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A Vacation Rich with Memories in Delhi- A Vacation Guide for the Capital

A vacation rich with memories in Delhi- A vacation guide for the CapitalTaking an endeavour to Delhi? It is the capital city of India that combines its diverse culture and its modern developments. The vibrant city boasts a rich history with numerous significant monuments and mouthwatering cuisine. With so many attractions available, it’s not surprising to have Delhi on your touring bucket list.

If it’s your first time planning for a Capital City tour from Kolkata, you must know how to make your trip memorable with a guide to enjoy leisure, a comfortable stay, and major destinations exploration. You can easily find Kolkata to Delhi flights from early morning to late night. Make sure to use promo codes to save extra money on the flight ticket. Read on to find the comprehensive guide to enjoying your Delhi vacation.

How Delhi is an amalgamation of old and new charm?

The capital of India has two major areas i.e., Old Delhi and New Delhi. New Delhi was constructed in the modern era during British rule. Old Delhi is the key historical centre where all the ancient structures and sites are situated. It’s best to consider your hotel booking in the part of Delhi that you plan to explore more. You can find various luxury hotels and modern entertainment and tourist infrastructure in New Delhi. Old Delhi can conveniently give you access to ancient attractions and markets.

Choosing a hotel in Delhi

There are many affordable hotels in Delhi, whether you decide to stay in the new or old region. Choose hotels in Old Delhi if you are going to spend most part of your trip exploring historical sites. Find high-end hotels in New Delhi for a modern experience. Look for hotels that your budget can afford that vary according to the location and amenities. Inquire about the safety and security of the hotel, where 24-hour front desk service is available, and it’s easy for night exploration.

What Delhi attractions to explore?

Delhi can showcase a range of popular attractions to you that reflect its history and culture. Make sure to visit these places to make a beautiful memory in Delhi:

  • India Gate: India Gate stands 42m high and is a War Memorial for 70,000 Indian soldiers who fought for the British Army in WWI. Its wide, expansive area is best for taking a serene walk in the evening.
  • Qutub Minar: It is a unique architectural marvel built in the 12th This Masonry Tower is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • The Red Fort: It is another UNESCO World Heritage Site that showcases the intricate Mughal architectural designs and stands tall as the symbol of India’s freedom struggle.

Tasting the local Delhi culinary

If you are in Delhi, it would be a bad deed to pass on delicious street food items like parathas, kebab, Gol Gappa, etc.. Get around the Delhi streets using the Metro or rickshaw for cheap transportation. Delhi has its own flavourful butter chicken and Chole Bhature North Indian dishes. If you want to cool down the spice, enjoy some plain or mango lassi.

The Bottom Line:

The rich traditions and cultures, along with delicious food and popular landmarks, can make your Delhi trip unique and memorable. Make sure to book your flight and hotels in advance to explore the Capital of India on a budget. Follow this guide to know what to expect and plan your trip accordingly.

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