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5 Best PDF Accessibility Software for Small & Medium Size Enterprises in 2024

Most SMEs rely on PDF documents for their operations.

However, small and medium-sized enterprises often face challenges when it comes to ensuring their digital content is accessible to people with disabilities.

This is where PDF accessibility software comes into play. These innovative tools aim to solve the problem of creating accessible PDF documents that comply with accessibility standards, such as WCAG 2.1 and PDF/UA.

By using PDF accessibility software, SMEs can unlock several business benefits.

Most importantly, it’ll allow you to reach a wider audience by making your documents accessible to individuals with visual impairments, cognitive disabilities, or other special needs.

This effort towards inclusivity can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as a positive brand perception.

In this article, we will explore the 5 best PDF accessibility software options available, that empower SMEs to overcome accessibility hurdles and create a more inclusive digital environment for all users.

Let’s get started.

1. CommonLook


When it comes to the best PDF accessibility software for small and medium-sized enterprises, CommonLook, now known as Alliant, is a leading choice.

Alliant offers a comprehensive suite of features to ensure your PDF documents are accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.

Key Features Include:

  • Automated Accessibility Checking: Allyant’s software scans and identifies accessibility issues within PDF documents, offering suggestions and remediation options for improved accessibility.
  • Built-in Remediation Tools: It provides a range of tools to fix accessibility issues, including automated tagging, reading order adjustments, alt-text generation, and more.
  • Workflow Integration: Allyant seamlessly integrates with popular tools like Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint, allowing you to incorporate accessibility features into your existing workflow.
  • PDF Document Conversion: The software enables you to convert various file formats, such as Word, Excel, and HTML, into accessible PDF documents while maintaining proper structure and accessibility.
  • Accessibility Compliance Reporting: Allyant generates comprehensive reports that highlight the accessibility status of your PDF files, helping you track progress and meet compliance requirements.

Schedule a free demo and experience firsthand how Allyant can enhance accessibility in your PDF documents today.

Allyant’s dedication to providing the best PDF accessibility software ensures compliance, inclusivity, and improved user experience for individuals with disabilities, making it an ideal choice for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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2. PDFix


PDFix is undoubtedly one of the best PDF accessibility software options available for small and medium-sized enterprises to try in 2023

It comes with a boatload of powerful features and a user-friendly interface, which help you ensure your PDF documents are accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.

Key Features Include:

  • Automated Accessibility Checks: PDFix simplifies the process of checking and ensuring the accessibility of PDF documents, helping businesses comply with accessibility standards.
  • Intelligent Tagging and Structuring: PDFix’s automatic tagging feature recognizes important document structures, such as tables and lists, improving the reading order and overall accessibility.
  • Automated Document Conversion: You’ll be able to convert various file formats to accessible PDFs with ease, enabling businesses to make their existing documents accessible without extensive manual effort.
  • Document Remediation: This feature facilitates the fixing of accessibility issues identified during the automated checks, allowing you to quickly address any accessibility barriers within your PDF documents.
  • SDK Integration for Developers: PDFix offers SDK integration options with various programming languages. This empowers developers to incorporate PDF accessibility features directly into their applications.

To experience the power of PDFix firsthand, download the Lite version and explore how it can enhance the accessibility of your PDF documents.

PDFix stands out as a leading PDF accessibility software, assisting enterprises in meeting accessibility requirements and inclusivity for all users, by simplifying accessible PDF document creation.

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3. Accessibil-IT


Accessibil-IT is a highly regarded PDF accessibility software and a great solution for small and medium-sized enterprises seeking to enhance the accessibility of their PDF documents.

With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, Accessibil-IT offers a range of powerful features to make PDFs accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Key Features Include:

  • Automated PDF conversion: Accessibil-IT provides an automated process for converting PDF files into fully accessible formats, saving time and effort.
  • OCR capabilities: It employs Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to convert scanned PDFs into searchable and accessible documents.
  • Expert human verification: Accessibil-IT combines automated tools with expert human verification to ensure the accuracy and quality of the accessibility conversions.
  • Assistive technology compatibility: The software generates documents that are compatible with various assistive technologies, allowing individuals with disabilities to access content effectively.
  • Quality assurance reports: Accessibil-IT provides detailed reports on the document’s accessibility, outlining areas that require improvement for compliance with accessibility standards.

