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9 Strategies to Create a Safer Experience at Trade Fairs

9 Strategies to Create a Safer Experience at Trade Fairs

In the age of COVID-19, safety has become an increasingly important aspect of trade fairs. Exhibitors and visitors alike are looking for ways to ensure their experience is as safe and healthy as possible. Here are eight strategies that exhibitors can utilize to create a safer experience for everyone at the next trade fair.

1) Utilize Touchless Technology: By utilizing touchless technology, such as QR codes or facial recognition devices, exhibitors can reduce the risk of transmitting germs through physical contact. Implement biometric flap barrier at the entrance of the exhibition hall to replace manual identity verification, allowing visitors to access information without having to physically interact with a booth or a representative.

2)Control the number of audiences: By controlling the number of people in your booth at any given time, you can reduce the risk of overcrowding and contact with potentially infected individuals. Consider implementing a reservation or ticket system to limit access to your booth. Ticketing swing barrier gates can not only automate fast ticket checking, but also count the number of visitors in the exhibition hall in real time. When the limit is reached, access will be suspended.

3) Encourage Social Distancing: One way exhibitors can encourage social distancing is by displaying markers on the floor indicating how far apart individuals should stand when waiting in line or browsing booths. Additionally, exhibitors can limit the number of people allowed in their booth at one time and provide attendants to help manage crowds if necessary.

4) Provide Disposable Gloves & Masks: It is essential that all exhibitors provide disposable gloves and masks for visitors who may not have their own. This will help reduce the risk of transmitting viruses between people in close quarters. Additionally, it shows visitors that exhibitors are taking extra precautions to keep them safe during their visit.

5) Offer Hand Sanitizer Stations: Placing hand sanitizer stations throughout the exhibition hall is another great way to encourage safety among attendees. Not only will this reduce the risk of transmission between individuals, but it will also give visitors peace of mind knowing they can quickly clean their hands whenever they need to do so.

6) Make Use of Outdoor Areas: If possible, make use of outdoor areas around the venue such as patios or courtyards to provide additional space for socializing and networking without having to be indoors with large crowds of people. This will allow guests more opportunities for fresh air while still engaging with others safely.

7) Utilize Digital Platforms: Digital platforms such as video conferencing applications can be used by exhibitors in place of physical meetings with clients or partners. This helps limit contact between individuals while maintaining communication and collaboration opportunities from afar if necessary.

8) Clean and Disinfect Booth Regularly: Exhibitors should make sure that their booths are regularly cleaned and disinfected throughout the duration of the event in order to minimize any potential spread of germs among attendees. This includes wiping down surfaces after every interaction between staff members and customers/visitors alike in order to ensure a safe environment for everyone involved.

9) Educate Staff on Safety Protocols: Finally, it is essential that all staff members are aware of safety protocols before entering into any interaction with customers/visitors at an event or exhibition hall. This ensures that everyone involved is following best practices when interacting with one another in order to minimize potential risks associated with the transmission of viruses like COVID-19 within crowded spaces such as these events may bring about.

Trade fairs offer valuable opportunities for businesses, but safety must always come first! By utilizing these eight strategies, exhibitors can create a safer experience for both themselves and all those attending the event – putting everyone’s minds at ease while still getting the maximum benefit from participating!


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