Are you sure that Palworld Cross-Platform?

Are you sure that Palworld Cross-Platform

Palworld is the new survival game for collecting creatures that has been dubbed by fans as “Pokemon with guns,” has become an instant hit since its launch day. With Pokemon being one of the Nintendo exclusive console game (and among the top popular video game franchises ever) It’s not a surprise that those who play with other systems are clamoring to take a shot and fight with bizarre creatures in an open world.

It’s still debating on the question of whether Palworld will be able to survive or if the launch sales numbers are the result of it being the next Pokemon replica after it was first made public. Whatever the case, this is the perfect time to dive into the game as everyone else is absorbing how to live in the present. You don’t want to be further behind.

There’s a way to enjoy Palworld with your friends however, what happens do you do if they’re using another platform? We’ll tell you what we know right now.

Are you sure that Palworld cross-platform?

Palworld isn’t provide cross-platform support prior to the time of its launch. Developers have indicated that they are working to support cross-platforms and are trying to get it figured out “as as soon as is possible.”

In a Q&A posted on the Official Discord server the possibility of cross-platform game play was mentioned: “Not at launch, but we’re working hard to bring this into play within the shortest time possible!”

At present, the game is available only through Steam or Xbox. There is no plan for the game to be launched in the PlayStation 5 console. PlayStation 5, and there isn’t any announcement of an Nintendo Switch launch. Cross-platform compatibility is expected to be somewhat simpler to handle for both systems.

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