6 Key Trends on Digital Transformation in Healthcare system around the world in 2021


Digital Health care is a new healthcare system at which the world is transferring this includes telemedicine’s, online pharmacy, and various other health-related services. Every stakeholder that belongs to the healthcare industry is shifting the business to digital using emerging technologies.

Due to COVID 19 pandemics, the healthcare service is badly affected. To avoid such conditions in the future, there is a depressed need to shift medical health care to digital transformation. So, that the patient can get services 24/7. A lot of healthcare industries have shifted their business to the digital platform.

Below are the 6 key trends on digital transformations in the healthcare system around the world in 2021.

On-Demand/On-request services: providing the services when and where the patients need them

On-demand or on request comes here that when the patient or the people think that they need any medical attention, they can get services at any location. Also, some patients’ life routine remains busy due to a strict schedule. Thus, digital technology brings their medical services closer.

For example, there are some wearable digital sensors and devices that may be equipped in smartphones. These devices can monitor the patient health and different issues related to their chronic health condition.

The extraordinary increase in smart wearable medical devices

There is a rise in the use of smart wearable smart medical devices. The reason is that the patients are much satisfied with these devices. They also provide maintenance information and also suggest precautions to the patients.

These devices collect patient health data. Some new and innovative ideas are also being explored that provide benefits to the consumers.

Some of such devices are known as heart rate sensors, sleep monitoring devices, devices that track the record of patient sugar level in the blood, blood pressure level, calcium level, sodium level, and many other such elements in the patient body. Some other devices can monitor the amount of sugar carried in the blood.


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Collection of Big Data in the healthcare system

There is huge importance in gathering the big data in the health care system that helps to aggregate the information about medical business from the different social websites. Some of the big data benefits in the medical industry are given below.

  • Big data helps to lower the chances of medication.
  • It also helps to identify the patients’ high risks.
  • Big data is helpful to enhance the interaction and engagement of patients with doctors.

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Use of Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence in medical healthcare is more in trend in the world of digitalization. It offers some powerful digital medical devices in the healthcare industry. It is helpful to make high-potential and quality healthcare systems. Some of its applications are listed below.

  • It enables a predictive healthcare system
  • AI is helping to improve diagnosis.
  • It is used to make intelligent wearable medical sensors and devices and is also used in administrative tasks.

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The personalized and predictive healthcare system

This system is helpful to save the lives of people due to big data. It also ensures the future of the medical healthcare industry. The reason is that it can predict the illness at its initial stage or that may develop in the future.

Augmented and virtual reality

There are a lot of health applications in augmented and virtual reality regarding healthcare systems. These are used to make the skills perfect during surgeries or while planning complicated surgeries. The use of this field is highly recommended as it is a powerful communication channel that allows consumers to connect with the system.

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The above data summarizes that the number of digital healthcare systems is increasing. It provides a lot of benefits not only to the users but also to the businessman.


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