Are Teething Necklaces for Babies Safe? A Parent’s Guide

Exploring the Usage, Efficacy, and Risks of Amber Teething Necklaces for Babies

Are Teething Necklaces for Babies Safe

You might have heard people talking about amber teething jewelry for their babies. However, people sometimes use it without the proper concept of it. They do not have any proper idea of its usage or credibility. They just go for it because other parents go for the same. Well, if you are reading this, then you are at the right place to sharpen your concept before using any amber teething jewelry.

What are amber teething necklaces? Fossilized tree resin or Baltic amber is used to prepare amber teething necklaces. Many advocates consider the analgesic effect of these amber teething necklaces. They say amber produces succinic acid with the heat of the body.

When the body heat triggers, it produces oil with amber, which may be absorbed into the body. This, in turn, if swallowed or chewed, can be used to treat sore gums. Well, this is the whole concept behind using amber teething necklaces for babies. However, if it is a comfort or danger to your baby, that is yet to be discussed.

Do Amber Teething Necklaces Work?

Do Amber Teething Necklaces Work

We have already discussed succinic acid extracts from amber beads. This particular acid can work as a natural painkiller.

Observers claim that succinic acid can control the whole drooling process of a person’s internal system. When babies are born, we must take care of their immune system. The more the internal ability is, the better a person can reduce inflammation.

With the help of succinic acid, a baby’s stomach, ears, and respiratory system can be protected from inflammation.

However, there is no prominent evidence that this oil reduces pain. Though these necklaces are drug-free and come with natural ingredients, we have to look further to understand their prominence.

Dangers Of Using Teething Necklaces

Dangers Of Using Teething Necklaces

Keeping natural ingredients touched with the body is not enough! Staying side by nature is good, but that will not be as effective as you want it to be.

For instance, if you want your child’s respiratory system to become prominent, keeping your baby close to nature can be possible. However, that does not mean it will be able to reciprocate the inflammation.

Apart from those mild cures, teething necklaces present a few unavoidable dangers. Keep reading to understand things better!

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The Beads Are A Choking Hazard

You might think that your supervision may help protect your child. However, you cannot do that 24/7. You never know when your child is going to chew the beads.

There is a greater chance of getting choked while chewing the beads by your baby.

The Necklace Itself Is A Strangulation Hazard

Leave the chewing project! Do you know that the necklace itself is a strangulation hazard?

A child does not understand what is good or bad for them. The more you indulge yourself in them, the better it will be. While they do not understand their position, you can make decisions for them as parents. Well, this is fully dependent on what things you are applying for them for what purpose. Here, you also need to understand the effectiveness of a particular thing. People are using teething necklaces does not mean you also have to go for it.

First, try & understand the dangers and situations, avoid prominence, and then go for it. These beaded necklaces can cause suffocation while your baby is sleeping. With the lack of avocation or supervision, the rounded balls can stick tight to their neck and can be a prominent cause of serious issues. American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests that suffocation is a leading cause of death among children under a year old.

Well, don’t worry! You are not alone in this mess and have a choice.

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Safe Alternatives

Sure, you have understood the dangers of using beaded necklaces for your child. However, we know that you still wish to see a teething necklace on your child’s neck.

If you buy from a prominent source, teething necklaces can be a good option to go for. However, it’s a risk, and you have to accept that. Being parents, if you are taking a risk, you must also understand your responsibilities. There is no other way!

Take responsibility, keep your child under proper supervision, and ensure they are not chewing it inappropriately or sleeping on it tight. You have to take care of them, especially when sleeping, to ensure their neck is free from suffocation.

You can also try different options if you are still confused and undecided about your child’s well-being.

  • Cold stuff.
  • Chewable toys.
  • Message.
  • Medicine.

Ensure that you notice your child’s every move while making it super-easy for them to smile and play.

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