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Website Forms: POWR Versus SurveyMonkey

Website Forms POWR Versus SurveyMonkey

One of the key principles of search engine optimization (SEO) is user experience (UX). Websites that provide their users with better UX are more likely to take up a high spot on search engine results pages (SERPs). Forms are a great way to ensure that your users get a productive and efficient experience on your site, and as long as they’re not intrusive, they don’t do any harm to any of your other SEO efforts.

Forms can be used for seamless transactions, faster customer service, and feedback collection. And thanks to online form builders, you can easily create them with the best design and functionality to complement your website even more. But with so many choices, which form builder is the better choice for you? Here, we dive deep into comparing two industry favorites: POWR versus SurveyMonkey.

POWR Versus SurveyMonkey

POWR is an app library filled with free apps that users can embed on their websites without writing a single line of code. They have everything from pop ups to PayPal buttons to social feeds. One of their best plug-ins is their POWR Form Builder, which lets people create customized forms.

SurveyMonkey is a famous cloud-based software that allows users to create, send, and analyze surveys. That said, its services expand beyond just questionnaires; you can also use SurveyMonkey to build different forms such as quizzes, polls, and research forms.

Both POWR and SurveyMonkey have their own set of pros and cons, as well as features one may do better than the other (or one may not have at all). Let’s see how the two compare.


POWR has advanced customization tools that let you build multi-page forms with rich elements like dropdowns, multiple-choice, star ratings, file uploads, emoji feedback, and more—all in your chosen design. POWR Form Builder also allows the application of conditional logic, where questions are shown or hidden based on a user’s previous response. SurveyMonkey, on the other hand, has more limited customization options (you can only add your logo and branding on a paid plan); that said, their templates make it easier to build professional-looking forms.

Both form builders provide post-submission options where you can choose to display a Thank You page or a custom message. With POWR, you can also display results publicly or hide the form; with SurveyMonkey, you can redirect the user to your website.


SurveyMonkey provides survey analytics through summaries and reports, which you can even compare with industry benchmarks. POWR doesn’t have built-in analytics, though you can integrate your forms with Google Analytics (through Zapier) to draw insights.


POWR and SurveyMonkey allow you to accept payments through forms with PayPal and Stripe (though SurveyMonkey only integrates with the latter). With POWR, you can accept both one-time payments and subscriptions, as well as donations. You can also make discount codes.

On the other hand, SurveyMonkey can be set up to accept payments as fixed or variable (i.e. the respondent can choose the amount). However, payments are only available on certain paid plans.


SurveyMonkey allows you to collect and share information as a team to better collaborate on the creation and analysis of forms. POWR doesn’t have the same capabilities unless you connect it with an app (via Zapier) that allows the same.


Both POWR and SurveyMonkey integrate with various platforms and apps to make working more seamless, helping you enrich your workflows rather than disrupt them.


POWR Forms are free for the first 25 responses. After that, pricing starts at just $8.99 per month. Their Pro plan permits up to 1,000 form submissions monthly at a cost-effective price of $15.74/month.

SurveyMonkey also has a free plan, but your customization options, question choices, and response collection are limited. The basic plan starts at $25 per user for a group plan and $32 per user for an individual plan.

So Which Is Better?

Ultimately, the best form builder is the one that best suits your needs, preferences, and budget. If you have the budget and need powerful surveys backed up with built-in analytics and collaboration capabilities, ​then SurveyMonkey fits the bill. But if you’re looking for a budget option that still comes with powerful customization and functionality, then POWR’s the better choice for you.



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