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What Are the Challenges of Working on a Farm in Australia?


Thanks to the work they do, farmers are the assurance of food, which is one of the most basic needs of humanity. Farmers do not only engage in the cultivation of land. The work they do is much more disciplined and complex. In fact, it is in close interaction with many disciplines such as agricultural engineering, chemical engineering, meteorology.

While practicing the farming profession, many risky situations may be encountered.

About 80 people die on farms in Australia each year. Seeing that 15% of those who lost their lives are children reveals frightening facts. Behind this terrible truth lies another equally bad rate. Almost more than half of the children who lost their lives are in the 0-4 age group!

According to Safe Work Australia, the agricultural sector is one of the most dangerous job sectors in Australia. Workers and everyone present can face many dangers in the field.

What Were The Causes Of Fatal Accidents That Occurred?

The causes of fatal accidents in agriculture in Australia can be summarised with the following reasons:

  • Falling from agricultural vehicles such as quad bikes, tractors, cars,
  • crushed by agricultural machinery,
  • drowning in water tanks,
  • poisoning or injury by chemicals used in agriculture,
  • Injuries caused by animals such as horses and cattle used in agriculture.

Because of this and many other risks, working in agriculture is seen as a very risky job. In addition to major injuries that may occur, employees can be injured at any time during the day, even if they are small.

For example, muscle and tissue damage can occur if not careful enough when carrying and lifting. Or back and waist injuries may occur.

If adequate precautions are not taken, sunstroke may occur, and weather conditions may adversely affect the farmer’s health. In addition, if there are repetitive movements in their work, they may have to suffer from repetitive strain injury.

The Facts Revealed By The Research Are Truly Frightening!

  • 58 people died in one year! At least 1,500 people have died since 2001.
  • According to the report published by The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, it was stated that more than 2000 children were injured in the field and hospitalized in 5 years.
  • Approximately 42% of hospitalized injuries were caused by agricultural vehicles.
  • While most of the injured men are injured by agricultural vehicles, the first thing that causes injuries to women is horses.

Can Compensation Be Claimed For Farm Accident Injury In Australia?

Yes, if you have been involved in a farm accident, you may have the right to claim compensation for your injury.

The compensation you can claim depends on the details of your accident. For example, if you get sick or have a farm accident, you can claim workers’ compensation for your injury. Let’s say you are a farmer working in Sydney and you are hospitalized after being injured by equipment used on the farm. You may have the entitlement to claim compensation for this. Workers compensation lawyers in Sydney will explain to you in detail what your rights are.

Or for another example, if you are injured due to a motor vehicle such as a motorbike or tractor while working on the farm in Perth, you can contact the motor vehicle accident lawyers in Perth to learn what steps to take to learn what can be claimed.


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