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How to Find the Best App to Invest in Stock Market in India?

How to Find the Best App to Invest in Stock Market in IndiaFinding the best app to invest in stock market in India is one of the challenging tasks with so many apps available; each of them highlighting its USPs.

However, there are certain parameters that can help you find or select the best stock market app. In this article, we’ll explore these parameters in detail and you can easily find out your ideal trading partner.

Find the Best App to Invest in Stock Market in India

A stock market app is a mobile application that will help you trade or invest in stocks, commodities, options, futures, ETFs, etc. on the go. The best one should come with convenience and affordability features and also provide free Demat account opening services.

Here are some of the parameters you should consider when finding the best stock market app:

1. User Interface

The basic factor you should consider while selecting a stock market app is interface simplicity. This is important because you need to have real-time data on stocks so that you take the correct market position at the right time.

If the app’s interface is complicated, then you can miss out on some great opportunities. It should allow you to easily navigate between different stocks with just one or two clicks.

2. Access to Live Charts

Another feature is access to live charts where you can customize your experience based on your choice whether it is seconds charts or minutes charts. Your app should provide charts and integration to platforms like Trading View to access free Trading View charts.

It will help in saving time and you can study the price pattern as per your understanding. You can place your order directly from this chart. Therefore, an app like Dhan that is integrated with these live charts will be considered the best one.

3. Basket of Products in One Place

It gets very inconvenient if you have to trade in stocks from one app and currencies from another. The best stock market app is the one that gives all the investment and trading instruments under one roof.

Hence, you don’t have to juggle between different apps, and you can manage and analyze all your holdings in one place which will eventually help you in creating a well-diversified portfolio.

4. Affordable Charges

You cannot miss out on the fact that brokerage or transaction charges can put a burden on your pocket. It can take your break-even point from a trade to a higher point.

Therefore, you should find a stock market app that allows you to place an order at an affordable cost. It should also provide a margin trading facility where you can trade based on leverage.

5. Real-Time Notifications

It’s not just about having a simple interface and lower charges to place an order, it’s about getting the notifications at the right time so that you can take necessary buy or sell actions.

As the app is downloaded on your smartphone and you can place your order anytime, it should send notifications on time on how your traders are performing.


A key to finding the best stock market app is to look out for certain features that it should provide. The app should have a simple interface and affordable pricing. It should provide access to live charts, have a basket of investment options, and send immediate notifications.

If you are looking for an app that can stand all these parameters, then the Dhan app is the one that can stand strong and fulfill all your expectations.

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