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14 Metaverses you can enter as early as 2024

What started as a concept in the gaming industry has evolved into an entirely different 3D universe known as the Metaverse. And every company in the technology or entertainment sector wants a piece of it.

We are moving into a surreal age of the digital world. Technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality have taken the world by storm.

14 Metaverses you can enter as early as 2022

The metaverse is a world that doesn’t exist, but you still see and experience it because everything is virtual. If you have trouble understanding this information, remember fiction films like The Matrix and Ready Player One. Remember how in The Matrix, once hooked up, they were immersed in entirely different worlds that functioned in ways unknown to the reality of the world we live in?

Everyone in this world craves fresh and new experiences; This has spawned a whole new concept of entertainment known as the immersive experience, which is the principle and bible of the metaverse. With the click of a button, you can experience what it feels like to be in the Amazon jungle or what life would have been like in ancient Egypt.

According to a recent market survey, it has been reported that the global augmented virtual reality and augmented reality market is valued at around US$2.6 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow to nearly US$2.6 billion up to US$815 billion in 2025

This article will talk about currently significant metaverses and bring you incredible immersive experiences that you have never had before.

So pay attention to these top 14 metaverses.


The Sandbox is an Ethereum-based decentralized NFT gaming metaverse. This platform allows tech-savvy gamers to create, sell, buy, and monetize their virtual reality NFTs.

It’s a community-driven platform, and developers can monetize their creations and gaming experiences on the blockchain. The sandbox offers complete freedom to showcase and market your creativity and innovation in your sandbox. You could host parties, host exhibitions, create your country, and much more.

The Sandbox whitepaper is the perfect place to learn everything you need to know about the platform. Sandbox’s customers, known as sand holders, participate in the management of the platform through a decentralized autonomous organization, making the functioning of the ecosystem as transparent as possible.

The sandbox is a virtue; a world where players/participants can build, own, and monetize their entire gaming experience on the Ethereum blockchain using SAND, the token managed by the platform.


Decentraland is a platform where you can create, trade, monetize and explore the virtual world that users also own.

With Decentraland, you can create and test the limits of your imagination, which you will most likely exceed by building scenes, artworks, challenges, and more. This is possible by using the simple builder tool available with the platform. The site has everything for all types of creators; For example, the platform offers the most sophisticated and desirable tools to make your ecosystem more interactive by filling in social games and multimedia applications.

Metaverse may be virtual, but it’s still a universe, and what would the universe be if you couldn’t communicate, interact, and connect with other members of the verse? At Decentraland you have the opportunity to explore the land created by other users and learn a thing or two, even as you are entertained by the completely fascinating and unprecedented experiences.

You can also buy and sell land, assets like avatars, wearables, and names on the Decentraland marketplace, which makes me the first to say that this is the most exciting and fun place to be. They could be stocking the latest and greatest digital goods and paraphernalia powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

Decentraland also organizes worldwide events to bring everyone the best of the Metaverse. Some of the complete bangers organized by the platform are Magic Hours, Australian Open Metaverse, Boxhead Friends, and Drop. Buffalo Metaverse Tour and much more.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity’s platforming doesn’t sound one bit what to expect in its metaverse. You’ll be greeted by flying robots, hammer-wielding mutants, flying beasts, and creatures you’ve never seen before. If you scroll down a little deeper, the medieval banners completely change the mood and surprise you.

Axie Infinity is primarily a gaming universe filled with exciting creatures known as Axies. Players can pet them and use them to their advantage in building, expanding, or defending their universe during battles and wars. At first glance, the universe looks like any online multiplayer game, where novice players complete quests to gain experience, and advanced level players declare conflicts and wars against each other, using complex strategies and tactics to capture their loot gain.

However, the key difference between Axie and any traditional game is that the platform’s blockchain economic design allows the player to create a complex economy within the game universe that is interdependent. As players approach the advanced stage, they reap the benefits of these economies as rewards and potential resources that have real monetary value due to the game’s open economy system.