Get started for free with Accessibil-IT and experience the software firsthand by uploading your PDFs today.

With its automated conversion, OCR capabilities, and expert verification, Accessibil-IT proves to be a great PDF accessibility software choice for SMEs looking to ensure their PDF documents are accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities.

4. Equidox


Equidox is an amazing PDF accessibility tool that offers small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) the ability to create and maintain accessible PDF documents easily.

With its powerful features and intuitive interface, Equidox empowers users to ensure compliance with accessibility standards without the need for extensive technical expertise.

Key Features Include:

  • Automated document conversion: Equidox automates the process of converting inaccessible documents, such as scanned PDFs, into accessible formats, saving time and effort.
  • Intelligent tagging and structuring: It provides intelligent tagging and structuring capabilities, allowing users to create a well-organized and semantically rich PDF document for improved accessibility.
  • Alternative text management: Equidox simplifies the management of alternative text for complex images, charts, and graphs, ensuring comprehensibility for individuals with visual impairments.
  • Accessibility checker: With its built-in accessibility checker, Equidox assists in identifying potential accessibility issues and recommends necessary fixes, enabling users to deliver fully accessible content.
  • Collaboration and version control: Equidox facilitates collaboration among team members, with version control features to ensure everyone is working on the latest version of the document, streamlining the accessibility process.

To see Equidox in action, watch a free demo online and experience its comprehensive features and ease of use firsthand.

Equidox’s automated conversion, intelligent tagging, and accessibility checking capabilities make it a remarkable PDF accessibility software solution for SMEs striving to create inclusive and accessible PDF documents.

5. Foxit


When it comes to PDF accessibility software for small and medium-sized enterprises, Foxit is an amazing tool that offers a wide range of features to ensure your documents are accessible to all users.

Foxit enables you to create, edit, and optimize PDF files with ease, making them universally accessible to individuals with disabilities. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, Foxit empowers you to make your PDFs compliant with accessibility standards.

Key Features Include:

  • Accessible PDF Creation: Foxit allows you to create accessible PDFs from scratch or convert existing documents into accessible formats, ensuring compliance with accessibility guidelines.
  • OCR Technology: Harness the power of optical character recognition (OCR) to convert scanned or image-based PDFs into searchable and accessible documents, enabling screen readers to read the content accurately.
  • Tagging and Structure: Foxit offers features to add structural elements and tags to your PDFs, helping screen readers and assistive technologies navigate through the document’s content efficiently.
  • Accessible Forms: Design accessible fillable forms and ensure that users with disabilities can interact with and complete the forms easily, enhancing inclusivity and usability.
  • Color Contrast Adjustments: Modify color contrasts within PDF documents to meet accessibility standards, making text and graphical elements more easily readable for individuals with visual impairments.

Experience the power of Foxit’s PDF accessibility tools firsthand by downloading the free trial version of the software. Unlock the potential to make your PDFs accessible to all users and promote inclusivity within your organization.

You’ll discover why Foxit is considered one of the best PDF accessibility software options for small and medium-sized enterprises so that you can improve your document accessibility today.


Inclusivity and accessibility play a pivotal role in the success of SMEs.

You must make your digital content accessible, especially when it comes to PDF documents.

By investing in PDF accessibility software, SMEs can ensure that their content reaches a broader audience, including individuals with disabilities. This fosters an inclusive environment, enhances user experience, and demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility.

Among the many options available, three standout tools to get started with are PDFix, Accessibil-IT, and CommonLook. These software solutions offer user-friendly interfaces, robust accessibility features, and compatibility with industry standards.

PDFix excels in providing reliable PDF accessibility solutions, while Accessibil-IT offers a comprehensive suite of accessibility tools for converting and remediating PDF files. Finally, CommonLook streamlines the process of creating accessible PDFs, helping SMEs meet compliance requirements effortlessly.

By embracing inclusivity, your SME can enhance its reputation, reach new customers, and drive overall growth and success.

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