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Proposal Quotes And Ideas For Him And Her

One magical night, just a promise away. With time, people have adorned their creative caps and gone for such exciting ways to ask their crushes out.

Want to ask your crush out to prom in a quirky way but creative hats not helping this time? Well, don’t you worry because we got your back! Presenting to you a few prom ideas and quotes that will sweep your date off of their feet making it hard to tell you a ‘no’.

1. “If the Whole World Was Watching, I’d Still Dance With You”

You absolutely cannot go wrong with the evergreen proposal idea of a jukebox and flowers. Being one of the most applied proposal moves in several movies and series, the promposal idea of a jukebox and flowers is just so foolproof that one just cannot say no to you.

You would know or have a slight idea of your crush/date’s favorite song. Even if you don’t, that’s okay. There are myriad songs you can go from. From Stereo Hearts, Until I Found You to Into You, Perfect, Just the Way You Are, and a lot more., you can play any of these songs on your juke and ask him/her out with a bunch of flowers. There is honestly no way they could deny it.

It is so swoon-worthy and cute, that it could melt the coldest of hearts. Crank it up at your school/college canteen or play it outside their window (albeit it is not an inconvenience to their parents) but only if you are sure that they like grand gestures. Many people get a little awkward with so much attention so make sure that they will be okay with it. If they are, the floor is all yours!

2. “ In Queso, You Were Wondering, I’m Ready To Taco ‘bout Prom ”

Food. Universe’s best love language. I mean, who could dislike food? From sending them food with a note or taking them out for lunch or dinner to cooking them their favorite meals, this way has a hundred percent success rate.

You could maybe take them out to a really pretty restaurant with pretty decor for lunch or dinner. Tip the waiters or waitresses to help you with the proposal. Very cute, very classy.

Nothing can be purer and more beautiful than food cooked for someone.  So thoughtful, so precious. You could cook for your crush which would be such a caring way to ask someone out. Make them some good old mac n cheese or whip up a heartfelt cheesecake, it will not fail to get a smile on their face.

Or you could send them food! Doordash or UberEats them their cravings or desserts along with a customized note or ask the delivery guy to be your partner in crime? Definitely out of the box.

However, make sure you know their food allergies before pulling up with this hack. You want to take them to prom, not roll them out to the Emergency Room to get an EpiPen.

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3. “hella Heart Eyes For You”

The world runs as we walk. Cafes, restaurants, and patisseries have come up with such innovative creations of food, it is amazing. From cotton candies to lattes, there is more than one way in which you can.

If your crush loves coffee, take him/her to a cafe or a coffee shop which are known for lattes and latte art. You could ask the barista to whip up a cute latte for him/her and if they could customize the design of the latte art then. You could use a variety of witty pick-up lines to ask them out which could be funny and smart. They will like it and you, most probably, shall get a yes!

4. “Momma Told Me To Stay Close To Sunshine So I Chose You”

We are a hundred percent sure that you would have watched the music video for ‘Stereo Hearts’ by Gym Class Heroes, yeah? And we are also pretty sure that at some point you have romanticized the thought of recreating that music video. You could maybe use that to ask them out to prom, maybe?

Get your friends who know a little about dancing to help you and themselves with a simple choreography that you can nail effortlessly. Have a flash mob at the school ground or any open place and it will be such a fun way to ask your crush out. You will create such a vibe that will get everyone watching on their feet and soon you all will be dancing and grooving to feisty tunes.

Or you could hire professionals but doing a flash mob by yourself with your friends is so much more fun and original. An extremely fun and vibrant way to ask them out although make sure they are okay with grand gestures. You don’t want to freak them out and get them all awkward in front of everyone.

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5. “Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue. I’d Like To Go To Prom With You”

Doesn’t this remind you of something? We’ll help you out if you can’t figure it out. Banners! One of the most timeless and quintessential methods to ask someone out in the history of time.

They could be any type of banner ranging from written on huge pieces of clothes or cardboard. Unleash the artist in you or ask your artistic friends to unleash theirs and make a banner, quirky enough to catch their attention. Use eccentric quotes and slogans or song lyrics, go all out!


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