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5 Must-Know Tips for First-Time Flyers

5 Must-Know Tips for First-Time Flyers

A first-time flight is a unique but stressful experience. If you travel alone, you will need some must-follow tips to proceed. Our blog will guide you step-by-step through this first flight experience.

Prepare Luggage for Your Flight

  • Check the luggage requirements of your airline
  • Pack your cabin baggage, hand luggage and suitcases
  • Pick up all essentials in your carry-on luggage

Ensure that preparing luggage is not a last-minute decision. You should arrange your belongings according to their weight, importance and the baggage restriction rules of your flight. If you have a cabin-only ticket, check its maximum amount. In most cases, cabin-size should not exceed 8 kg. Put your money, travel documents and essential medicine in your hand luggage.

If you have an extra-luggage option, calculate its total weight. Pegasus free baggage option allows you to carry up to 20 kg in checked baggage. Certainly, you should buy a suitable package during your flight ticket booking. Another important note is about the forbidden items list. Water and drinks over 200 ml. are not allowed in hand luggage. Any kind of knife and pointed tools are usually banned in the cabin. It is better to carry the laptop and mobile devices in carry-on luggage to keep them safe.

Keep Required Documents Handy

  • Do not forget your passport at home
  • Buy travel insurance before taking off
  • Take copies of your ID card and itinerary.

After packing your belongings and clothes, arrange your travel documents. Your ticket and passport are the two essential travel items. International passengers must show their visa stamps with the passport. Regarding your visa type, accommodation booking and invitation letter may be required. For online check-in, keep your PNR number with you. Before the flight, check if health insurance and a health pass certifying your COVID vaccination are needed. You can buy your travel insurance with the best Pegasus offers. It is a good option to have copies of your passport, flight itinerary and ID card in your luggage against robbery and loss.

Arrive on Time for Check-in

  • Have online check-in to save time
  • Pay for extra luggage and national taxes
  • Check your gate number against last-minute changes.

On domestic flights, you are asked to be at the airport 1,5-2 hours before departure. For international flights, 2-3 hours are needed. Do not think that such a long time will be boring! You will get your boarding pass, go to the check-in counter to give your luggage and pass through security control. Passengers of Istanbul flights will need to complete passport control before boarding starts.

During holidays and at Christmas, you may need to wait in a long queue to reach the security desk. In addition, banned objects forgotten in cabin luggage may cause delays. Check your gate number, even after getting your boarding pass. Normally, boarding starts in 45 minutes and finishes 15 minutes before the take-off time. If the gate changes, you will need extra time to find the recent one and get there. Thus, arriving early is the best!

Get Ready for an Easy Flight

  • Dress comfortably, wear removable shoes
  • Try to consume water on board
  • Keep a book and toys for your children.

Having a comfortable flight experience depends on some small tips. If you have a long-haul flight or need to spend some time before your transit flight, prefer comfortable clothes. You can take a jacket or a pullover with you because cabin temperature may be lowered. If you have a meal package, make your choice towards less spicy and light food on board. Try to drink water and fresh juice to keep hydrated.

If you travel with your children, ensure they have their favourite toys and tablets to entertain them. You can keep your in-flight entertainment accessories with you in case a transit flight is planned. You should prefer sneakers or easy-remove shoes to make your feet comfortably move. Remember that airport security may ask you to take off your high-heeled and metal-ornamented shoes.

Follow-up with Arrival Procedures

  • Take some local money and a visa card with you
  • Keep hotel reservations with offline maps of your route
  • Make your documents ready for border control.

What is next after landing at the final destination? If you are an international passenger, border control will be the first step to follow. Make your passport and other relevant documents ready to handle. When airport security allows, you will go to the baggage claim. Check your luggage items for flawless delivery – no mistakes, losses, or broken rollers. If you proceed with public transport, it is better to exchange some money. You can arrange car rental while making your flight ticket booking at the Pegasus website.

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