7 Best Fully Remote Job Roles You Can Apply for in 2024

Best Fully Remote Job Roles You Can Apply

If 2023 was the year that large corporations sought to restore the old system through cutting the remote working The year 2024 will be the year when numerous employees fight back and demand remote work.

Of course, certain lines of work are better suitable for working from home. In this article we’ll guide you through the top jobs that can be done remotely by 2024. which is based on more than 10 years of working remotely.

Particularly, we’ll take a look at what the most sought-after fully remote job opportunities are, and the required qualifications (or not need) and what compensation you’ll be able to expect working from home.

Best Fully Remote Jobs to Apply For in 2024

1. Software Developer

Our top choice for jobs that can be remotely accessed in 2024 are software developer roles.

They come in a variety of sizes and shapes however, whether they are front-end, back-end or even a niche, such as Web3 the one thing that nearly every developer position has the same thing in common: employers prefer to be completely remote.

The amount of technical knowledge required for software developers means that positions are generally highly compensated, with a salary that exceed $100k being the typical for this high-demand sector.

Skills required: Software developer roles are extremely technical, so should you not know your Java as well as Python in relation to your SQL chances are it’s not the right fit for you.

Avg. Annual Salary (~): $110,000 (Glassdoor)

2. Content Writer

Are you a natural to write? If so, then content writing is the ideal job that is completely remote for you. Businesses have realized for a long time that writers don’t have to work in an office in order to complete their work when they’re punctual and are proficient in writing.

Technically speaking, the only requirement is that you have a good writing proficiency English which, in actual usage is at the very least the equivalent of a Higher School diploma. However, those with a college degree or those who hold degrees in related fields such as English Communications Journalism, Media, or tend to be the most preferentially selected.

Anyone is able to consider it as an side business or even try for a way to make a profession out of it – particularly in the event that you’re able to set up your own blog to present your work, or write for freelance rates that are entry-level.

Essential skills: Fluent written English

Avg. Annual Salary (~): $67k (Talent.com)

3. Translator

The true global nature of e-commerce by 2024 means that the need for translators who are skilled is on the rise in the business world as businesses across the globe seek to translate their message to various markets.

If you’re fortunate enough to be able (and/or write) fluently in a variety of languages and languages, then this might be the ideal job that is remote for you. Many companies will accept WFH arrangements due to the nature of their translation tasks that can range from a simple document translation to helping facilitate multi-lingual discussions.

Salaries aren’t the same, with the majority being on the lower end however, if you’re quick enough, you might find that you’re in a position to “overemploy” yourself and work many jobs simultaneously (which when done with honesty is simply referred to as freelance).

Skills required: Written and/or spoken fluency in at least two languages

Avg. Annual Salary (~): $61k (Glassdoor)

4. Life Coach

Do not worry, counselors, therapists and other certified medical professionals! There is no formal qualification required Life coaching is a completely remote job available to anyone who may be clients.

Many people are happy to receive individual coaching via Skype,this is potentially an entirely remote job however, at best the “office” would be your living room, or some other private space you choose.

There are a variety of certification bodies and it is ideal to be able to obtain an ICF certification or are working towards it. However, personal characteristics are the basis of coaching. What you need is empathy listening, excellent communication skills and generally a friendly, affable manner. The digital marketing expertise to create an online presence is also helpful.

Skills required: Good listening and communicating

Avg. Annual Salary (~): $62.5k (ICF)

5. Sales Rep

It seems that the Wild West of the sales world is now open to workers who work remotely, even though the field might still be a trigger for cubicles as well as headsets for business.

Take a look at the jobs that are currently being offered by a major company such as Salesforce and, all the way through to directorships, there are a plethora of remote sales opportunities available. The salaries vary widely depending on years of experience, with the entry-level reps beginning with than $45-50k in accordance the US News & World Report.

Of course, the willingness to wear pants might be required at larger companies and as you move up the ranks, there will be meetings with clients still being held in person. It’s unlikely that you’ll be facing at a mandatory five-day absence from the office, but the majority part of the work you do will be completed via phone in a completely remote environment.

Skills required: A Bachelor’s degree in Business, Communications, or a related field might be required.

Avg. Annual Salary (~): $100k (Glassdoor)

6. Social Media Manager

The art of preserving the online presence of a business is a standard remote working area The exact requirements differ based on the company’s seniority and.

A lot of roles require you to develop engaging social content and then distribute it to the general public Some roles may additionally requiring you to respond to customers’ questions and participate in conversations within the community.

A college degree may be demanded by some employers, however If you have an organic social media following or a blog you should be treated similarly to traditional education. Some degree of digital knowledge is the only need, according to us and a strong writing English.

Essential skills:Digital and social media literacy, solid written English

Avg. Annual Salary (~): $64k (Glassdoor)

7. AI Expert

Not to be left out, AI is going to be the most exciting emerging sub-industries in the world of technology in 2024. People with a computer science degree will be able to make significant money through applying their knowledge to chatbots and platforms such as ChatGPT however, AI jobs aren’t exclusive to just a few.

In the midst of all the new products that are coming out in the coming months, anticipate AI prompting engineering to become a sought-after talent as companies are looking for people to feed them with useful commands to ChatGPT and other applications.

As humans begin sharing the work space with AI increasingly managers will become responsible for maintaining an enjoyable and productive relationship between machine and human.

In the realm of AI the sky is the limit, and you can equip yourself with a few most important skills by looking through this guide for no-cost AI training classes..

Skills required:AI literacy up to computer science degrees (BSc or MSc)

Avg. annual salary: varies However, the majority of AI-related roles that we’ve seen are more than $100k.


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