Things You Must Know About YouTube Comments

There are plenty of options to do by using YouTube comments. There are exciting features that can help you avoid spamming YouTube comments and methods to boost your YouTube channel, to strategies to look through comments to identify specific keywords and users.


In this article, we’ll examine thirteen things that you need to be aware of regarding YouTube comments for both users and YouTube creators. Let’s get right among the frequently-asked questions.

Does YouTube Allow Comments with Links?

YouTube allows links to be posted in comments for both YouTube videos and YouTube posts. Every account can post hyperlinks in YouTube comments, both owners and viewers. If you decide to post hyperlinks in comments, ensure they are linked to appropriate sites and use them with care. Include a lot of worth in your comments and only use links as a reference or when someone has a question.

Beware of cloaking your links, and don’t saturate the same links all over the internet. This is considered an act of spam, and you’ll likely be branded spam. Also, your comments could end up being removed from YouTube’s spam filter. Some creators allow links to be included in channel comments, so if you post a comment that consists of a link, but it doesn’t appear in the comment area, it is likely to be the cause.

Why are YouTube Comments not loading?

If YouTube comments aren’t loading, you are unable to see comments on YouTube videos, or you are unable to see comments for YouTube videos, you have some choices. Try clearing your browser’s cache from your gadget. Sometimes, this gets filled with data, and your device may not have enough space to display the comments. It is also possible to turn off any ad blocker you be running. They may hinder comments and prevent their loading. Check that the devices or applications you use are current and running the most recent versions. This could include the YouTube application on your mobile device and your web search engines like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari for desktops or mobile. If that doesn’t work, try using another browser to read YouTube comments.

How do you block links in YouTube comments?

If you feel your YouTube channel is getting spammed by users who post fake or irrelevant links, you can block links from comments completely. The comments will be kept for review, and comments containing links in stream live will be removed completely. This will only be available for new comments, but existing comments that contain links will remain (you can remove them manually, however).

This is how you can stop links from YouTube’s comments section. YouTube comments Section:

  • Log into the account you have created on your YouTube account and then open your account. Then, open the YouTube Studio.
  • On the menu to the left, choose “Settings.”
  • Select “Community” on the left.
  • On “Automated Filters,” click on the “Automated Filters” tab, scroll down to the bottom, and then check for the “Block links” box.
  • “Save” to confirm your changes “Save” to confirm your modifications.

This option won’t affect moderators, you, or other approved users on your channel, which means both moderators and you will still post hyperlinks in the comments section of your YouTube videos, as well as in the live chats of your channels.

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Why do you get so Many False Comments on Your YouTube Videos?

Many YouTube channels, including small new ones, are receiving lots of false comments for the YouTube videos, usually in the initial hour after uploading. These are caused by bots that scrape the latest videos and comment automatically, using generic phrases like “Nice video” and an emoticon. The purpose behind this is to convince people to click the profile and then visit the fake account’s YouTube channel. The objective is to increase views for a particular video (it automatically plays when you go to YouTube channel) or convince users to go to a fraudulent or scam website. They are usually placed in the banner and accompanied by the CTA. Avoid visiting these websites. If you come across these accounts, report them as spam or choose another alternative.

How to Find YouTube Comments for a Keyword?

Utilize the built-in search function in your internet browser. To search for a particular keyword within YouTube video comments using your browser, start the video you wish to look up. Scroll down until you reach the comments, then continue scrolling until you reach the end of the comment. It has been loaded. Press Ctrl+F (or Cmd+F on Mac) to display the search window. Input the keyword of your preference, and you’ll be directed to the locations in the comments where the keyword appears. This is best for comments that contain 100 comments.

Can I Buy YouTube Comments?

This could be an excellent way to get started for those looking to appear at becoming famous. Most of the time, some viewers might be unwilling to leave comments on videos with zero comments. If you buy YouTube Comments or even make up some comments by yourself, it could set the ball moving. If you decide to do this, be careful not to spend too much money and purchase thousands of views and likes. If you did things like that, it might trigger red flags, which could lead to the suspension of your account.

