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5 Tips To Choose Home Decor For A Fairytale Theme


Home decor is all about turning dreams into reality. From beautiful mythical animals to enchanted trees and forests, we have all grown up hearing tales of so many fairies.

If you have a little daughter, her earliest wish will be to live in the land of the fairies. Even if you can’t take her to the fairyland, you can get the fairyland back at home!

Nowadays, fairytale-themed rooms are a craze among young girls. The home decor market revenue itself rose at a rate of 23.4% between 2020-21 which came to $1.2 billion. Here are five simple tips to turn your little one’s bedroom into a fairyland!

1. Animals

Animals are an important part of any fairytale. We had creatures like Bambi, Puss in Boots, and the three bears from Goldilocks back in our childhood.

These animals were often very learned and acted as caretakers or advice-givers. But adding too many posters or pictures of animals can ruin the room completely. Keep it to a bare minimum.

For example, hang one or two framed pictures of mythical unicorns or pegasuses. Or you can even have a cute unicorn-shaped pillow on the bed. Even faux-fur bedsheets can give an animal-like impression and light up the room!

2. China

Remember the talking china in Beauty and The Beast? Well, you can now purchase them for your children too! There are many websites from where you can buy Disney gifts in Australia. You can either search on the official Disney website or visit sites like ShortStory or Target.

It’s not necessary to have only Beauty and The Beast-themed cups and plates. You can explore other beautiful designs like Mickey Mouse-themed aprons or mittens or a Sitch-themed mug for your son.

A great way to add elegance is to incorporate some of your own china into your kids’ collections but make sure none of the cups and plates is breakable.

3. Luxury items

Almost every fairytale has a prince or a princess who lives in utmost luxury and has everything he or she needs. So why not do the same for your little baby?

Giving a royal makeover to your house will not only make it look more stylish but also increase comfort. Certain areas of the house, like the bedrooms, living room, and dining room are easier to convert into a luxury palace-like setting.

Add an upholstered mirror with lights or install window treatments. In the children’s bedroom, you can put up luxury curtains or beautiful hanging from the ceiling. This will make the whole house feel fabulous in no time!

4. Nature

Dozens of fairy tales have taken place in the forest, such as Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, and Snow White among so many others. Having a forest-like feel in the house will cheer up the atmosphere and also give a mysterious, yet calm vibe.

Add flower pots in the window sills and leafy vines in the kitchen windows (remember Jack and the Beanstalk?). In the bedrooms, you can use muted colors like beige, brown, or olive green.

For decorative pieces, you can even use earthy-toned bowls and place some potpourri in them. For the ultimate fairytale vibe in the children’s room, place a few forest-themed toys like miniatures of Groot, or a dollhouse that looks like a gingerbread house.

5. Drama

Always make sure not to overdo things. Even if your child wants a fairytale-themed house, it’s not actually possible to have every little detail as a magical creature or character.

Some of the aesthetic details can be modified to a Disney fairytale but it shouldn’t look too loud or colorful. You don’t want guests to be baffled by varying themes of castle royalty, forest, talking birds, and jumping carriages all at once.

The idea is to make things subtle and aesthetic and yet, keep your kids happy. See to it that there’s room to incorporate fun and playful elements to breathe life into the house.

Over to you…

Fairytales have formed an integral part of our childhood, teaching us morals and values. So it only makes sense to add a touch of the fantasy world in your house to keep your children happy and to also keep the child in you alive!

These five tips will help you to transform your house into a magical home and make all your guests stare in wonder!


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