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7 Effective Ways to Stop Snoring

Can’t sleep because of that irritating Snoring sound coming from the next room?  Looking for some effective tips to deal with this problem? Then relax, we have got you covered.

According to a survey, about 45 percent of adults snore occasionally, while the other 25 percent snore regularly. This can cause a lot of trouble both in your sleep as well as in your partner’s. People who are a bit overweight or aged are likely to snore more.

However, you can get rid of this irritating habit by just following these few tips that have proved beneficial for several people.

1, Try to Lose Weight

Losing those extra pounds can help you reduce snoring. An overweight person may have extra tissues in the throat and neck.

These excess tissues can be the reason behind your loud Snoring. Exercising can help you get back in your perfect fit thus resulting in decreased snoring.

2, Change your Sleeping Position

If you have the habit of sleeping on your back then stop right now. By sleeping in this position, the airflow is blocked as it causes the tongue to move back thereby obstructing the air to pass through your throat freely.

Sleeping on your side may help in smooth airways passage thereby helping to reduce snoring. You can also try using a body pillow that helps you sleep sideways and is a perfect fix to this problem.

Here’s a bonus tip, you can enroll yourself on the famous Melbourne Sleep Clinic that guarantees to provide no snore sleep.

3, Use Nasal Strips

A Nasal Strip or Nasal dilator helps in pulling the sides of the nose to make more space for the air to pass through it. It offers ease of breathing and avoids any blockage.

There are two types of Nasal Strips available in the market- the external dilator is applied on the outer part of a nose while the other is applied on the inside of the nose to widen the nostrils. Know about them both and make a well-informed pick.

4, Avoid consuming Alcohol before bed

Drinking alcohol before bed can worsen snoring. When you consume alcohol the brain and muscles in your body are in a relaxed position.

As a result of which the air is restricted to pass through your throat freely. Thereby creating a loud vibration while you inhale oxygen. This loud vibration is called snoring.

As per the health experts, it is advised to avoid the consumption of alcohol at least three hours before hitting the bed to get a peaceful sleep.

5, Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated is the easiest and simplest way to help you get rid of snoring. Lack of fluids can result in the formation of mucus in your nose and throat which can lead to disturbed sleep.

On average, men should drink 3.7litres of water whereas women need 2.7litres per day. Apart from the impact on snoring, water has a lot of other added benefits, so it’s a win-win!

6, Add Yoga to your Life

Yoga can be your best way to get rid of snoring for a longer period of time. Ayurveda claims that when you practice meditation, yoga, and some asanas in your day-to-day life, you can get rid of your snoring from the core.

Asanas such as backward bend may help in opening the air passage and help in the smooth process of inhaling and exhaling whereas yoga mudras help in clearing nose blockage.

7, Get Sufficient Rest

Good sleep can help you get rid of snoring. An adult should get at least seven hours of sleep every day. So do not overburden yourself with work and learn to hit the reset button when needed.

You can try sleeping with your head raised up which helps in smooth breathing. Bed risers and pillows are helpful to get that extra height on the side of your bed.

Over to you…

Now that you know about some simple and beneficial ways to stop snoring, try implementing those in your life and see what works the best for you.

You can also help your friends and relatives who may be facing these difficulties and make them aware of the solutions provided above. Good sleep is essential if you wish to stay healthy. So, come on, bid goodbye to snoring, and say a hearty hello to peaceful sleep.


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