Can an Automatic Pokemon Go Catcher Enable 120 Hours of Continuous Catching?

In the ever-evolving world of Pokémon GO, where trainers constantly seek new ways to gain an edge and embark on epic quests to become Pokémon Masters, a game-changing innovation has emerged to rewrite the rules of the hunt. Enter the 247 Automatic Pokemon Go Catcher, an ingenious device that promises to redefine the way you catch Pokémon, offering an unprecedented 120 hours of non-stop capturing action.

As we delve into this remarkable piece of technology, we’ll unlock the secrets behind its operation, explore its numerous advantages, and discuss the important considerations every aspiring Pokémon trainer should keep in mind. Get ready to step into a new dimension of Pokémon catching as we unveil the ‘Pokemon GO’ 247 Auto Catcher and all it has to offer.

What is the 247 Automatic Pokemon Go Catcher

The 247 Automatic Pokemon Go Catcher is a third-party device designed to enhance the Pokémon GO experience. It’s essentially a hardware accessory that automates the process of catching Pokémon in the game. This device can be connected to your smartphone and programmed to catch Pokémon automatically, making it possible to play the game around the clock without any manual intervention.What is the 247 Automatic Pokemon Go Catcher

How Does It Work?

The ‘Pokemon GO’ 247 Auto Catcher uses a combination of GPS tracking and specialized software to identify and capture Pokémon. Here’s a breakdown of its operation:

  1. GPS Tracking: The device tracks your real-world location using GPS, just like the Pokémon GO app itself. This ensures that it only attempts to catch Pokémon in your vicinity.
  2. Pokémon Detection: The Auto Catcher uses in-game data to identify nearby Pokémon. When it detects one within range, it initiates the capture sequence.
  3. Automated Throwing: The device then simulates the act of throwing a Poké Ball at the target. It calculates the throwing angle and strength required to increase the chances of a successful catch.
  4. Collecting Rewards: Once the Pokémon is caught, the Auto Catcher can also collect rewards like Stardust and Candy.
  5. Non-stop Play: By repeating these steps continuously, the Auto Catcher can keep playing the game without interruption, even when you’re not actively engaged.

Benefits of the 247 Automatic Pokemon Go Catcher

The ‘Pokemon GO‘ 247 Auto Catcher offers several advantages to players:

  1. Continuous Stardust Accumulation: Stardust is a precious resource in Pokémon GO, essential for powering up and trading Pokémon. The Auto Catcher tirelessly accumulates Stardust as it catches Pokémon, ensuring a steady supply to strengthen your team.
  2. Egg Hatching Assistance: In Pokémon GO, eggs can hatch into various species of Pokémon, but they require you to cover specific distances. The Auto Catcher can help you accumulate distance by walking your buddy Pokémon while it captures wild Pokémon, facilitating more efficient egg hatching.
  3. Improved Catching in Challenging Conditions: When you’re in areas with poor connectivity, heavy traffic, or challenging weather conditions, catching Pokémon manually can be tricky. The Auto Catcher doesn’t falter under these circumstances, ensuring you don’t miss out on valuable catches.
  4. Valuable Time Savings: By automating the catching process, the Auto Catcher allows you to spend your time on other aspects of the game, such as battling in gyms, participating in raids, or completing research tasks. This time-saving feature lets you engage more deeply with the game’s diverse activities.
  5. Consistent Game Progress: Whether you’re at work, school, or even asleep, the Auto Catcher continues to play Pokémon GO on your behalf, ensuring consistent progress in your Pokémon-catching journey. You can wake up to a collection of Pokémon, Stardust, and items gathered during the night.
  6. Catch Rare Pokémon While Focusing on Exploration: When you’re out exploring new locations, the Auto Catcher ensures you don’t miss any rare or region-exclusive Pokémon that may appear. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in discovering new places while the device takes care of catching Pokémon.
  7. Great for Shiny Hunting: Shiny Pokémon are prized by collectors, but they can be elusive. The Auto Catcher’s continuous play makes it an excellent tool for shiny hunting, increasing your chances of encountering and catching these rare variants.

While these advantages can significantly enhance your Pokémon GO experience, it’s essential to use the ‘Pokemon GO’ 247 Auto Catcher responsibly and in compliance with the game’s terms of service to ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for all players.

Compatibility and Considerations:

Before using the ‘Pokemon GO’ 247 Auto Catcher, it’s important to consider its compatibility with the game and any potential consequences. Niantic, the developer of Pokémon GO, has a history of cracking down on third-party devices and apps, so using such devices may violate the game’s terms of service and result in consequences like bans.


The 247 Automatic Pokemon Go Catcher represents a paradigm shift in the world of Pokémon GO, offering an unmatched level of convenience and gameplay enhancement. It’s a tool that has the potential to elevate your journey to Pokémon mastery to new heights, allowing you to catch Pokémon with unparalleled efficiency, extend your gameplay sessions, and boost your overall enjoyment of the game.

However, it’s crucial to tread carefully when considering the use of third-party devices like the Auto Catcher. Niantic, the developer of Pokémon GO, has maintained a vigilant stance against such tools, and their usage may put your account at risk. Before you decide to adopt this device, make sure you’re well-informed about the potential consequences and stay updated on Niantic’s policies regarding third-party accessories.

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