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Blue World City Awami Residential Complex

Awami Residential Apartments Complex is a low-cost housing development that targets the middle and low-income classes. Awami Residence Complex is a genuine effort to combat the housing crisis in Pakistan by providing top-quality community living at a reasonable price, with the tagline “A Home for every family”.

Blue World City Awami Residential Complex

Awami Residential Complex is created to give residents the essentials of daily life, such as the chance to live in a clean and natural environment and to have safe water. The site is also equipped with electricity and an emergency hospital that is accessible at all hours of the day.

In addition, there is The Forces School System, which is managed by a team consisting of retired senior officers from the army who provide an excellent education to the children of residents. The location is on Multan Road near the NFC Ring Road Interchange, which gives residents free access to some of the most important areas inside the urban area.

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BWC Awami Residential Complex Owners & Developers

These Awami Apartments are being constructed by one of the top real property builders within Islamabad, Blue Group of Companies. When BGC established its first office located in Lahore back in the year 1989, it was only providing architectural and construction services. It is owned by Mr. Saad Nazir, a famous businessman and visionary in Pakistan.

The other developer, Imperium Group of Companies, was founded in 1999. Since that time, it has developed to become a well-known real estate and construction firm. It is recognized in Pakistan due to its commitment and dedication to its field. The multi-national real estate development company is among the top experts in the local and international markets.

The Group of BGC-IGC

The Imperium Group of Companies – Blue Group of Companies consortium, has been growing to become the fastest-growing joint venture within Pakistan. It includes a broad range of firms that offer the expertise required in various areas. The consortium includes not only local firms but also international companies that are based in North America and Gulf regions.

The group is working on addressing the acute shortage of housing in Pakistan in line with the policy of PM Khan, which includes the creation of affordable but luxurious housing plans. This project, Awami Residencial Complex Islamabad, is scheduled to be made available at a low cost. It’s not a mistake to classify the project as an investment in welfare real estate. This is due to the nature of the apartments that are offered. 50 percent of the apartments are specifically reserved for federal employees. 40% are available to the general population, and 10% are reserved for widows and retirees.

Awami Residential Complex Location And Map

Awami Residential Complex’s location is in Blue World City on Lahore Islamabad Motorway (M2). It is accessible from major locations in both towns. Awami Complex Islamabad is an extremely secure community that comes with modern facilities and amenities that offer the highest quality of community living.

Awami Residential Complex Location And Map

Not just in Islamabad, this residential development is currently being built in Lahore as well. In Lahore, the project is situated near Canal Road/Main Multan Road, which is situated near Lahore Ring Road. An experienced team from Dubai was appointed to design the construction plan for this particular project.

Types of Apartments in Awami Complex Islamabad

Studio Apartments

Studio apartments in this luxurious residential development will raise the living standards of its residents. The apartments will have an attached bathroom and kitchen. It covers an area of 350 square. Ft.

1-Bed Family Apartments

The Awami Apartments are being designed specifically for families. These apartments will be equipped with an attached bathroom and a kitchen. It covers an area of 500 square. Ft.

2-Bed Family Apartments

Each apartment covers an area of 830 square. Ft. The homes will provide luxury and comfort to their residents. These apartments will be equipped with an attached bathroom and a kitchen.

Awami Duplex Villa

While this project is designed for the general population of Pakistan but that does not mean that it is anything less than amazing.  Duplex Villas in ARC will comprise an area of 675 square. Ft. area that makes it an ideal location to live and experience luxury.

Awami Residential Complex Payment Plans & Installments

The entire project has been designed to provide maximum benefits for the residents.

Awami Residential Complex Payment Plans & Installments

Unique features in the Astonishing Project

If you’re looking to experience something truly extraordinary, then purchase a home in the Awami Residential Complex Islamabad. The project’s residential apartments will offer an array of amazing features for the low and middle-income segments of Pakistan.

Low-cost Residential Apartments

If you take a look at the Awami Residential Apartments payment plan, you will find that the apartments are equipped with everything you’re looking for. The middle and lower-income classes are able to purchase property right now due to the visionary work of the late Mr. Imran Khan and the design of Blue World City.

Luxury Redefined

Awami Residential Apartments will be fully equipped with everything you can envision in a luxurious space. Residents will have the option to design their homes in the way they like.

Prime Location

Another unique characteristic of this fantastic development is its location. There isn’t a single property that is this appealing and budget-friendly in this area.

Approved Residential Project

The project is fully legal and has received all necessary permissions from the concerned authorities. Awami Residential Complex NOC is one of the many reasons why people are ready to purchase the property within this residential area.

Awami Residential Complex Islamabad & Lahore is a housing venture which was created in line with the Prime Minister’s goal of affordable housing. The project is probably the most sought-after residential and investment choice for both investors and interested residents because of the wide range of luxury and affordable payments.

This is why Sky Marketing strongly suggests that now is the perfect time to make an investment to invest in Blue World City Awami Apartments.

Awami Residential Complex Features & Amenities


Awami Residential Complex offers the most secure and safest investment choices.

Continuous Surveillance

Each time you step onto your property, a dedicated and skilled team will ensure your safety and provide peace.

24-hour Power, Gas, and Water

You can expect the very best of everything when you decide to make an investment in this project. This is an incredible place for you to live in.

Health Institute

The BWC management has approved the construction of a modern hospital to ensure the comfort of the patients as per the master plan.

University, College, and School

There are a number of international and national schools, colleges, and other institutions within the region. There are also several educational franchises within the region.

Grand Mosque

Awami Apartments management has placed emphasis on religion-related aspects. This is why a lot of Jamia Mosques have been developed.

Entertainment and Business Center

The entertainment and commercial hub is being developed to improve the standard of living.

Parks and Fitness Centers

Since your health is important, Blue World City offers gyms and parks that are strategically placed around Blue World City.

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