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10 Best Data Integration Software & Platforms for Businesses in 2023

10 Best Data Integration Software & Platforms for Businesses in 2023

Looking to transform your business data into valuable insights?

Data integration can be one of the most difficult tasks for businesses that rely on dozens of data sources.

On top of that, poor quality and duplicated data can eat up more of your employees time and cut down their productivity.

Interestingly, many companies still depend on Excel spreadsheets for data integration. The problem is that such methods are not only prone to human error but also become ineffective as your business grows.

Did you know that Dresner’s Data Pipelines market study shows that 80% of business operations leaders say data integration is critical to their success?

So if you’re not putting more effort into data integration in your business or you’re still relying on manual processes, then you’ll eventually lag behind your competitors.

That’s why in this article, we’ll explore the 10 best data integration software and platforms for businesses in 2023, to help transform your data driven decision making.

Let’s get started.

1. InterWeave


InterWeave is an intelligent integration platform designed for CRM and financial applications in 2024.

Its SmartIntegration platform focuses in three areas — financial accounting integration, payment processing and multi-cloud integration.

As a customer you’ll be able to register, select your SmartIntegration solutions and then work with InterWeave experts to configure your business process and workflow at the object and field level – unheard of in the industry.

Their multi-cloud integration provides a hybrid cloud environment – connecting your CRM with applications, data and other cloud enterprise solutions.

SmartSolutions lets you easily connect to any combination of cloud and on-premises applications without needing software, making it one of the best data integration software choices.

Ready to learn more about how InterWeave solutions can help? Contact InterWeave and discover how it can perform data integration for your business.

It is the top choice when it comes to expertise in financial data integration with CRM.

2. Stock2Shop


Stock2Shop connects accounting systems and ERPs to eCommerce businesses.

It helps you centralize product data from various systems and enrich them by adding images and descriptions before you decide to send the products.

With Stock2Shop, you can raise online orders into your accounting system or ERP. By doing so, it lets you easily automate the sending of fulfillment order notifications to your third-party logistics service providers.

What makes Stock2Shop one of the best data integration software is that whenever you change any data such as pricing and stock levels on your accounting system, it gets updated automatically on your websites, marketplace, and B2B trade stores.

Another great benefit is that if your customers place orders, Stock2Shop creates the sales documents in your ERP automatically.

If you’re interested in Stock2Shop, schedule a free demo to improve your B2B business data integration.

For eCommerce and other online businesses, Stock2Shop can be a great choice for opening the line of communication between ERPs and online sales channels.

3. OutRightCRM


OutRightCRM is an automated CRM solution.

From lead management to email marketing, OutRightCRM has the necessary tools you need to create better customer relationships.

OutRightCRM streamlines your planned day-to-day tasks by connecting every team and process. Both customer-faced communications and back-end distributions become much more efficient.

It integrates with many popular business applications like Mailchimp, DocuSign, WordPress, Trello, Google Workspace, and more. This means you don’t need to have scattered data or unorganized workflows.

The CRM itself provides best-in-class customer service, and contact and lead management features.

You can track customer history, and conversations, and know what they want, making it one of the best data integration software.

Want to integrate your current business processes with a powerful CRM? Schedule a free demo of OutRightCRM to see its features.

Unlike many other CRM solutions, OutRightCRM is simple to use and fully automated. So, it gets our recommendation.


DataLakeHouse is a suite of data orchestration tools for RevOps and PplOps.

It manages data workflows that synchronize and replicate your customer data, operational applications, and any database data automatically to your cloud data warehouse or other locations of your desire.

With pre-built analytics, you can easily create visualizations, scorecards, and reports about your customers, marketing, and operations data to get better insights.

DataLakeHouse can also scan your data to check if any PII logic exists in the data as part of the synchronization process. Based on your findings, you can apply certain logic like hashing, notify users, or quarantine the data.

Moreover, the built-in Data Catalog enables you to assign your functional and technical teams to metrics, tables, and specific columns they own.

If you’d like to try DataLakeHouse, consider scheduling a free demo to experience its features firsthand.

DataLakeHouse is specially built for collaboration, visibility, and efficiency at scale, making it one of the best data integration software in that aspect.

5. Outfunnel


Outfunnel is a data connection software for sales and marketing purposes.

Unlike other generic workflow tools, Outfunnel is purpose-built for sales and marketing workflows. For example, you can keep a CRM database in sync with a marketing platform and send email engagements back.

The contact syncing covers more complex use cases and field types, and allows syncing email engagements back to the CRM, making it a great data integration software for a small business.

Outfunnel makes reaching out to leads easier by tracking their web visits. You can see which pages they have visited and which source they came from.