If you enjoy playing football online then Sorare is for you. It offers collectible digital cards to connect trades with other users on the portal’s open marketplace. At Sorare you can experience football like never before and turn your fantasy into reality with just one click.

You can also build and manage your roster, using never-before-seen strategies, creating lineups, and earning points based on real-world player performances. Doing all of this, part of the experience gives you a deeper connection to football as you watch the chosen one make history on the pitch.

And wait, it just isn’t; Based on your performance in the fantasy league, you’ll earn rewards with weekly deals and prizes as you prove your mettle by competing against other managers and climbing the divisions to beat the game.

Sorare has over 215 officially licensed clubs (the list includes clubs like FC Barcelona and FC Bayern Munich) on the platform, with new clubs being added every week, making the whole ecosystem interesting, fun, and competitive at the same time.

The game in Sorare is a free promotional game organized in several tournaments to promote the main activity of the organizer and create the best team representing professional soccer players. The best team is determined by a unique scoring system that takes into account the real-life performances of the players during the tournament. Details on the games and what’s in the store are available on the game rules page.


Illuvium is a fully decentralized RPG adventure and collection game based on the Ethereum blockchain and the Immutable XL2 network. Players scour vast and varied landscapes to hunt and capture magical god-like creatures called the Illuvial.

The game has an interesting metaverse timeline that offers players a treat of storytelling and cutting-edge design, making the entire game an immersive experience for players.

The game has hit the right chords, with real players and major corporate players willing to partner with Illuvials in various capacities. They are impressed by his journey and believe in the promise of the platform. These include, Immutable X, Lotus Capital, Influx, Blockchain Game Alliance, and many more.

Illuvium differs from the other decentralized gaming platforms in that it does not charge GAS fees every time it completes a peer-to-peer transaction. Integration with Immutable X allows you to keep your assets safe while not paying gas fees for instant transactions.

In Illuvium, you can build and expand your team by summoning and challenging other players. Outwitting your opponents with your quick reaction and strategic maneuvers will earn you $ILV, a cryptocurrency also developed by the platform which is currently valued at $589 and has a liquid diluted market cap of over $5 billion!

Meta Hero

Meta-hero is different from all the metaverses we’ve read about so far. Wolf Digital World’s Metahero is instead the gateway to the Metaverse. It supports Ultra HD metal scanning technology and has a powerful crypto token called $HERO.

Metahero brings the coolest part of the virtual world to the table. I want you to bring back your Ready Player One memories and remember the amazing avatars and gadgets used by the players in the virtual world. Similarly, Metahero offers 3D scanning and modeling technology.

This sophisticated technology can generate ultra-realistic 3D avatars and virtual objects for use in games, VR, social media, and online fashion. This technology also enables the creation of NFTs from real-world artwork and collectibles.

There are quite big names in the platform’s partner list with Tencent as a marketing partner, KuCoin, and Kanga Exchange Listing Partner and have been featured by Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Cointelegraph, MarketWatch, BSC News, Crypto Daily, and Forbes.


Upland is the brand new NFT metaverse mapped to the real world. It is fast becoming the most significant and dynamic blockchain-based economy in the Metaverse. The game allows you to buy, sell and trade virtual properties associated with verified addresses. You could build your house, start a business and earn UPX coins by selling your properties on a free and open marketplace.

Upland has taken the internet by storm and thrives on the freedom it offers its players. You can connect with other players, called Uplanders, to develop neighborhoods, learn game strategies, work together, and hang out in Metaverse hangouts.

The game’s popularity is such that it has been covered by almost every major print and visual media outlet in the US. It has received millions of dollars in funding over the years, most recently $18 million at a $300 million valuation. The game has been featured in major media portals such as Forbes, VICE, Decrypt, VentureBeat, Coin Desk,, and many others.

My neighbor Alice

At a glance, My Neighbor Alice reminds me of Farmville, but there’s so much more to it than the latter. It is a blockchain-based multiplayer farm and builder game played by millions of players worldwide. With the Alice token, you could buy, own and sell virtual islands, connect and build exciting items and meet new friends.

