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60+ Friday Status for WhatsApp & Facebook

Look familiar to you? Here are the best WhatsApp sayings and status messages for the weekend.


Thank God it’s Friday! Fridays are undoubtedly the most awaited day of the week. After a long and tiring week, we all look forward to Friday as the day to unwind, relax, and spend time with our loved ones. And what better way to celebrate the end of the week than by sharing your mood on WhatsApp or Facebook?

Having a lovely WhatsApp status has become an essential aspect of our online identity. It enables us to express our sentiments, ideas, and emotions to our loved ones effortlessly. Whether you seek a humorous, uplifting, or heartening message to communicate with your contacts, we’ve got your back.

Here are 60+ Friday statuses for WhatsApp and Facebook that will help you celebrate the end of the week in style.

Status updates on Whatsapp for the weekend

Friday Status for Whatsapp and Facebook

Overlooked by many: Status updates in the Whatsapp profile. The status messages originally known from Facebook and Instagram are a great way to tell your contacts what’s coming up. In social networks, “TGIF” is a frequently used signal word that refers to the upcoming weekend. Incidentally, behind this is the English expression “Thank God it’s Friday”. At least since Katy Perry’s eponymous hit “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”, the abbreviation has also been internationally known.

  •   A heart for you to start the weekend: 💝
  •   So many series, so few weekends. 😩
  •   🛋️ My couch is curly to the sofa … 🤭
  •   Friday-Friday 😊 Finally the weekend! 🥳
  •   Hello, weekend 💋 You can stay as long as you want 😉
  •   Reading this text brings you exactly five seconds closer to the weekend. You are welcome! 😆
  •   TGIF 🙏 Finally off to the weekend! 😌
  •   🤗 Keep Calm and Thank God It’s Friday !! 😝
  •   After a few more hours of interesting looks, then it’s the weekend! 😏
  •   Last weekend! 🎉 Tidying up the apartment, doing laundry, ironing, cleaning, taking down the rubbish, washing the car, shopping – oh, it’s Sunday evening… 😓

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Happy Friday: Whatsapp greetings on Friday and on the weekend

Do you just want to send a quick Friday greeting to the family Whatsapp group or wish your colleagues a nice weekend? You can find the right inspiration here:

  • Over the years you learn where your strengths lie at work. Mines are holidays 🌴 and weekends. 🎉
  •   Weekend! 💃 The long night from Friday to Monday can start! 🤪
  •   Finally Friday! 🥳 I will escalate this weekend to such an extent that I will definitely need new slippers on Monday! 🤯
  •   After this week I don’t need a weekend, I need dolphin therapy
  •   Cry again in the morning, then it’s the weekend
  •   “You are late for the fifth time these weeks! What do you conclude from that? ”🧐 -“ Yeah, it’s Friday! ”😲

Happy weekend greetings to send to friends

Friday Status for Whatsapp and Facebook

Rhymes and short anecdotes are somewhat more extensive and therefore better suited for direct messages. With these (witty) approaches, poems, and quotes you will expressively say goodbye to friends for the weekend.

Best Friday Caption for Facebook

  • At the beginning of the weekend, I wish you courage and strength, as well as the beloved cash, and lots of it. If the money doesn’t work out, that’s not a big loss; then I would only have one request: always stay happy and healthy!
  •   There must be seven days, two of them, they are a blessing, and bring me on a happy path.
  •   Weekend, that’s fine and also meant that way, all friends are together, happy and happy, how not? And so the poem ends.
  •   Saturday evening sounds refreshing, with wine, singing, and candlelight, the weekend is a poem.
  •   Sweat for five days, what’s all this crap about? But there has to work and we can live on weekends.
  •   Nothing gets us better on our way than a break. (Elizabeth Barrett Browning)
  •   If the week is so long, you are still scared and banged. The boss picks you up and nothing works, the weekend promises you relaxation and a beer.
  •   Monday is the worst day, Tuesday the boss doesn’t like us, Wednesday is pleasant, Thursday will soon pass, and Friday heralds the end because it will be the weekend.
  •   The weekend is a trophy that wants to be hunted Monday through Friday. (Pascal Lachenmeier)

Finally the weekend: For many of us, Friday is the best day of the whole week. Logical! After all, anticipation is known to be the greatest joy and on Friday you can look forward to the coming days off – Saturday and Sunday. Just wonderful! The stage win should of course also be celebrated accordingly. The weekend can be ideally ushered in with cool funny Friday quotes for Facebook. Let yourself be inspired by our 41 most beautiful Friday statuses for WhatsApp!

