7 Best Ways To Manage Your Instagram Account Like A Pro


If you haven’t already jumped on the Instagram marketing train, it’s time to hop on! Instagram is booming at a rapid speed with no signs of slowing down, making it one of the best platforms for personal and professional branding.

However since the growth of Instagram has made it quite crowded, it can get tedious to get more likes on Instagram posts or engagement on stories. But before you let your hopes die you can buy real Instagram followers, here are the 7 best ways to manage your Instagram account like a pro!


Your grid overview is the first impression that meets your audience’s eyes. So before randomly posting an image, it’s of utmost essence to determine your objectives in advance and pre-plan your grid. Your first order of business should be to complete your profile: Instagram handles, username, display picture, and Instagram bio.

The next task is to decide on a theme and make sure that it’s in sync with your brand agenda. Ensuring consistency in layouts, backgrounds color schemes, and font helps in creating an appealing feed. This play can play to your advantage and help you gain more likes on Instagram posts as Instagram is a visual medium.

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Scheduling or automation tools are an asset to your marketing strategy that you cannot afford to miss out on. It’s always safe to stay one step ahead and reduce the pressure to come up with something interesting instantly.

Scheduling your posts also helps ensure consistency, which can help in gaining more likes on Instagram posts and keeping your audience engaged. Don’t forget to track your peak hours and rush days on Instagram through Instagram insights, and put your content on auto-post accordingly.

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Instagram stories are the secret ingredient to getting more visibility, exposure, and engagement on Instagram. The versatility of Instagram stories allows users to leverage them in endlessly creative ways.

Since IG stories are relatively more informal than posts, you can add a personal touch to your Instagram branding by posting raw content like behind-the-scenes, teasers sneak peeks, and more.

The interactive stickers of stories are another reason why it’s a standout feature to utilize, like countdown stickers, polls, quizzes, Ask me Anything, and more. Moreover, you can also repost your feed posts on stories to increase visibility and drive traffic to gain more likes on Instagram posts.

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Instagram is all about the personal experience and fun factor, so constantly posting promotional content and product shots will get you nowhere. So hit pause on your marketing plans and press releases, and find creative ways to incorporate them in your regular posts.

When you interact with your audience, they should feel like a part of a fun community. So don’t hesitate to get personal. Moreover, asking about your follower’s day in the caption can also be considered an interactive CTA and can drive engagement with the need to buy Instagram followers.


To increase engagement on Instagram posts and gain more likes, it’s important to keep things lively and unexpected with the perfect content mix. Fill your grid with all types of content in different layouts. Mix it up with educational posts, inspirational quotes, client testimonials, fun challenges and contests, tutorials, selfies, product shots, and more.

And present each one of these in different formats like IGTV videos, reels, in-feed posts, and videos. By incorporating every layout, you can expand your reach and attract a diverse audience.

One of the sure-shot ways to create hype is by introducing like-based giveaways every few weeks to keep your audience interested and engaged. Also, make sure to work on creating engaging captions alongside!

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Unless you’ve been living in a cave, we all know how relevant and resourceful influencer marketing has become. Growing your Instagram follower base requires time and effort, but you can speed up the process by scouting for the right influencers and considering brand ambassador programs.

Influencers already have a community that trusts their opinion because of their credibility. Partnering with them can help you widen your reach in the industry and reach your target audience. You can start with micro-influencers and move your way up to reach the top and trending influencers.


It’s imperative to assess whether or not you’re playing your cards right. Studying your Instagram insights regularly is important to know what adjustments you need to tweak in your Instagram marketing strategy. You can find information about your peak hours to post, audience type, and interests.

Monitoring these can also help you figure out the type of content that you can re-furbish. Beyond the land of Instagram, you can also utilize other third-party tools to schedule posts, research trending hashtags, buy Instagram followers, and auto-engage with the audience.


The rise of Instagram has no intention of stopping, so now is the time to make the best use of the platform. Put these tips into action to be an Instagram success story. It may not always be a smooth cakewalk to grow organically, but you can always find the best website to buy Instagram likes or run Instagram ads during those dry spell days. Combining it with these tips and staying tuned to our space, you’ll surely be able to grow effectively in no time!


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