The game has been hugely popular since its launch, and all the big players in the tech space want a piece of it. These include giants like NGC, ChromaWay, Genesis Block, ASYMM Ventures, Box Mining, Kyros Ventures, The Sandbox, Blockchain Game Alliance, Bounce, and many more.

Let’s talk about the technology used in this beautiful game. Alice’s game backend infrastructure is based on Chromium. The backend is a Chromia blockchain relational database used in conjunction with Unity for account operations, token transfer, and relational data progression.

However, the front end of this game is developed in Unity to ensure the user experience is seamless and focuses on game loops. Daily player retention activities will not be impacted.


The Bloktopia Metaverse includes virtual real estate blocks available to block token holders. The Metaverse is a 21-level virtual skyscraper accessible as a central hub for all information and types of crypto experiences. Built on the principles of “Learn, Earn, Play, Create,” the Metaverse offers a range of experiences and revenue-generating avenues through multiple income streams and prides itself on being a land of learning opportunities.

Bloktopia has partnered with Venly, Anzu, Babylons, Polygon, and Zokyo and has retained Animoca Brands as the lead investor and MagicFew as a marketing partner.

Other prominent platforms that have found connections with Blocktopia include some of the major players in the industry including Bitboy Brpto, Genblock Capital, Polygon, AU21 Capitol, Magnus Capital, and many others.


Ertha is primarily an exploration game, but has many variables that make the experience within the game exciting and fun. It is designed to recreate real-world environments and simulate people’s actions to earn a living. Ertha’s Globe has 350,000 HEX lots that could be purchased as an NFT.

In December 2021, the renowned Metaverse earned a record-breaking investment of $5.4 million and was a leading player in the blockchain and gaming industries.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas offers an all-new, groundbreaking, and futuristic sci-fi experience using the latest technology like Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite for immersive graphics and cinematic quality. Nanite graphics technology will be released worldwide in 2021.

Using Nanite compression, the game has developed the ability to simulate real-time environments and manage billions of polygons.

It’s quite popular among science fiction enthusiasts, and the game has been a hit since the day it was released. It has been funded by the Metaverse space’s leading investors and is covered by major media portals that closely cover the development in the Metaverse space.

Somnium Space

Soumnium Space is an open virtual reality room based on blockchain and designed entirely by players. The room offers its players the ability to craft, buy, and import NFTs for instant use and monetization. The game is available on all major virtual reality PC VR headsets such as Oculus, HTC, VIVE, HP, and Valve.

The vision behind the company is to create a whole new world for the next level of communication, e-commerce, and entertainment. The game has everything for everyone. The beginners can explore the endless possibilities available to them in the game. In contrast, advanced players can upload full-body avatars and complete scenes on the land plots in the Somnium room.


Ultra differs in many ways from the platforms we’ve read about so far. For looks where the rest of the platforms might give you an immersive experience, but in a unique metaverse. While Ultra lets you experience various gaming industry services under one roof, and they’re all accessible through a single login, crazy right?

You can discover, buy and play games, watch live streaming feeds, interact with your influencers, enter contests, win tournaments, and more. All content purchased from the platform is on-chain digital goods, meaning you have as much control over them as you could have had if they had been physical, and another one that makes them even better than your physical assets, is that they are easily mobile.

Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia is an action-packed adventure game in which players mine their powers and resources, work together and combine them to improve their skills and unlock secrets and rare items in the game. The mined minerals can be used to level up your character and increase your skills as you level up throughout the game.

Over the years, the game has gained a loyal following of fans and is a tight-knit community with developers, players, stakeholders, and investors with inappropriate communication channels. The game was funded by investors like Animoca Brands, Binance Smart Chain, Bitscale Capital, Chromia, and many others.


Now that you’ve gone through almost all the major players in the Metaverse entertainment industry, you may have cleared some doubts about the fascinating topic.

The endless list of cryptocurrencies you see on Binance and other exchange platforms are tokens created and run by the technology behind these Metaverse ventures. So next time you’re looking to buy a few of these, do thorough research on the company’s white papers behind them.

And via the list as discussed, pick your favorite, jump on the meta wagon before the rest of the world, and make your bucks while being entertained.

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