With lead segmentation and lead scoring, you can prioritize which lead to reach out to first and which ones to nurture.

If you’re interested, test drive Outfunnel with its 14-day free trial and see how it syncs your sales and marketing data.

Being specialized in sales and marketing data integration, Outfunnel gets included in this list in that category.

6. Domo


Domo is a cloud-native data experience platform.

It offers no code and pro-code app development tools so you can combine all your data and analytics and build better operational processes.

With pre-built design themes, drag-and-drop design elements, and built-in interactions (linking to other content or web pages, triggering a Domo Workflow), making a tailored app becomes much easier.

Domo provides over 1,000 pre-built connectors to dynamically integrate cloud systems.  Inline and visual ETL approaches empower you with data transformation capabilities.

Its DataFusions feature enables you to combine data from multiple sources and ensure data quality. This makes it one of the best data integration software.

Want to see how Domo works?

Schedule a free demo to quickly go through what it offers.

Domo helps businesses combine data and analyze them in real-time to solve problems or explore new ideas. This made us include it in this list.

7. Etlworks


Etlworks is a modern, cloud-first, any-to-any data integration platform.

Its specialty lies in the ability to collect data from any source to any destination and stream data in real-time. With API integration and event-driven data integration, you can connect to any system and work with data in the cloud and on-premise.

Additionally, Eltworks lets you create transformations and mapping using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

You can use SQL to query data in any format, create and test data integration flows using an intuitive graphical interface, and even schedule flows to be executed periodically or in real-time, making Eltworks one of the best data integration software.

Want to give Etlworks a shot? Request a free personalized demo to see how it can fulfill your business needs.

Etlworks does a great job at integrating and synchronizing data across multiple silos in real time for any database, application, format, and data structure. That’s why it’s a top contender in this market.

8. 9Spokes


9Spokes is a data connection and visualization solution for financial institutions.

It provides you with white-labeled tools and easy-to-use trackers so you can get digital banking insights and real-time performance data.

9Spokes seamlessly integrates and standardizes the data from your business collected from various services used by businesses. This includes accounting, banking, commerce, inventory services, and more.

It lets you build integrated products by linking with your customers’ most used apps in different categories like accounting, POS, commerce, payments, marketing, HR, etc.

By connecting to a growing number of deep integrations, 9Spokes enables you to Power your lending operations with fast and simple consented data-access mechanisms.

If you’re interested in 9Spokes, schedule a free demo of it to see how it can deliver value to your business.

For banking and other financial services, 9Spokes is hands down one of the best data integration software due to its powerful set of digital banking tools.

9. Knowi


Knowi is a data-first Business Intelligence platform.

It provides different tools that give you unified data analytics from the source to the alerts to drive action in your business workflows.

Knowi lets you create an internal ecosystem of information that you can query from right in your preferred communication services such as Slack or MS Teams. You can create regular schedules for data alerts and send them to key channels so that your team is looking at the same metrics.

Unlike many other business intelligence tools, Knowi doesn’t require you to move your sensitive data, providing robust security and data access. That’s what makes it one of the best data integration software.

Ready to give Knowi a try? Schedule a free demo to learn how to turn your analytical data into business actions.

For rich data visualizations and analytics, Knowi is a top recommendation in this list.

10. Holistics


Holistics is a self-service Business Intelligence platform.

Its data modeling features allow you to map business logic to data logic, update data in one place, and propagate the change to all dependent models, datasets, and reports.

Holistics lets you seamlessly integrate with different third-party systems so that you can deliver data to all stakeholders including internal employees, colleagues, clients, and external partners.

You can define analytics logic in one single platform and build reports off these well-defined metrics and dimensions.

What makes Holistics different from other BI and data analytics tools is that it’s suited for both technical people who know SQL and non-technical people who don’t.

If you’d like to learn more about Holistics, schedule a free demo to discover how it’s different from traditional BI tools.

By centralizing analytics logic and providing self-service BI, Holistics takes the spot as one of the best data intelligence software.


Data integration is key to creating successful business models.

But without proper planning and lack of data availability, your company is missing the correct insights that would help you leverage that data and make better business decisions.

In fact, Bryteflow reports that almost 40% of projects fail due to difficulty integrating different data sets.

Think for a moment.

How much revenue are you losing over projects you couldn’t complete or had to stop due to disparate datasets? With the right tools, you could integrate them into your existing software solutions.

So here’s what you can do.

If you’re working with financial applications, InterWeave is your best choice. For eCommerce and online shop owners, Stock2Shop can provide the best service.

But if you need a simple but powerful CRM solution to integrate data, then go with OutRightCRM.

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