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7 Festivals In Cairo You Should Attend To Discover Egyptian Culture

7 Festivals In Cairo You Should Attend To Discover Egyptian Culture


Egyptian culture is a treasure trove of art, history, and opportunity. Egyptian festivals throughout the year celebrate these aspects of Egyptian life and are an essential part of the experience of visitors. From the ancient to the modern, the culture is rich in that this land is indeed blessed and has a long history. Cairo has started celebrating its cultural events, and this may be the perfect opportunity for you to discover the dazzling side of the rich heritage of Egypt. It is where the modern meets the ancient, where art, history, and culture are blended particularly.

1. Cairo Jazz Festival

If you love jazz, you will find the Cairo Jazz Festival a breath of fresh air. Held in various historic sites around the city, this is an opportunity to discover a different side to Cairo. The festival is held over three days and includes a variety of exciting performances by both Egyptian and international artists. And if this is your first time attending a jazz festival, be prepared to be wowed by the musical talent that comes forth. This festival combines history, music, food, and lots of fun, you have an eventful weekend ahead.

2. Panorama Of The European Film

If you love movie watching and cinema, the Panorama of European Film is an event that should be on your list of things to do while in Cairo. Held over seven days in November, this film festival focuses on showcasing films that have a European influence. This festival is an excellent opportunity for people of all ages to discover this side of the culture. Another chance to enjoy some good cinema! Regardless of where you come from, this cultural event brings people together in one place and creates a sense of community.

3. Downtown Contemporary Art Festival

The Downtown Contemporary Art Festival is a festival that gives the people of Cairo a chance to experience a little bit of modern art. Held over six days in April, this festival features contemporary works in various local buildings. There are several free events on offer, including a street performance which is excellent for families with children. There are different zones throughout downtown Cairo that have a variety of modern exhibitions.

4. Egypt Fitness Fest

The Egypt Fitness Fest is a fun festival that combines various fitness activities and workouts. This festival will feature fitness exercises, lectures, and workshops. This event is an excellent opportunity to discover how to be fit and healthy in modern times. The festival will be held over six locations across Cairo, and there are plenty of free events for everyone involved. It only takes a small amount of effort to be healthy. This festival is the incentive that you need.

5. Cairo Fashion Festival

You will find this event to be a breath of fresh air in Egyptian culture. This festival showcases Egyptian fashion and decorates the city with beautiful clothes that Egyptians and other artists designed. Each festival event is held at a different building throughout the city, and there are many free events and workshops. This festival is an excellent opportunity to shop for beautiful outfits, learn more about fashion in Egypt, and talk more with local fashion designers. It is also a perfect opportunity to catch up with friends, guests, and coworkers while exploring the city.

6. Cairo Bites

This is an exciting culinary experience that brings people together to discover the food of Cairo. This event will showcase local eateries and restaurants. This is an excellent opportunity to learn new flavours and sample dishes outside the traditional dish of Egypt. There will be a chance to try delicious treats like camel burgers, baba ganoush, shrimp and bacon burgers, and much more. You have a unique opportunity to celebrate the local culture alongside great food.

7. Hakawy International Festival For Children

This event brings people together to celebrate the rich history of Egypt and the children of Egypt. This festival is an excellent opportunity to learn about Egyptian culture and traditions by holding some activities for children on this day. It is a perfect opportunity for children to discover their roots and meet other kids worldwide. There are shows and performances at the festival by visiting artists from all around the world. Some free workshops and activities will be of interest to children.

Learning about the culture of Egypt and discovering new things is easy with these fantastic festivals. You can find a variety of events that are suited for anyone in the family. Regardless of your age or interest, there is an event for everyone. History, music, food, art, and culture will unite spectacularly to create memorable experiences that will last a lifetime. Egypt air airline is the best and most affordable choice for international travellers exploring Egypt. It is the ultimate way to experience the Kingdom of Kings and the only way to experience all there is to see and do in Egypt.


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