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5 Tips On How to Play Ludo Online and Win: A Quick Guide

There was a time when strategic and fun board games used to be the highlight of every family’s leisure time. People have so many good memories associated with many classics that the nostalgia makes them want to go back in time. While that’s not realistic, we can certainly recreate some of the good old times in today’s world. Since we have pretty much gone virtual, Ludo online has been gaining a lot of momentum among players of all age groups.

While the popularity of the game has left very few learners, many people still don’t feel comfortable to play Ludo online. As we already know, the gaming industry is rapidly rising with the present-day digital revolution. This post will act as a quick and easy guide on how to play Ludo online. Let’s take a look.

How to play Ludo Online

The game has 4 tokens which you have to pull outside the yard. The end goal is to reach the center box called Home. Players move the tokens around clockwise on the board. The player who manages to take all their tokens in the center before their opponents wins.

1. Opening The Game

Open the game by picking the color of your tokens. Let each player roll the dice by taking turns. The one who gets a 6 opens the game by taking out one of their 4 tokens on the board.

2. Time To Move!

As the game progresses, players take turns rolling the dice and moving their tokens according to the number their dice display. You can keep moving your current token or take a new one out every time you get a 6.

3. Save Your Tokens and Capture Others’

If you land on another player’s token, you capture it. This means that your opponent has to remove the token from the playing area and get it back to its original position in the yard. You also get an extra turn to roll the dice after a capture.

But at the same time, you should also save your tokens from a similar attack. One way to do this is if you create a block by bringing two tokens in one box. This way, other players cannot pass it unless they land on the same box.

4. And Win!

When you roll the exact value on the dice that requires you to reach home, you win! But if you don’t, you either have to miss a turn or move one of your other tokens. The other players can continue as they were playing for second and third place in the game.

5 Tips to Play Ludo Online and Win

Now that online gaming has redefined how we play Ludo, it’s time to check out these tips that can help us secure a satisfying win!

  1. Open it open as soon as you get a 6 to have more options to move. That way, you won’t be stuck waiting around for a 6.
  2. Spread the tokens and refrain from using just one even if it might be tempting to reach home soon. This way, if another player creates a block, you will have other tokens to secure a chance of winning the game.
  3. If you land in a safe place (usually marked by a star), try to keep your tokens in that particular box for as long as possible. This will prevent your opponent from capturing your token while you move your other tokens toward home.
  4. Enough about defense! Go all in and do your best to capture the other player’s tokens. You will already be ahead and they have to start all over which will make it difficult for them to win the game.
  5. Even if you are not able to make some nasty captures, try to block your opponents so that they can’t move past you.


Being cooped up in a pandemic-struck lockdown got people to spend more time with their loved ones again. The online Ludo game witnessed a massive surge to an extent where it even took the app creators by surprise!

Overall, the key takeaway here is that you won’t be able to go back in time and play the traditional Ludo board game as you did. But you can always relieve the same nostalgia in the virtual world. So, what are you waiting for? Download the Ludo app now and use this guide to excel at a game that is a momento of quality family time.


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