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How to Make Free Animation for your Project Presentation? All you need to Know

There is a high chance you have seen some exceptional animation video presentation and wondered how to pull something like it off. If you are reading this, chances are you are interested in making an engaging presentation. Do not be scared or daunted by the seeming complexities involved.

You can create a compelling video presentation even without any skills. This post looks at how to use free animation software to make a free animation video for your project presentation.

Let us start with the easiest part!

How to make Free Animation with Doratoon


The first step in making a free animation video is to choose free animation software online. We recommend Doratoon for many reasons. First, Doratoon is a leading animation maker with loads of features and digital assets. It is easy to use and does not require any expertise from you.

This makes it a top choice for newbie animators. It has an intuitive interface, and you can create an animation video within minutes using its several editing tools.

Steps to Use Doratoon to make Free Animation

Step One: Visit Doratoon and create a free account.

Step Two: Select a pre-animated template of choice.

Step Three: Edit the template to align with your presentation content and different digital assets.

Step Four: Preview the animated video and download it to your computer.

These are the easy steps to make a free animation with Doratoon. You will find several editing tools and all you have to do is drag-and-drop, import, arrange, and render your video. Everything you need is available in the software tool.

What are the Unique Features of Doratoon?

  • Extensive Library of Templates: Doratoon has thousands of pre-animated templates covering different categories. They include marketing, education, human resources, business, YouTube Intro, and more. You can choose any of these and edit them to create an animated video of your project presentation.
  • A Huge Collection of Animated Characters: You can also explore the thousands of animated characters available on Doratoon’s platform. You will find characters covering all demographics, genders, age groups, ethnicity, and more. The library has over 8000 facial expressions and actions you can select for your chosen character.
  • Auto Lip-Sync: You can upload a voiceover recording to your animated video and use this feature to sync your characters’ lips with the audio. This makes it look like the characters are speaking, and you can choose gestures and expressions that align with the discussions.
  • Different voice characters for voiceover: If you cannot record a voiceover for your animated video, Doratoon has a solution for you. You can use the text-to-speech conversion tool where you import the text and choose the voice character(s) to read your speech.

These are some features you can use when you make video animation online with Doratoon. Other features you will find include advanced animation effects, motion graphics, stock video clips and videos, and 2D and 3D background images. Moreover, you can import your own PPT into Doratoon, and it will change it into a vivid animation! You can explore all these to create presentation video designs with Doratoon.

Steps to Create Free Animation for Project Presentations from Scratch

So, we have looked at the easy and the most exciting part of creating animation free videos for your project presentations. Now, it is time to go look at the process from scratch – putting your presentation together and developing the script.

Develop a Presentation Idea

Before you make an animated video, develop your idea. What do you want to include in the project presentation? What ideas do you want to sell to your audience? What is the objective of your presentation?

You must have all these sorted out before proceeding to check out templates or create a video. Developing a presentation concept can be a daunting task. However, you can simplify it by first writing a presentation brief to identify your presentation’s objectives, core message, target audience, and actions you want your viewers to take after watching.

Convert Your Concept into a Story

A compelling animated video should follow a storyline to enable your audience to follow through. Generally, it should have three parts – the hook, the meat, and the call to action. The hook is an introduction.

It should grab the attention of your viewers and whet their appetite for what is to come. The meat is the main content of your presentation. This is where you break down your ideas, concepts, and thoughts.

You can use graphs, charts, figures, and other digital assets to drive home your point. The call to action is the final part of the animated video. It covers the steps you want your viewers to take after watching the video.

Create a Storyboard

If you are using Doratoon for your free animation video, you can skip this part. A storyboard gives you an idea of what your final animated video will look like. Here, you can sketch the characters you want to use and arrange the frames to organize the flow of your presentation.

You can create this in a PowerPoint file or use a pre-animated template directly on Doratoon. With the storyboard, your work is half-done.

Animate your Project Presentation

This is the final part of the work. With your story ready and your storyboard sketched, you can proceed to animate your presentation. Upload your PowerPoint document on Doratoon to animate it.

If you created the storyboard with Doratoon, you can put finishing touches to the frames and use transitions and other effects to make your video look more attractive. Follow the steps highlighted above to make your animated video with Doratoon.


Making animation free videos is not difficult if you use the right tool. You do not necessarily need any animation experience or skills to create an animation for your project presentation. All you need is the right tool and that is why we recommend the Doratoon free animation software. Check out the tool on the official website and create your first animated video.


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