What are the 3 different types of car services?

If you’re following the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule, this may not be important since manufacturers generally recommend a strict regimen of services. Doing so means most items deemed necessary to be dealt with at specific mileage intervals or after a certain period has been spent. However, knowing how to decipher all types of car services, including minor, interim, and major ones. It becomes more confusing if you switch from the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. The most influencing factor that governs this choice is cost—as much as we need reliable and safe vehicles, the price of a vehicle service can be an expensive burden for many people.

What are the 3 different types of car services

Is car servicing essential?

Your car is a valuable and intricate piece of machinery; with hundreds of different moving parts, it’s essential to ensure your car operates at its optimum level. There are several car services that a mechanic can carry out as it will vary depending on the number of kilometres your vehicle has travelled and how regularly you use your car. Many make a habit of regular maintenance, but it’s important to know what your current maintenance schedule entails.

Why consider car servicing?

Here are the top 4 advantages of servicing your car:

  • Extends lifespan: A regularly serviced engine will perform better and last longer than a neglected engine.
  • Retains value: A used car with a full-service history is more attractive to potential used vehicle buyers.
  • Saves cost: Servicing can help maintain your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and reduce the chance of breakdowns, saving you money.
  • Improves safety: Servicing also includes dozens of safety checks and keeps critical components like the suspension, steering, seatbelts and braking systems working.

What are the types of car services?

There are majorly three types of car services, including:

Minor car service

Minor service in most cases involves changing the engine oil and oil filter. If a customer has authorised replacing any other parts, their cost will be assessed individually. Minor service generally takes no more than one hour but can vary depending on the car model. The mechanic should evaluate the vehicle’s overall condition and inform the customer if additional work is needed beyond what was initially planned. A full safety inspection of under-body and under-bonnet areas is included in this service. In some instances, it may take longer because of unexpected problems; however, your mechanic will keep you informed about how long the inspection process will take.

Interim car service

Interim car servicing is a second-stage car maintenance service between scheduled maintenance intervals. It is usually covered by an auto warranty and may include items such as an oil change, inspection of vehicle fluids, or replacement of filters or hoses. An interim service will not replace the timing belt on most vehicles, which should be replaced at regular intervals.

Major car service

Major servicing is the most confusing of all automotive service intervals, and for a good reason. Most repairers use the term major service, yet it can mean many things. These services may include spark plugs, timing belt kit and engine oil filter changes. However, many manufacturers also have their own recommended servicing schedule consisting of cabin filters, fuel cleaner, brakes and suspension components, etc., bundled into this service interval. You will often find that the overall price of this can be costly. It is advisable to find out precisely what is being done for you and how much it will cost before allowing a mechanic to make any repairs.

The drawback of having only the minor car servicing done

Indeed, getting a minor service is the cheapest and quickest option. But remember that at some point, your car will break down. If you repeatedly consider only a minor service, your car may break down on the side of the road. Changing only the engine oil and oil filter does mean your vehicle has been serviced; however, it doesn’t mean all systems are fully maintained. It would help to have other components checked or replaced to avoid possible breakdowns. As long as you’re using your car, parts will need to be replaced further to the engine oil and engine oil filters as services become due. Parts will need to be replaced as you continue using your vehicle.

How to find the right mechanic for car servicing?

If you need to choose a new mechanic effectively but aren’t sure where to start, here are four tips on finding the best mechanic for any future car breakdown:

Stay local

When you need a repair workshop, one of the most critical factors you’ll want to consider is where the mechanic is located. The farther away your mechanic is from where you live or work, the harder it will be for you to get your vehicle into the servicing workshop if something goes wrong with it.

Check reviews

Reviews can be an effective way to determine the integrity of a repair shop. Before bringing your car in for repairs, read a few of the highest and lowest rating comments. This method will help you gauge the shop’s overall quality and its staff’s trustworthiness.

Ask for recommendations

You may be able to find a trustworthy mechanic by asking friends and family to who they take their cars. Before you look at the internet or your local phone book, ask your coworkers, neighbours, friends and family if they can recommend any good repair shops. You can also get information about which places not to go by asking around for people’s bad experiences with specific workshops.

Maintain communication

When seeking a new car mechanic, look for one with good communication skills. A good mechanic will explain what he is doing regarding your car’s function and the work that needs to be done. This way, if any major repairs are required that cost you additional money, you will understand precisely why they are necessary. Also, look for an honest and open mechanic who will call you should additionally work need to be done on your car.


Whether you are leaning towards a complete tune-up or just a basic inspection, if you don’t have any previous service records, be sure to communicate accurately with your service advisor about the work you want done. A clear description of your issues and questions about why certain items were replaced in the past will help ensure you get the most out of your money. Another way you can make each penny count is by hiring a team of professional mechanics who can provide you with any of these services. So if you own a high-performing European car like Volkswagen service, you should look for credible and effective Volkswagen services in Melbourne to help you keep your vehicle maintained.

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