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Are Password Managers Safe? Accounts that you shouldn’t connect with it

Are Password Managers Safe

IT is ruling 2023! From having varying social media accounts to a huge number of online shopping sites, from online banking to numerous movie streaming services, everything is being digitized.

For each of these, we’ve to create different accounts, which means we need to develop new passwords every single time. You can’t even use the same password for other accounts because it increases the risk of cyber attacks, so what do you do to remember all these codes? It’s pretty simple. You seek help from the Password Manager.

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What is a Password Manager?

Have you ever wondered if there’s a software application that can secure and remember all your passwords? Well, a password manager is exactly that. It stores your online credentials and even helps generate new passwords.

Everything here is locked inside the encrypted database, and there’s a master password that protects all your baby passwords.

What makes Password Manager a safer option?

Using a password manager is much better than remembering every single password you’ve ever entered. You no longer need to save it in the notes when you have a much safer option. Here are some reasons why you need password managers.

Generation of Secure Passwords

It’s hard to think of a new password every time you make an account somewhere because of so many requirements to make it stronger. With a password manager, you won’t have to fret over this issue anymore. It can generate passwords for you that are strong and alphanumeric, and nobody can guess them at all including your ISP or malicious actors.

For extra security, you can use any reputable VPN for multiple devices so your password manager routes its traffic to a secure tunnel and masks your IP. This will keep the app safe from malicious actors if you are using it on more than one device.

Protection against Identity Theft

Another impressive thing about using a password manager is that you can save your identity from being stolen. Since the password manager assigns different passwords to different accounts, even if a hacker manages to get hold of one of your accounts, he won’t be able to access the rest.

Master Password

Since all the passwords are locked inside the one master password, you won’t have to go through the frustration of remembering multiple credentials. When you enter the master password, you can access all the stored ones.

That’s why you won’t have to use weak passwords for your accounts anymore to remember them easily.

Regular updates

A good password manager keeps going through various updates occasionally to add extra security features. This increases the protection level of your passwords and makes the manager even more reliable.

Accounts you shouldn’t connect to the Password Manager?

Although password managers increase the security level and reduce the risk of cyber attacks, it’s always wise to be careful in all situations. Even when using a password manager, there are a few accounts that you shouldn’t connect to the manager.

Primary Email

We all have one master email that we use to make accounts on various sites. You need to keep its password hidden from the password manager.

Suppose some hacker manages to get hold of your password manager; he will ultimately gain access to your primary email and use it to harm your online world. Your primary email is the most important email for all your online accounts and should not be compromised at any cost.

Banking accounts

Although password managers provide extra protection against malicious threats, some people prefer not to store their banking credentials inside them. If you trust your password manager, there’s no harm in keeping your banking information in them. However, being extra careful won’t cost you anything, and one should always be vigilant regarding financial data.

Hackers can be extremely intelligent and may use the password manager’s working mechanism. In such a situation, your security will be compromised. So keeping your banking password or passcode in the password managers is preferable.

Government accounts

If you’ve accounts containing highly sensitive information, such as something related to the government, it’s preferable not to connect them to password managers. It’s because such accounts are always at risk of being attacked. After all, many hackers are staking out and waiting for vulnerable moments.

Storage of such credentials inside the password manager can attract the attention of such attackers. Many of us are government employees, and we are responsible for protecting government-related files. Trusting even a password manager in this regard is not a good idea.

Tips to stay secure while using a password manager

Using a password manager is a good thing because it eventually saves you both time and effort. However, there are certain ways to stay secure using any such application.

  • Make sure you choose a strong and unique master password so if, God forbid, any of your password is compromised, you can access your data.
  • If you are using Password Manager while making transactions or using banking applications, then use a VPN so your IP is masked and no one can guess anything.
  • Always make sure to enable two-factor authentication. It is a secure way to be safe.
  • Password Managers need constant updates to be on top of the line. Make sure you update your application regularly to avoid any blunders.
  • Beware of the potential phishing attempts. Always verify the source of text messages or emails requesting password manager credentials.
  • Never use your application on public Wi-Fi because hackers can be too smart to invade your passwords.
  • Last but not least, always use a reputable password manager.


Password Manager is an impressive and effective tool to help you store and generate multiple passwords. However, it’s just software, and mishaps are bound to happen every once in a while. That’s why certain accounts shouldn’t be stored inside it. We have given you the details of the applications or accounts where you should not use your password manager.

Other than this, everything about using a password manager is worth it.

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