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9 Things To Know Before Visiting The Netherlands

Want to go for a vacation in The Netherlands? Do you know the top places to visit in this country? Please pay attention to what we are going to describe here. You will get a brief idea about managing a lovely trip in the heart of the city center.

9 Things To Know Before Visiting The Netherlands

Some people think only visiting Amsterdam is enough while stepping into the Netherlands. However, we will suggest a longer stay to enjoy every alluring feature of the place. Explore the local cuisines, busy streets, magnificent architecture, and splendid landscapes. Make the most of your trip.

Do not worry about the tickets. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines are there to help you book the tour instantly. Ensure you have all the fun as you walk down the streets of The Netherlands. Oh yes! Never miss the breathtaking sunset moments.

Things You Must Not Forget In The Netherlands

You should remember a few points before going to The Netherlands. Never fall into the trap of fraudsters or pay on a false website. Always go for KLM Airlines for genuine flight booking at pocket-friendly rates.

The 9 important points to consider are as follows;-

1. Time Management

You have to be an expert in managing precious time while in The Netherlands. The place is an abundance of exciting activities and intriguing locations. Therefore, be specific about the sites you want to visit in a day. Preparation of a roadmap will help you chalk out the best destinations for a mind-blowing.

Take suggestions from the local guide for a well-planned trip. Remember that Monday is a non-working day for most shops here. However, the majority of shops remain open from 10 am to 6 pm at the maximum. So, complete all the necessary chores within this limited time.

2. Free Urinals Only For Men

The females can land in trouble if they need to urinate during the tours. You will not get any public urinals in the Netherlands. Only men get this privilege.

3. Always Carry Cash

Please make sure to carry enough cash while being out. Most countries are now preferring to go cashless. Hence, you may tend to use debit or credit cards. Although some shops in the Netherlands accept them, cash is more popular here. The country is still not advanced in the usage of cards. Therefore, it is better to be cash ready.

4. Be Water Specific

Another essential tip for the Netherlands visitors is to be water specific. Many of you will find it weird. However, the people here are very complex about water. You can become thirsty at any moment while roaming the streets under the scorching sun. However, always ask for tap water or a pitcher for free water. Otherwise, you will be given a small bottle, and demand charges for the same.

5. Save Money through Museum Card

Always go for the Museum Card when a museum visit is on your cards. It is a special advantage for the visitors. Moreover, this card will save you a lot of euros. Undoubtedly, The Netherlands is famous for being the epitome of splendid museums and cultural buildings. So, have the card ready if you plan to stay here for a long time. Besides, it provides access to more than 400 museums nationwide.

6. Short Tulip Season

Are you a Tulip lover? Try to plan the tour during mid-April. The colorful blooms will spread all over the tulip fields during this time. However, the period is short, stretching for around six to eight weeks.

7. Tips are not Mandatory

One thing is very nice in this country. You can obviously give some tips after having the delicacies in restaurants. However, it is not mandatory. So, you may skip it in some places.

8. Raincoat is Necessary

Rain can come anytime in the Netherlands. So, do not forget to get out with an umbrella. A portable raincoat is readily available, which you can fold and keep in your back pockets.

9. Dutch Trains feels Great

The Dutch train rides are genuinely amazing in The Netherlands. Moreover, you can save a lot of bucks by traveling on these trains, instead of the expensive cabs.

Concluding Lines

The Netherlands will be more delightful as you focus on a planned tour and abide by some rules. Remember the crucial points mentioned above for a remarkable journey.

KLM Airways will support a cost-effective trip as you book the tickets online from a reliable travel site. The flexible schedule lets you go on a convenient journey to Kenya.

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