote-friendly employers around.

It’s true that Indeed’s 2024 list of the top remote working firms ranked it lower than Microsoft in terms of flexibility.It even offers completely virtual internships that you don’t find often, even in the post COVID age.

In addition to being a major player on the hiring of developers currently, you can have vacancies available for UX specialists and designers, sales rep accountants, and sales rep.Since even in the midst of payroll systems there has to be someone who can watch the viewers and keep an eye on the watchers.

Take a look at these remote jobs with Intuit:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Senior Manager of Strategic Success, Mailchimp
  • Partner Development Manager
  • Service and Support Representative
  • Senior Sales Engineer
  • Director Business Development

To learn more and apply about the job at Intuit visit the website for job openings at Intuit.


Salesforce is nearly as recognized for its flexibility in remote working as it is for hosting one of the biggest tech conferences, known as Dreamforce.

The B2B company’s head honcho, who is outspoken, Marc Benioff, famous claimed his claim that the company has “always been a remote worker” and, while the policy isn’t applicable to all positions at the company, it is more than its proportion of remote jobs.

As of the writing in February 2024 the Salesforce website has 133 job openings available for remote workers (over 100 can be “based” in the US) This is a drop from the more than 150 jobs we featured in our December roundup however, it’s still a decent quantity.

It’s a great opportunity by a developer or engineer or engineer, but also an account executive because Salesforce is in search of many new people to represent the company and manage client relations as of now.It is possible that you will be involved in projects that support US National Security!

Here are our top choices for completely remote work at Salesforce this month.

  • Senior Technical Consultant
  • Project Integrator, GovCloud
  • Partner Sales Manager, Digital
  • Marketing Cloud Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Account Executive (multiple levels and open positions)

Go to the Salesforce careers website to find out more about their careers and apply.

CVS HealthCVS Health

CVS Yes, that CVS has been the surprise participant in our review of the top jobs that are remote in January, and the pharmaceutical retail giant has been punching far above its weight in February.

There are currently more than 689 positions at CVS which are available for remote work, which is down from 790 jobs we highlighted at the beginning in the new year.But, this is actually positive news as it implies that CVS has employed more than 100 remote workers during that time!

Do you want to be that?Here are a few of the most sought-after remote CVS job opportunities currently available.There are many opportunities for people with less knowledge of the company’s administration and custom support divisions, in addition to directorships and top engineering posts.

  • Customer Support Associate
  • Lead Director, Specialty Innovation
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Provider Data Services Specialist
  • Engineer Project Management, Sr.Manager
  • Training Delivery
  • Distinguished Engineer, Public Cloud

For more details on these remote jobs and others at CVS look up CVS’s website for careers.


Amazon does not have a perfect history in regards to its policies regarding remote work.But, despite appearing to block promotions for employees who did not go back to work however, the company still allows remote working in a variety of jobs.

The internet mega mart has a current listing of more than 60 remote full-time jobs for Americans who are eligible, as well as some global job openings.These are mostly centered around specific areas of technology, such as engineering and software development however HR and marketing managers also appear to be capable of working in a different setting than the cubicle.

There are some opportunities for recently graduated students and an opportunity to join Tech giant’s Ring division that is working on security products that are smart for homes.

Here are our top Amazon remote job listings in February 2024.

  • Director Product, Ring Apps
  • Graduate Area/Shift Manager (June 2024 Start)
  • Audience and Media Strategy, Marketing Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Operations Engineer
  • DLS Case Manager (Seasonal, Disability and Leave Services)
  • Construction Manager

Explore all of Amazon’s remote-friendly jobs on its job search website.

UnitedHealth Group

One final alternative to remote tech jobs can be found in UnitedHealth Group.One of the largest name of health insurance the company boasted in 2020 that it had “over 25% of [its] employees” working remotely and is still actively encouraging the flexibility of certain roles.

We’re currently discussing more than 400 remote positions at UnitedHealth While certain are specifically targeted to the healthcare sector however, there are plenty of opportunities for tech-minded individuals to look at and general positions for account managers on its sales and customer service representatives.
Here are a few of the most intriguing ones we’ve seen:

  • Sales Account Manager (multiple vacancies)
  • Coding Supervisor
  • Healthcare IT Project Consultant
  • Senior Internal Audit Analyst
  • Lead Software Engineer

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