How Can You Access All Your Channel Comments On One Page?

For YouTubers, responding to comments across multiple videos could be difficult. There’s a built-in tool that can aid you in managing comments effectively. However, it’s located within your YouTube studio. It is the way you look over all your YouTube channel’s comments in one place. Check that you’re signed in to your YouTube account before opening YouTube Studio. On the menu to the left, choose “Comments.” This will open the “Channel comments & mentions” area.

As a default, you’ll be able to see all comments that you haven’t yet responded to. If you’d like to view all of the publicly posted comments that you have on your channels, make sure to uncheck your “I haven’t responded” box on the top, and click upon” at the top “X.” Now, you can view all the public comments on your YouTube channel on the same page. You can choose “Held for review” or the “Held for review” option at the top of the page to go through comments which haven’t been automatically published. If the comments aren’t accepted within 60 days, they’ll be removed. Therefore, make sure to periodically check in if your comments don’t have the option of being published immediately.

How to hide comments on YouTube Videos?

You can block your comments that appear on YouTube videos by removing comments on the video’s comments or removing a specific YouTube user.

Go to your YouTube studio to block the comments by turning your videos’ comments off. On the menu to the left, choose “Content.” Navigate to the video that you want to view and then select “Details” from the menu “Details” options (pencil icon). Scroll down to the bottom, and below “Comments and ratings” in the “Comments and Ratings” section, you will see a “Comment visibility” box. Select it, and then select “Disable comments” to hide all comments in the video and block any further comments.

Comments are an excellent method of generating interaction, and instead of blocking comments altogether, you could remove specific users from your page. This is particularly useful when you’ve got negative users who aren’t offering anything constructive to the community.

To remove users from your YouTube channel and not have them appear in the comments, you can click on an individual of your YouTube videos on which they’ve made comments. Then, after the user’s name, click on the three dots icon, and then select “Hide user from channel.”

You can do this through the comments section inside YouTube’s YouTube studio.

To allow a user to be unhidden due to any reason, it is possible to access your YouTube studio. Select “Settings” in the menu on the left. Choose “Community” from the left. After that, you can click the button next to the user’s name, allowing them to leave comments on your videos.

Do you earn money for commenting on YouTube Videos?

There is no compensation to comment in YouTube videos; however, engaging in your community on YouTube with comments and sharing relevant YouTube videos can bring more people to your channel. This could lead to your videos receiving more views, viewers clicking your affiliate links within videos, and visiting your site or in any other way you are making money from your YouTube channel. Therefore, you will not earn money for comments on YouTube videos; however, it can result in an indirect increase in your income.

Does commenting on YouTube Help You Gain Subscribers?

Comments on YouTube videos in your area of expertise or in other instances that are appropriate is a fantastic option to increase your channel’s traffic. If you provide a valuable item that might be pertinent to a video, then the creator and YouTube viewers who see your post may be enticed to check out your page. If your content is valuable and relevant to the viewers, you might subscribe.

Commenting on YouTube videos could help you gain subscribers provided that you post well-written comments that relate to the video as well as your YouTube channel’s niche.

One example could be a note in an article or review in which you highlight a feature that the creator has highlighted and what you felt your experience with the product was. You can even mention that you have tried the product or feature in a video you recently watched. This can entice viewers who might be curious about how the feature or product performed in real-world scenarios.

Can You Recover Comments That Were Deleted?

When you delete a post on YouTube, the comment isn’t easily recoverable by you. I’m telling you this because YouTube could probably save this data if they require it within a specific timeframe; however, it will not be readily recoverable and certainly not worth the effort if you accidentally delete the incorrect email.

Before you remove a comment from YouTube, be sure that it’s the right one and that you genuinely would like to delete it. It is impossible to recover deleted posts; therefore, make particular about what you’re doing.


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