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Best Digital Platforms for IPO Investment in India

Best Digital Platforms for IPO Investment in India

IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) have emerged as one of the major sources for companies to raise capital. Retail and institutional investors participate actively in IPOs to get hold of company shares in the early stages. With IPO investment, you can become a stock owner and have a shot at capital gains. Not to forget, you can also earn dividend income by investing in IPO stocks. Investors look up the upcoming IPOs and their issuers to make informed decisions. Investors depend on trading platforms to do their research and use tools like an SIP return calculator. A trading platform will enable you to apply for upcoming IPOs in advance.

One might advocate the need for investing in IPOs when shares are available on stock exchanges. A company issues its shares for the first time via an IPO, thus highlighting its importance. IPO marks the transformation of a company from private to public. For the same rationale, investors try to get their hands on newly-issued shares and reap the rewards later. You will need a trading account and an investment platform to get started with IPOs in India. Not to forget, you will also need a Demat account to hold shares bought in IPOs. Here are the best trading platforms in India for IPO investments.

1. Axis Direct

Axis Direct is a new-age trading platform offered by Axis Securities, a renowned broker in India. It allows investors to access a wide range of securities/instruments like IPOs, SIPs, ETFs, mutual funds, derivatives, commodities, and equity. The easy-to-use digital platform allows novices to learn the tricks of trading. Besides retail investors, institutional investors also count on Axis Direct for advanced research and margin trading facility. You can increase your trading power by four times with the E-Margin facility from Axis Direct. You can view the new IPOs in a flash with Axis Direct. It will also help you access the completed and upcoming IPOs in India for strategy preparation. The investment platform will also link your savings, trading, and Demat account for seamless trading. With its 3-IN-1 Account, investors can get a Demat, Trading, and Savings Account all in one place.

2. Kite

Kite is a reliable trading platform offered by Zerodha, one of the popular stockbrokers in India. Kite is designed to fit the need of modern-day stock market investors. With enhanced searchability, Kite allows you to find preferred stocks or IPOs in quick succession. Its sleek UI helps both novices and experienced investors with research. With Kite, you will have access to Level 3 data. It allows you to perform technical and fundamental research before investing in a new IPO. Investors can also leverage the power of tools like advanced charting and SIP calculator for decision-making. You can even create alerts for stocks and IPOs, thus preventing basic human errors. To gain insights on your trades, you can use Console, a new-age dashboard offered by Zerodha.

3. Upstox

Upstox is a renowned discount broker that has helped investors grow over the years. Its robust trading platform allows you to access upcoming IPOs and submit applications or bids. Beginners can rely on the Upstox platform for IPO investments, while experienced investors can switch to Upstox Pro. The upgraded version consists of additional tools and research facilities for seasoned investors. The Upstox platform allows access to different assets, including IPOs, stocks, and mutual funds. You can invest in IPOs and other securities to build a diverse portfolio. Investors tend to analyse company profiles before investing in their IPOs. Luckily, you will have uninterrupted access to profiles of different companies with Upstox.

4. AngelOne

AngelOne has been a well-known stockbroker in India for the past few years. It offers a mobile application named Angel One App for IPO investments. One can also visit the official website of AngelOne to invest in IPOs. However, you must have a trading account with AngelOne to gain access to the trading platform. The mobile application is a one-stop solution for investing in IPOs, stocks, mutual funds, and other instruments. You will find a partner for technical research with AngelOne. It has a vast team of experienced researchers that generate investing tips on the mobile application. The reporting and learning tools on the mobile application allow novices to understand IPO investments quickly. Not to forget, the intuitive UI of the mobile application will allow you to make trades and perform research quickly.

5. ICICI Direct

ICICI Direct is another new-age trading platform offered by ICICI Securities. It allows you to access the complete list of upcoming IPOs in India. You can pre-plan and apply for a new IPO with ICICI Direct. Investors will have complete details of current IPOs via the trading platform. You will know the issue size, price band, open date, close date, and other details for every IPO. You can easily apply for an IPO via IPO on the ICICI Direct platform.

6. HDFC Securities

HDFC has been a renowned banking institution in India for many years. HDFC securities is the brokerage arm that allows you to invest in IPOs. You can use the mobile application of HDFC securities to find upcoming IPOs. The simple interface allows you to apply for new IPOs in quick succession. It also supports web-based trading via its official website.


IPO investments can allow you to hold stocks and earn high returns in the future. You must use a robust trading platform like Axis Direct or Kite to make informed IPO investments. Don’t forget to select a research-oriented trading platform for IPO investments. Start researching upcoming IPOs in India now!


IPO investments are a means for building a long-term portfolio. You can hold stocks bought in IPOs for capital appreciation. Using a trading platform that can offer uninterrupted access to upcoming IPOs is essential. Also, the trading platform must help with IPO research. Choose your IPO investment platform right away!

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