Looking For Bike Insurance? Check These 5 Factors To Get The Best Policy

Looking For Bike Insurance? Check These 5 Factors To Get The Best Policy

While it is mandatory to have bike insurance, check and compare different policies available to ensure that you are getting the best terms. This is the first and most crucial, thing to keep in mind before you finalize a policy.

With the majority of the insurance industry being digitized, comparing options has never been easier. However, it is quicker if you know what to look for. Read on to learn the important aspects of a bike insurance policy that you need to check.

Coverage Offered

The coverage offered in bike insurance mainly depends on the type of policy you choose. You can choose from either a third-party coverage policy or a comprehensive coverage policy. In the former, your insurance provider will only cover third-party liabilities whereas the latter will ensure coverage for your bike too.

Before you finalize the type of Bike insurance check the details thoroughly. This will help you pick a policy that suits your financial needs best. One component to compare is cost, as third-party policies are generally cheaper.

Inclusions And Exclusions

Like any insurance policy, understanding the inclusions and exclusions is important. This will ensure that you are not blindsided when making claims. It will also enable you to make better decisions, based on your needs.

Keep in mind that different policy types have equally varied terms. Meaning, the inclusions in a comprehensive insurance policy may not be included in the third-party insurance policy. Some exclusions may also differ, and this must be considered.

Premium Payable

Insurance providers have different policy terms and premium calculation methods. As such the premium levied by them will vary. Given the cost of availing bike insurance, check the premiums payable across several insurers.

Understanding different market offers will allow you to know which policy offers the best terms at a price that is feasible for you. This way, you don’t just protect your bike but also your finances.

Add-on Covers

When you get bike insurance, the insurance provider may offer some add-on covers that add value to your policy. The terms and conditions of these add-ons vary for each insurance provider. Some of these may simply add to the cost, so do a thorough assessment.

Your selection of add-ons should be based on your bike’s condition. An example of a popular add-on offered by many is zero depreciation. Here, the insurance company will offer insurance for the entire value of your two-wheeler, without considering the depreciation.

Keep in mind that the add-on covers cost extra and therefore the total cost of insurance also increases. So, when you check the cost be sure to consider the add-on cover costs too.

Network Garages

Way health insurance providers have a list of network hospitals, and bike insurance providers have a list of network garages. In case of any damage, you can take your two-wheeler to a network garage.

This will save you from paying anything upfront and the hassle of making a reimbursement claim. Choose an insurance provider that has a large number of network garages to ensure that your bike gets the care it needs.

In India, it is necessary to have third-party bike insurance. But regardless of the type of bike insurance, check the above factors to know that your two-wheeler is protected with the best policy.

You should also check for no-claim bonus, validity, claim process, and ratio. This will enhance your insurance policy and ensure that the renewal and claim process is seamless too.


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