7 Skills You Can Learn Without Going Anywhere


There are more career options or more skills that can fetch you some extra money in today’s day. I can’t assure you about making six figures! But surely you can get some extra money. Also, learning helps you to grow as much as you want along with gaining knowledge. And, spending some time on your mobile phone for a bit surely won’t hurt anyone, but you can still use some time from it to learn or master a certain skill. Surfing through a mobile phone won’t get you anywhere, but learning something can.

Your college degree indeed requires formal education, discipline, and hard work. Besides, you can earn some extra skills to brighten up your CV during a job interview or in any self-introduction process. So, this blog is also for students who are in school or pursuing any degree. Moreover, you can utilize your leisure time by learning a skill, just by sitting at your home without traveling or going anywhere.

This blog will guide you with my top 7 skills you can learn without going anywhere. Here’s a collation. I am sure you can find your nook here.

7 Skills You Can Learn Without Going Anywhere

1. Social Media Marketing/Content Marketing

I tried keeping the first one interesting and quite easily applicable if you get the hint of the strategy. Social media is a vast network and runs on algorithms. Different apps and sites have different algorithms. It’s not any rocket science, I can assure you. It needs a bit of consistency. You need to cope with upcoming trends and approach the audience. It can also become a career option later on if you get a good response through it. You can either use it to grow your business or be the brand.

2. Learn a new language

You can learn a new language that’ll help you add more points to your CV. You can learn it from YouTube. Also, there are several apps, but you can research them. After learning a certain language, you can also get future postings in those countries and make up your career. You can also study and learn by sitting in the comfort of your home and without going anywhere; check out this link to get the best tutors at an affordable rate.

3. Learn Photoshop and Editing Skills

You can learn Photoshop and editing skills by examining different sites and practicing. This is the most exciting skill you can master within weeks or months. Editing a photo or a video is quite common nowadays. There are a lot of sites that hire people with good editing aptitudes, or you can even learn it just for fun and knowledge.

4. Origami

You can learn origami without stepping out. There are several books which can help you, rest you can play along with it. Origami is fun and creative. You can spend your leisure time learning this innovative and unique paper art. There’s this term known as ‘Origami marketing,’ and I think if you master this, you can take it further to earn through it.

5. Learn how to cook

Cooking is indeed an art and a skill to acquire. Of course, there are cooking manuals to help you with it. Cooking perfectly needs patience, but it’ll get better with time, and you can master this skill. With time, you can also upload pictures and write food blogs or even vlogs.

6. Transcribing / Transcription

We can learn transcribing just by sitting at home and Starting transcribing. We can start by practicing typing and converting audios to written documents. Practice typing regularly during leisure time, understand where to put proper punctuation, brush up on grammar skills, and work on audio files that have a harder accent and are difficult to understand. You can easily Acquire the skill and start transcribing through online sites for some extra bucks cause why not!

7. Graphic Designing

You can learn this without any formal course and on your own. You need to get primed about using designs, colors, effects. It is based on your creativity, and these skills come with practice. It is a beneficial skill that you can comprehend during this period. Research for inspiration, understand the fundamentals and look and create.

Bonus- You can also learn content writing and basic photography skills.

Final Thoughts

So here we come to the end of this article; I conclude that this article will help you find your leisure time, with a bit of productivity. It’s okay if you are an amateur, but you can master any skills with time, patience, and consistency. Smart people find ways to reach their goals and increase their knowledge. So, use your free time and learn a new skill today.


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