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37 Unusual Ideas to Celebrate an Anniversary in Romantic Ways

Every wedding day is a milestone. Anniversaries are celebrated in many different ways. People all over the world affirm their mutual love by doing something special on their wedding day.

Here are some examples of how you and your partner can celebrate this special day:

  1. Get up before sunrise and share this special time of the day with your loved one. Enjoy a simple breakfast with fruit and pieces of cake that you prepared the evening before.
  1. If you don’t like the sunrise, you might want to spend the day in bed. Prepare a special breakfast together and then crawl back under the covers to have breakfast comfortably in bed. Just relax a bit, talk, and make love. A special day in bed can make the bond between lovers even more intense.
  1. Plan a special picnic for your wedding day. Pack your favorite food, a bottle of sparkling wine, and a blanket, and head to your favorite spot.
  1. If you have your wedding anniversary in winter or the weather is too uncomfortable for an outdoor picnic, just have a picnic in the living room. If you have a fireplace, it will give you a particularly nice atmosphere. Spread a blanket on the floor and enjoy an intimate picnic at home. The nice thing about a picnic at home is that you can comfortably drink wine and champagne because you no longer have to drive.
  1. Plan an intimate dinner for two. If you both enjoyed a special meal in your first phase of dating, recreate this meal and remember the good times from back then. Or cook your partner’s favorite dish and enjoy a quiet evening at home.
  1. Turn your bedroom into a massage parlor. Turn off the lights, light a few scented candles, let your favorite music play, and collect your fragrant massage oils. Pamper each other with a super sensual spa treatment.
  1. After your sensual massage, shower together. Take this mood into the shower and pamper yourself. Wash each other’s backs and let your bodies do the talking. Sex in the shower is a wonderful way to end your massage together.
  1. If you don’t like taking a shower, have a romantic bubble bath that you enjoy together. Light a few candles, open a bottle of champagne, and relax in your partner’s arms.
  1. Do you remember how you were always “messing around” in your early days? Relive old memories and make “around” like old times. Long and intense kisses – especially in public – later lead to more intimate touches.

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  1. If your sex life has become monotonous, bring a breath of fresh air and try new sex positions.
  1. Get the sex out of your bedroom! It’s perfectly fine to have sex in other rooms in your home as well. Make your wedding day a little more exciting and go wild in the kitchen or living room.
  1. Buy your partner a romantic game; You are sure to find one that suits the two of you. Spend your evening together with silly sex games and then get down to business.
  1. Go to the movies and make out like you did when you were dating. Go into an older movie that not so many people want to see and enjoy your relative privacy in the cinema. Hold hands and kiss as you used to in your dating time. This might sound a bit trite, but it is a wonderful way to add romance to your day.
  1. Book a photographer for a romantic photoshoot. Your wedding day is the perfect day to create new memories. And thanks to the photos, you can always remember that special day.
  1. Plan a camping trip. Enjoy mother nature and each other. Romance in the starlight in front of a beautiful campfire will surely make your wedding day something very special.
  1. If camping is not for you, book a room in your favorite hotel and invite your partner for a romantic night that he or she will not soon forget. Decorate the room with roses, rose petals, and scented candles. Make sure that the bubble bath is already in when your darling shows up for the rendezvous.
  1. Try an activity that you’ve always wanted to try. Maybe the two of you have always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride. Since most hot air balloons start in the morning hours, plan a romantic breakfast to enjoy as you ride over beautiful landscapes.
  1. Attend a class together. Start doing this on your wedding day. Would you both like to improve your cooking skills? Take a cooking class. Learn to dance or a musical instrument. The possibilities are endless. It should just be something you both like.
  1. If you are an adrenaline junkie, try a tandem parachute jump or skydiving. If it’s winter and you both like to ski, go to the next mountain and enjoy a day of skiing fun.
  1. Find a winery that offers extensive wine tasting. After that, go for a walk together and just enjoy each other’s presence.
  1. Take the time to enjoy the sunset together. With a sunset, you can end your day romantically, regardless of whether you were out on your wedding day or celebrated at home.
  1. Do you remember your first date? Just relive this date. You may not live in the same area anymore, but you can improvise a bit. Eat the same food you ate at that first meeting; enjoy the same activities as then. As you conjure up these ancient experiences, both of you will be sentimentally reminded of your early days of yours and will surely look forward to the years of love that lie ahead.
  1. It doesn’t matter what day your wedding day falls, you can plan a weekend getaway around the actual date. Surprise your partner with a packed car and jet off as soon as your workweek is over. Regardless of where the journey goes, your partner will be delighted with your special wedding day plans.
  1. If your partner needs to go to the bathroom in the morning, hide their present under their pillow. That will certainly put a pleased smile on his face very quickly.
  1. Flowers – especially red roses – are a wonderful way to show your love for your partner. Give your loved one a huge bouquet of roses and be sure to write a personal note telling them how much you love them. You could also use the flowers differently: hide each rose individually and add a few lovely words to each rose. Spreading rose petals around the bedroom is also downright romantic.
  1. If roses are beyond your budget, a simple love letter will do the same. Let your heart speak when you write to your partner about why you love her so much. Hide the letter in a place where she is sure to find it and look forward to the surprised and loving reaction when she discovers it.
  1. Men, buy some sexy lingerie for your women. Let her know in a lovely message what you have planned for this evening.
  1. Buy each other a new outfit and plan a romantic evening in your favorite restaurant.
  1. Anniversary gifts often have a specific theme depending on the year. For the first wedding anniversary, there is paper, for the 25th silver and the 50th gold. Find out here what fits your wedding day and design your gift to match the annual theme. This makes the gift something very special.
  1. Use colored markers that will also work on glass. Draw something and write love messages on your partner’s vehicle. The thought of the car you decorated will make him smile.
  1. Spend your time framing and hanging pictures that show the two of you together over the years. This time spent together is a gift in itself, and if you indulge in old memories together, it will make your wedding day unforgettable.
  1. Do you have a video from your wedding? If so, just watch the video again on your wedding day. Open a bottle of sparkling wine, arrange a nice selection of savory and sweet delicacies, lean back, and relive the day that is the reason for your current wedding day.
  1. Get out your wedding albums and spend even more time reviewing your special day.
  1. Would you like to show your partner how much you love her? Take on a task or two that your spouse normally does every day. You could e.g. B. doing the laundry, cooking, or taking care of the children. Your wife will be delighted and appreciate your efforts to make the wedding day special.
  1. Do you both have a special song? You might want to arrange for the song to play on the radio (with a special dedication to your darling) when the two of you are together, either on a romantic date or at home. If you are partying at home, make sure to play the song and make time for each other. Dance tightly in your embrace or just cuddle extensively. Your partner will be surprised that you still remember “your” song.
  1. Couples who have been together for many years often find it very romantic to renew their marriage vows. Invite friends and family so you can celebrate your wedding vows again together.
  1. Spend the day together. Set your appointments so that the two of you don’t have to work that day. Don’t answer the phone or keep your hands off your mobile devices – your email can wait. Take the time to talk to each other and fall in love with each other again.

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