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10 Best Construction Project Management Software for Small Businesses

10 Best Construction Project Management Software for Small Businesses

Are administrative tasks eating up your budget in your construction business?

One of the major challenges construction companies face is cost overrun. That means the project in your hand can exceed the initial budget.

On top of that, there’s inadequate communication with vendors and clients, a lack of a central document management system, and poor handling of labor attendance.

That’s where construction management software comes in.

The World Economy Forum reports that within 10 years, full-scale digitization in non-residential construction could lead to savings of $0.7- 1.2 trillion (13-21%) in engineering and construction.

Imagine the costs you could save by automating much of the day-to-day operations. Additionally, you can boost worker productivity and win more projects.

In this article, we’ll explore the 10 best construction project management software for your business.

1. Contractor Foreman

Contractor Foreman

Contractor Foreman is an easy-to-use construction management platform.

It provides the necessary tools for different aspects of your construction projects including project management, financials, communication, documents, and more.

The project management section contains tools for progress tracking, scheduling, electronic approvals and signatures, inspection tracking, dispatch and mapping, client portals, and task management, among others.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Contractor Foreman also lets you manage your budgets with its estimation, bidding, invoicing, and payment tools. You get access to over 100 reports and 50 pre-built forms to manage all paperwork.

It integrates with 50+ systems so you don’t have to worry about leaving out your favorite platforms if you want to automate your workflows with action hooks.

Try Contractor Foreman for free with their 30-day free trial and see how it streamlines your construction project management.

With so many integrations and built-in tools, it’s hard to rival Contractor Foreman at such an affordable price, which makes it one of the best construction project management software for small businesses.

2. Fieldclix


Fieldclix is a Project Management Software for remote construction and installation.

It solves most day-to-day challenges that construction managers and companies with multiple ongoing construction projects face.

From deploying field crews, and remote projects to single-site and venue-based infrastructure project management, Fieldclix offers all the necessary tools you’ll need to make informed decisions.

Fieldclix makes sure you can seamlessly manage multiple ongoing remote projects with crew scheduling, budgeting, timecard automation, and project update tracking.

Real-time field activity tracking with accurate timecards is what qualifies it as one of the best construction project management software. Not only that but you can also track daily job costs to ensure you can properly create budgets.

If you’d like to see the benefits Fieldclix can provide for your business, schedule a free demo and see it in action.

With efficient mobile workforce management tools and worker activity monitoring in real-time, Fieldclix is a top contender for this category.

3. SafeSite Check In

SafeSite Check In

SafeSite Check-In is a job site management and construction technology platform.

It provides easy, reliable, and secure solutions for commercial worksites so you can effectively manage your workforce, ensure job site safety, and reduce costs.

What makes it one of the best construction project management software is the easy automation of daily log reports.

When you sign up for the program, it creates a poster with a special QR code. The poster contains your company logo and check-in instructions.

Visitors will scan the QR code for verification. Workers can use personal QR codes for check-in either stored on their phone or printed out. They also need to answer some screening questions. Based on the verification they are given or denied access and you get notified instantly.

You can monitor multiple locations and view visitor logs.

Schedule a free demo of SafeSite Check in to experience its powerful logging features yourself.

Based on its daily log automation, reporting, integration capabilities, and worker management, SafeSite Check-In gets our top recommendation.

4. Novade


Novade is a leading provider of construction and field management software.

With Novade Tasks, you can receive real-time visibility of tasks you assign to team members. Scheduling the tasks on or off the field reduces any downtime.

But where Novade shines the most is the addition of intuitive task dashboards for monitoring trends, getting insights, and in turn improving productivity and reporting. And that’s what makes it one of the best construction project management software in the market.

It also simplifies the approval process. Novade provides you with checklists to manage supplies and inventory. This improves team productivity and reduces travel time and costs

If you want to digitize your field management processes, schedule a free demo of Novade and try their different solutions yourself.

Novade’s simple yet powerful progress tracking system and job site coordination make it an easy choice for your construction company.

5. JobTread


JobTread is an all-in-one Construction Management Software.

Being a one-stop solution, JobTread offers all the tools you require for operating a construction business including sales and estimating, project management, job finances, and customer experience. That makes it one of the best construction project management software.

It allows you to monitor daily logs with real-time job activity feeds. You can view photos, ask questions, and provide comments for your workers.

You can create reports based on important metrics and KPIs for individual jobs, vendors, and customers.

JobTread also does a great job in the customer service section. You can customer portals that allow your clients to track job progress on a dedicated website. Moreover, you can send messages, collect e-signatures, share files, and view job documents.

Looking to take your construction projects to the next level? Schedule a free live demo of JobTread today.

With a top-notch customizable CRM geared toward construction businesses, JobTread secures a spot in this list.

