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4 Fun Activities To Do In Dubai With Kids This Weekend

Dubai is one of the best places to visit with your kids on a weekend. Or if you are planning for a long trip Dubai is the location for you. If it is going to be your first trip to UAE then you must know some exciting fun stuff to do. You do not want to spend your whole weekend with kids doing only traveling or visiting some park or a beach. Going to such a beautiful part of the world means you have to visit some of the landmarks of Dubai.

But with this you need to keep your mind straight that you are going to go with kids. It means less traveling, more fun and a relaxing retreat. Dubai is one of those places where you will find tourists every month of the year. Each and every person will find something remarkable and memorable to take with them from Dubai. It is a very diverse, big and modern part of the UAE.

Now, given below are 4 fun activities that you can do with your kids this weekend in Dubai.

● Sandboarding in Deserts of Dubai

If you have done ice skating and snowboarding then you will love sandboarding as well. For those who have not tried it before. It is pretty simple. You just have to take a snowboard and slide in the sand. It is so much fun and kids totally love it. You can go to a hill and board your way down again and again. Dubai desert Safari is also a well know famous activity that attracts kids.

If you have taken a whole safari tour then sandboarding will definitely be a part of it and your kids will love it. Do check for discounts because on sandboarding for kids, big discounts are given.

● Go to a Water Park

There are 3 very big water parks in dubai. So if your kids love water rides then this is a very fun activity that you can make them do. It does not matter how long you stay in Dubai, going to a water park is a must. You will never find this kind of thrill or joy in any other water park in the whole world.

The only 2 cons of water parks is that kids below 5 years are not allowed on maximum rides. So, you need to have a babysitter or someone to hold them. The second one is the cost. The waterparks here are pretty expensive so book your tickets with some coupons in advance and not through the ticket counter in the park.

● Visit the tallest building of the world- Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and it is in Dubai. So, how can you go to Dubai and not let your kids see it? It is almost half a mile tall. You will take your kids once and they will forever talk about it. Your kids will be fascinated by the length and they will surely bend their necks backwards trying to see the top. Tell them their necks will hurt because it is too tall. There are advance bookings for seeing this humongous building. So, try to book in advance so you do not feel bad later.

● Dancing fountains in Dubai

At night time you can take your kids to see the dancing fountains in Dubai. There will be music, lights and such an aesthetic look that you will not forget. These fountains are just at the foot of Burj Khalifa. So you can plan a visit to Burj Khalifa in the evening with your kids and end it with the dancing fountains in the night. From 6pm you can see some fountain shows with glimmers of light and music.

If you want you can also take a boat and go boating in the Burj river while the fountain show is going on. It will look more beautiful this way. For boating also you need to book tickets otherwise you will miss this opportunity. It is so beautiful and your kids should definitely not miss this opportunity in Dubai.


Apart from these four activities there is so much more to do in Dubai. Your kids are going to love this place and enjoy each and every moment. For families specifically there are loads of fun activities in Dubai. For first time visitors, you will be fascinated with the beauty of this place. Just prepare a budget and then go do all the exciting stuff in Dubai.


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