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Change of Home Scenery with Wallpapers – Easy with A Hammer!

Change of Home Scenery with Wallpapers Easy with A Hammer

Put the design of your walls and ceilings in professional hands and let our own wallpapering and painting craftsmen take care of all the work. Our professionals ensure that the installation of new wallpaper in your four walls is carried out smoothly and according to your wishes. A huge selection of wallpapers combined with reliable adherence to deadlines round off this service.

Arrange a consultation appointment at the nearest Hammer branch to find out about the options for wall design in your home and to benefit from our painting and wallpapering service. With Hammer, your walls will be professionally decorated while you can relax and enjoy your new wallpaper. Because with us the following applies: you choose and our hammer professionals do the rest!

Wallpapers for more room character

White walls are a thing of the past: If you want to give your living space profile and character, you can’t avoid expressive, modern wallpaper. It’s best to take a look at them directly at the Hammer specialist store! In our range you will find many high-quality products from well-known manufacturers as well as wallpaper collections from well-known designers, including Wallmur. For more information, please visit

Because it is the wall design that turns four walls and a ceiling into a unique and unmistakable space. With wallpaper you can create order and structure, set original accents or bring the far away into your home. With impressive non-woven and digitally printed wallpapers from Hammer, there are no limits to your creativity. Benefit from our huge product selection now! Come by – use the market search to find the Hammer specialist store with the shortest journey!

Clay wallpaper: Of course. Healthy. Nice.

Clay wallpapers are a unique symbiosis of nature and design that immerse your home in a harmonious and healthy ambience. In our range you will find many unique items that combine timeless elegance with the ecological benefits of natural materials. Benefit from natural warmth as well as improved indoor air quality and impressive acoustic attenuation.

We remain true to our demands in terms of design and selection: At Hammer you will find clay wallpapers with many colors, patterns and textures – both online and in specialist stores. Discover the advantages of the new wallpapers and design your home with a “clay aesthetic” that is timeless, close to nature and individual.

Are you looking for a wallpaper that fits your “simple and good” mentality?

Then the straight-lined and homely Scandinavian style is perfect for your living room. From “Hygge” to “Lagom”, the trend offers everything you need for a simple and stylish living room design. By the way, the Scandia style doesn’t just go with the inventory from the Swedish furniture store. Convince yourself of the diversity.

Are you looking for a wallpaper that fits your “simple and good” mentality

As a minimalist, you like things particularly simple, but that doesn’t mean that naked white walls are your style. For lovers of reserved decor, we suggest the textured wallpapers in plain colors. This gives you an exciting, timeless texture on the wall that doesn’t impose itself and goes really well with your chosen decor.

Sometimes it’s not the question of the right style for the living room that concerns you, but the requirements of the room itself. Different wallpapers are usually suitable for large and high rooms than for small and low living rooms. If you need to fill large areas, then it’s worth taking a look at our sample wallpapers with large designs or use a photo wallpaper as an eye-catcher and visual room divider.

Conversely, if you are wallpapering small living rooms, then a subtle pattern or plain wallpaper is recommended. Low rooms gain visual height when you use striped wallpaper. The number of doors and windows can influence the effect of a pattern wallpaper, as can the choice of wallpaper color.

Of course there are no hard and fast rules! In the end, you decide what you like and which wallpaper goes into your living room. Just because wallpaper is suitable for the living room doesn’t mean you have to put it exclusively there. After all, beautiful wallpaper belongs in every room!

Okay, are you ready to wallpaper?

We won’t let you jump into the deep end. If you have found your dream wallpaper and would like to wallpaper it, then watch our wallpapering video and find out how quickly and easily paper, non-woven and photo wallpaper can be applied to the wall.

Classic wallpapering isn’t your thing, you don’t have the time, the desire or you don’t have the courage? How about self-adhesive decorative panels and borders. Like a sticker, they can be quickly and easily attached to any suitable surface and make a big impact on your living room wall with little effort.

Wallpaper – versatile types of wallpaper for individual walls

Is the time ripe for a change of scenery? Then you can either pack your bags and go on vacation or give the walls in your home a new look. The “wallpapering” experience begins when you buy wallpaper: take your time and choose your favorite non-woven wallpaper, photo wallpaper, paper wallpaper or vinyl wallpaper and then let Hammer wallpaper your rooms according to your ideas. Whether wallpaper from well-known brands and well-known designers, in your favorite patterns and colors or for different living styles and trends – our range of wallpapers is broad and fulfills almost every dream home and wallpaper desire. There are also borders and decorative profiles as well as practical wallpaper accessorieslike paste and glue.

Wallpaper – versatile types of wallpaper for individual walls

Not all wallpapers are the same

In the past, white woodchip often set the tone in a room. Today the possibilities are virtually unlimited: modern wall coverings come in an enormous variety in terms of their materials and colors. They are made of fleece, paper or vinyl, to name just a few materials. Things get colorful when it comes to the look: the collections on offer include non-woven wallpapers with or without stripes, ultra-realistic photo wallpapers and paper wallpapers with floral patterns or graphic designs. Wallpapers are a popular means of wall design and the variety of types of wallpaper gives you a lot of creative scope. In our range you will find:

Non-woven wallpapers

If the carrier material is made of non-woven instead of paper, it is a non-woven wallpaper. When wallpapering, the glue is applied to the wall and not to the wallpaper.

Photo wallpapers

A beach in the living room, a meadow in the children’s room or a bit of dolce vita in the kitchen – large-scale murals with photo-quality motifs make it possible.

Vinyl wallpapers

Non-woven or paper wallpapers with a layer of polyvinyl chloride are called vinyl wallpapers. If this is also foamed, you can even create wood and stone looks.

Paper wallpapers

Thanks to modern embossing and printing techniques, the environmentally friendly and affordable paper wallpapers are available in a variety of colors, structures and looks as pattern wallpapers or as wallpapers divided by color.


Woodchip is also paper wallpaper. The difference is made by small, incorporated pieces of wood that give the woodchip wallpaper its typical structure.

Wallpaper accessories

Our range of wallpapers is rounded off by practical design materials and accessories such as decorative profiles, borders, renovation fleece and pastes.

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