CES 2024 Preview: Innovations In Wearables And Health

CES 2024 Preview: Innovations In Wearables And Health

CES 2024 takes place from the 9th of January to the 12th of January at Las Vegas. It’s a huge technology showcase that showcases the latest innovations in healthcare and consumer tech are displayed. More than 115,000 people attended to the festival in 2023. 2024 will be even bigger, as per the official figures. There’s sure to be lots of surprises on the show however, certain health-related and wearables-related technology is known. There are clues to some of the tech that has not been announced officially. Here are a few most well-known examples.

Withings: eye-catching new technology?

It is possible to expect something new and exciting from Withings even if it doesn’t go for sale until later. At the CES 2023, Withings showcased the U-Scan as a headline-grabbing part for an announcement. It is sensor for urine analysis that is designed to fit in the toilet bowl. It measures ketones levels, Vitamin C levels as well as acid base and water composition. A year later, it’s being advertised in the category of “coming soon” on the Withings website. It’s teased that something similarly impressive could be in store for CES 2024. posting “the dawn of our next revolution is imminent” on the 22nd of December.

Fitbit: Luxe 2?

While there’s no significant indication that Fitbit is planning to launch a new product for CES 2024 There are hints that a Fitbit Luxe 2 model is in the works. Wearables that, in the event of any brand new products that are in development, has to have either Luxe 2 or an Ace 4 has been cleared by the FCC. This type of watch is likely to be released during the quarter-quarter of 2024. But, is it coming to CES? This isn’t as evident. Fitbit Luxe Fitbit Luxe arrived in 2021. Then Fitbit hasn’t had many launches since the acquisition by Google of the brand in January of 2021.

Samsung: Fit 3 incoming

Samsung Fit 3 leaked in November, and is scheduled to debut in January. This is likely to be viewed as part of a private meeting at CES instead of a big public announcement, however, because Samsung will host one of its major Unpacked events on the 18th of January. This is just two days after CES shuts down. The original watch, it was called the Galaxy Fit 2, arrived at the end of 2020. The Galaxy Fit 2 has a bigger OLED display, and will make it appear more like an actual smartwatch.

Ruah: Easier sleep apnea diagnosis

Ruahlab Inc.’s Ruah wearable has been awarded an innovative prize of the CES CEA organisation even before the show even begins. At first glance, it appears something like a facial mask, but it’s only worn on the nose. It’s actually an AI-powered device which monitors breathing patterns to detect sleep apnea. It’s the most convenient alternative to polysomnography which utilizes a multi-sensor polysomnogram to determine sleep disturbances.

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