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Beautiful Fairytale Gifts For Your Daughter on Her Birthday


Fairytales have shaped us into who we are. Since childhood, our teachers and elders have imparted morals and values by telling stories, often featuring magical creatures, talking plants, and fairies that played the roles of well-wishers or advisors.

Disney, especially, has weaved beautiful fairytale stories like Rapunzel, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and Pinocchio among others, and has formed a crucial part of every little girl’s life.

Did you know that 19% of parents like to read classic fairy tales to their young ones even now? If you wish to make your daughter’s birthday a little more special by giving her something fairytale-themed, we have some lovely gift ideas for you!

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1. Resin Jewelry

One of the sweetest gifts you can give to your daughter is a resin pendant or earrings (or even a set) that will have real flowers preserved inside!

Take a handful of daisies or any other flower that has been featured in popular fairytales and press them until they are completely dry. Next, pour some epoxy resin onto a mold and place the flowers the way you wish to.

Pour a little more resin on top and cure it for a day or two. Add hoops for earrings or a chain to make it a necklace! To make it a little extra magical, you can even add some gold sparkles along with the flowers!

2. Ravensburger Belle Castle puzzle

If your daughter is a fan of jigsaw puzzles, she’s going to love the Ravensburger Belle Castle Collection! It is a jigsaw puzzle with 1000 pieces that form the enchanted castle of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast!

You can find this lovely gift on the Disney official website for just $15. Crafted by Ravensburger, this puzzle piece has a high-quality picture printed on it so that your little one can patiently put together all the pieces and create something magical!

3. Stitch Ladies’ Pajamas

If you wish to buy unique gifts online, there are many websites to choose from. Disney’s official website features very cute Stitch-themed pajamas for little girls. It costs around $17.50 and is made of 100% cotton.

The two-piece set comprises a full-sleeve tee and a pair of checkered shorts. You can also machine wash the set, so there’s no need to worry about it getting damaged in the machine.  Now your daughter can comfortably say aloha to some restful sleep and wake up in the morning with magical creatures!

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4. Rapunzel costume

Probably one of the biggest wishes your daughter might have is to dress up like a princess and walk all around the house! If you don’t know how to fulfill that wish of hers, don’t worry, we have a solution for you! You can now purchase the Rapunzel costume from Tangled for your baby at just £30 from Disney UK!

With plastic gemstones, satin ribbon decorations, and organza sleeves, this gown is a dream! There are corset-shaped ribbon decorations on both sides of the gown and an organza overlay with lovely floral prints on it. This Rapunzel costume will make your daughter’s birthday much more special!

5. Barbie Magical Lamp

Other than Disney, another very popular cartoon character all girls have grown up with is Barbie. The fairytale stories of Barbie too are one of a kind.

If your daughter loves playing with these dolls, you can think of gifting her the Barbie Dreamtopia Magical Light from Amazon. It costs $119 and comes with a fairy Barbie doll, along with a magical unicorn lamp.

Your daughter can simply pet the unicorn or tap on the horn and there will be a wonderful display of starry lights! There are even multiple magical sounds from the lamp to make the atmosphere extra beautiful!

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6. Cinderella shoes

Haven’t we all wished for a magical glass slipper, just like the one Cinderella had worn to the ball? Well, in the Disney store, you can find a shoe exactly like that!

With beautiful gemstone settings, these shoes even light up as your child walks! Sounds amazing, right? At just $16, this gift will be perfect for her birthday!

Over to you…

These gifts are perfect to light up your daughter’s birthday in the most magical of ways! Whether you buy a fairy costume or sparkly shoes, any fairytale-themed gift is sure to make your daughter’s birthday extra special!


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