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Gold IRA: 5 Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Gold IRA 5 Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Buying gold has been a very popular way of saving money for quite a while now, so it’s not a surprise that you’ve started wondering about doing the same thing. People usually don’t do this on the spur of the moment, though, because it’s their wealth we’re talking about, meaning you will first take time to find out as much as you can about these opportunities, and then make your decision on whether you should invest or not. Put differently, you won’t be making any moves until you get your facts straight, and the first thing to do is learn more on what a gold IRA actually is.

That, of course, is not the only thing you’ll need to learn about. Having started thinking about putting your money into a gold IRA, you certainly have a lot of questions you want to get answered before you actually do that. Questions related to the gold IRAs, naturally, Understanding what they are is the first step, but you also want to know what it is precisely that makes people turn towards using those accounts for their retirement, as well as whether you should do the same and if yes, then how to actually do it.

Apart from all of those important questions, you’re most likely also wondering how to choose the correct precious metals company to work with if you decide to get a gold IRA. In case you’re still not wondering this, then it means you haven’t done enough research on this concept and you haven’t figured out that working with a specific precious metals company is a must if you want to get this particular retirement account. Don’t worry, though; you’ll learn about that soon enough, after which you certainly will start wondering how to choose one of those firms. Another question I’ll answer for you below, but let us start with the basics first.

What Is a Gold IRA

What Is a Gold IRA?

Hearing about gold IRAs from people who have already set these account types in the past will definitely tempt you, but you won’t make any concrete moves towards getting one of these accounts until you figure out what it precisely is. As you know, whenever a person starts working, he or she also immediately starts thinking about retiring and about staying financially stable and secure during retirement. People have always been saving for retirement, but the actual methods of saving have not always remained the same. Sure, some traditional options still exist, but there have also been some changes to the process, changes that you should be aware of when starting to save for your own retirement.

This could perhaps give you an idea on how to save:

Usually, people set up specific savings accounts, or employers do this in their name sometimes, such as 401ks, IRAs and similar ones, and they use those accounts to save money and make certain investments. The investments they have been able to make up until a certain point in the past were limited to assets like bonds and stocks, and people have gotten quite used to investing in those particular assets. Nowadays, though, gold has also become a rather popular solution, which is precisely why a gold IRA has come into existence.

Put simply, a gold IRA is an Individual Retirement Account allowing people to hold gold, silver and other precious metals in it and save for retirement with those assets. It is a self-directed account, meaning that the holder is responsible for deciding what goes into the account and what goes out. If you’re thinking that it’s the same as a traditional IRA, for example, then you haven’t quite been paying attention, because the distance is completely clear and it has to do with the allowed asset classes you can hold into the account. Just to make it clear once again, while most traditional accounts allow only for stocks and bonds investments, gold IRAs are those specific accounts that allow people to invest in precious metals.

Another thing to know about these specific opportunities is that you’ll need to work with a precious metals company so as to use them to the fullest. These firms are there to sell you the precious metals, and that’s their main purpose, but they also offer a few more services, meaning they help in a few different ways as well. Starting with helping you actually set up the gold IRA and ending with storing the assets you have bought with them. Of course, you can also rely on these companies for investment advice, provided that you choose the right one, which is precisely why it is of utmost importance for you to understand how to select the best company – a topic we’ll cover later.

So, to sum it all up, a gold IRA is the only retirement account that allows for precious metals investments, and the entire process requires you to work with a precious metals dealer. Using different sources of information, including the Delta Cost Project and similar sites, can help find the best dealer, i.e. the best company for you, but that’s something we’ll cover later. Before doing that, you want to understand why it is that people are getting these accounts in the first place, which will make it easier for you to decide if you want to get it as well.

Why Are People Getting It

Why Are People Getting It?

Wondering why people are getting gold IRAs means you’re actually wondering why they are investing in precious metals, as we’ve made it clear that such investment opportunities are what separates this particular account from the traditional savings ones we’re all used to. Numerous reasons speak in favor of investing in precious metals, though, and people have recognized that. They’ve recognized the value of holding these assets into their accounts, which is precisely why they’ve started setting up their own self-directed IRAs. Recognizing said value yourself will probably lead you towards deciding to do the same thing, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Speaking of value, the very first thing to understand is that precious metals have always been, and will certainly continue to be, quite valuable assets. Taking a quick look at the history of their prices and their behavior on the market will show you not only that the assets are valuable, but also that they are quite stable. Sure, some volatility has to exist, but it’s very minor when precious metals are in question, and this stability is one of the main reasons why people are buying the assets. Their stability allows them to secure their retirement portfolios and keep them safe regardless of what might happen on the market.

Inflation is one of the biggest threats for those retirement portfolios, because certain asset classes can end up losing their value when inflation is high, and that definitely includes stocks and bonds. The stock market could crash at one point or another, leaving you with assets in your portfolio that are no longer worth as much as they were when you first bough them. With precious metals, though, this is not a concern, because they behave rather differently than those other assets during inflation.

Precious metals, and especially gold, have, thus, become one of the most popular inflation hedge assets (read more about that) due to their unusual behavior during inflation. While other asset classes could flop and lose their value, these ones will keep their worth or even increase in value when inflation is high. In few words, when the costs of living increase, gold is also bound to increase in value, which basically means you’ll get to protect your retirement portfolio from flopping if you’re holding this asset in it. This is precisely why people are diversifying with precious metals.

Diversification is, of course, another amazing reason why they’re choosing to get some precious metals and add them to their portfolios. After all, it’s perfectly clear that holding all of your money in one asset class is not the best move, as you could wind up losing everything rather quickly if something happens to those specific assets. Thus, diversifying is a must, and doing so with precious metals is extremely useful, given their stability and their value.

Should You Get It As Well

Should You Get It As Well?

After hearing about the main reasons why investing in these assets for your retirement is a great move, you’ll want to form an answer to the main question. Should you actually get your very own gold IRA? Well, that’s a decision only you can make for yourself, but here’s what I would say about it. If you’re looking for a way to diversify your portfolio and to make it safer and much more stable, then getting a gold IRA is undeniably the right move for you. And, in these uncertain times, the stability that precious metals provide is something we could all definitely use.

How to Get It?

Wondering how to actually get your gold IRA, that is, how to set up the account and make it ready for investing? This is not a complicated process, but people usually leave it to the professionals, i.e. to those precious metals companies, if they are confused and unsure whether they know how to take the right steps. The setting up part will be easy, but it is the funding part that sometimes turns this into a complicated process, especially if you’re planning on doing a rollover, which allows you to transfer your funds from, say, your 401k to the newly established IRA. So, getting help from professionals could be the best move when aiming at getting your gold IRA, in case you’re not sure you can do it alone.

How to Choose a Precious Metals Company?

Now, you have a clear idea on how to invest in gold through your retirement account, which is also further explained at, and you know that you need to work with a precious metals company to make it happen. The only thing that may be confusing you is the actual process of selecting the best company to be your partner during the whole procedure. Well, if you play your cards right, that is if you do enough research and don’t jump towards hiring any of these firms on the spur of the moment, you’ll definitely be happy with the partner you’ve chosen.

Playing the cards right, i.e. doing the research, will require you to find at least a few different companies either by searching online or by talking to other investors, and then go into great details about them when researching them. Aiming at finding out how experienced and how reputable they are, as well as which services they provide and how much they charge for those, you’ll find reviews extremely useful. So, the best thing to do when trying to choose your partner in this investing process is find and read comprehensive reviews written about them, then compare the information and make the final choice.

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