6. Crewtraka


Crewtraka is a crew and job management software.

It has one thing in focus—offering a simple yet powerful tool to manage your everyday project tasks efficiently.

With a giant toolbox containing a wide range of tools like Timesheets, GeoFence, DocBox, Purchase, Schedule, Reports, Quotes, and Dockets, Crewtraka will get you started in task management like a no-brainer.

The Crewtraka app lets you manage crew schedules, work, needs, and attendance. Additionally, you can create project-specific group chats for better communication and real-time collaboration.

The custom form builder that comes with it makes form creation a breeze. Create any type of form. You can sign and log them directly inside the Crewtraka app.

Ready to take CrewTraka for a spin? Sign up for a free trial and see how it makes job management easier for you.

Its seamless workforce management features and excellent support make it one of the best construction project management software on this list.

7. CxPlanner


CXPlanner is a leading commissioning and quality control software.

It provides fast and easy solutions for construction commissioning, whether it’s LEED-oriented commissioning or owner-requested commissioning.

CXPlanner can handle all commissioning tasks with 10,000’s of system and equipment in the overview. With smart and integrated Gantt diagrams, you can perform smooth project and process planning and next-level scheduling.

Not only that but you can also automate commissioning testing and planning with an industry-leading system and test view methods.

The analytics dashboard that comes with it allows detailed tracking of commissioning processes. You can get superior overviews.

Moreover, it lets you create specific commissioning and QA/QC dashboards.

If you want to learn more about CxPlanner, schedule a free demo to discover how you can incorporate commissioning into your construction firm.

CxPlanner is the only program in this list that deals with commissioning tasks with generative AI-driven solutions, making it one of the best construction project management software.

8. BuilderPad


BuilderPad specializes in modern home-building tools.

With handy tools for scheduling, selection, and communication, BuilderPad ensures that you have a smooth workflow in your construction process.

It allows advanced scheduling with calendar, list, and Gantt views. You can update the project schedule automatically, receive overdue alerts, and identify potential bottlenecks.

The mobile app is feature-packed too.

You can get notifications about projects, find nearby projects using geo-location, and share progress updates with your team and clients. Not many construction project tools provide so many abilities in the app which makes it one of the best construction project management software.

You can learn more about BuilderPad by signing up for a 14-day free trial and getting first-hand experience of its features.

BuilderPad takes a unique approach to selections so that you can reduce the back-and-forth with clients and focus more on building the dream home for clients.

Hence, it made it into our list.

9. Onsite


Onsite is a suite of digital tools for managing construction businesses.

Onsite helps you handle your construction projects by streamlining the construction process. You can track the expenses, payments, raw materials, project progress, and labor attendance.

The mobile app comes in handy for automating routine tasks like salary calculation and labor attendance in multiple locations.

Unlike many other options, Onsite provides Cloud servers with double backup so that your data is stored safely and securely. This is why it’s one of the best construction project management software.

You can also get your hands on insight reports in PDFs and Excel, and manage site photos and project tasks. This allows for smarter business decisions based on team performance.

Schedule a free demo of Onsite today to see how it can streamline your construction business and reduce costs.

Apart from regular construction work management, Onsite also offers vendor balance management for better budgeting and hence, gets our recommendation.

10. Cooperlink


Cooperlink is an all-in-one Construction Hub for managing your projects from one place.

It equips you with automation tools so you can simplify the existing digital processes in your construction project management workflows.

A good example of that is the 1-click creation of plans, technical sheets, reports, and other documents. Moreover, these files also contain their approval status, saving you time and reducing any chance of errors.

It’s the only software in this list with Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities, which makes it one of the best construction project management software. You can coordinate BIM with centralized BIM files, access asset properties, and information, and create tasks associated with BIM objects.

Schedule a free demo of Cooperlink to pave the way for better site management in your construction business.

With an integrated document management system and BIM coordination, Cooperlink takes a spot on this list.


Many construction companies are losing revenue due to poor workforce management.

Lack of task scheduling and error in cost estimation can abruptly cause your construction projects to reach bottlenecks.

Interestingly, McKinsey Global Institute reports that large construction projects take 20% more time than scheduled and go up to 80% over budget.

Picture this.

With an automated and centralized solution geared toward home builders, you are delegating all the administrative tasks so you have more time to focus on managing your projects and delivering a better experience for your customers.

So here’s what you can do.

From our curated list of the best construction project management software, you can pick the ones that best fit your business.

For easy check-in and attendance management for workers and visitors alike, SafeSite Check-In is your best bet.

If crew scheduling and activity tracking are the most important elements for you, go with Fieldclix.

But for the best team communication and workforce management experience, Crewtraka is the software you’re looking for.

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