Friday the 13th Proverbs

Because of pitch-black bad luck day! Surprise your loved ones with a nice saying and make Friday the 13th your personal lucky day.

  • The worst on Friday the 13th is Monday the 16th.
  • I don’t care that today is Friday the 13th! The main thing is that it is finally Friday!
  • Better Friday the 13th than Monday no matter how many!
  • Friday the 13th is all year round.
  • Today is Friday the 13th – this is not an exercise!

Funny Friday Facebook Status

Friday Status for Whatsapp and Facebook

The weekend is just around the corner and so Friday can be started with a lot of humor. Make friends, family, and colleagues smile with these statuses:

  • Woo, finally Friday! Oh wait … I’m a mother!
  • Are we finished soon? Is the weekend soon? Is it at least Friday? Why is it Tuesday How much longer will it last? I have to …
  • For everyone who is still in a good mood … it will take forever until Friday!
  • It’s National Prosecco Day or as we call it: Friday.

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“Good morning” Friday Facebook status

If you are woken up in the morning with a few lovely or funny Friday quotes for Facebook, you start the day even better – this is especially true on Friday, of course!

  • Good morning … and yeah, it’s finally Friday!
  • Have a good weekend – Good morning Friday!
  • Good Morning! Friday, finally there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Good Morning! Finally Friday, the week is almost over.
  • Juhu Friday … good morning! The anticipation for the weekend can begin!

Finally Friday staus

Soon we made it and Friday is back to life – but it was high time. If you can already see your favorite day of the week, then these Friday statuses are perfect:

Friday Status for Whatsapp and Facebook

  • Friday: Only 10 cups of coffee left. Then it’s the weekend.
  • Oh, I love that scent from Friday.
  • We achieved an important goal this week: Friday.
  • Finally Friday! This week would also be over.
  • Smile! Tomorrow is Friday.

Friday evening status

Whether comfortably on the couch or in good company with your favorite people: Friday has the right evening program for each of us, including a slogan to send.

  • Friday evening: Zack on the sofa and make yourself comfortable …
  • Have a nice Friday evening – are you already lying comfortably on the couch?
  • Friday evening – is the ideal time to let the wine out of the bottle.
  • Every Monday morning I look forward to Friday evening!

“Happy Friday” best Friday status

Happy Friday! Give your best friend a few dearly meant wishes for the weekend with these Friday sayings:

  • Huhu … Cheer up! It’s the weekend soon. Nice Friday!
  • I wish you a wonderful, nice Friday … followed by at least a great and relaxing weekend!
  • It is Friday. The weekend is about to begin. Just a few more hours of work and then this day is over.
  • Have a good Friday and have a good weekend.
  • Do you know that? To jump out of bed happy and in top shape in the morning? Neither do I. With that in mind, have a nice Friday.

Cheeky Friday Status for Whatsapp

Would you like to give your colleagues a cheeky status after work on Friday? Here are a few funny sayings that are guaranteed to get a laugh or two:

  • Friday: Basically, first of all, freak out! Then we’ll see …
  • Fuck yes! It’s Friday!
  • Hello taxi, after Friday, please. Money does not matter!

Friday Captions for WhatsApp

With a humorous Friday caption for WhatsApp, you are guaranteed to give your favorite Friday saying the best. How about one of these for example?

  • I hardly look forward to Friday. It’s Sunday evening again.
  • Nothing is more annoying on a Friday than noting that it’s only Monday.
  • Friday: Without my coach, I would be on the ground.
  • Always be yourself. Unless you are Monday, then be Friday.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, please keep calm. There is enough Friday for everyone.

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Say of the day: Friday

“Tell me the magic three words.” – “Today is Friday!”

For many, Friday is already part of the weekend. Be it because you are looking forward to a relaxed evening or because Monday is still a long way off. Since there are often no work commitments on Saturday, you can put your feet up in the evening. Here you will find sayings with which you can express your joy over Friday. Or you let others know what you are planning for the weekend. All you can do is wish yourself a good start to the weekend.

We hope we were able to lead you into the weekend in a good mood with our Friday status. Tip: Would you also like to wish your loved ones a few relaxing days off? Then we have the best ideas for free weekend sayings!


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