The Best Posture Corrector – A Complete Guide

Sitting in the office or in front of the PC all the time can lead to postural damage over time if nothing is done about it.

The back is stressed the most. If the load is too great, it can happen that our posture is no longer straight. The reason is the shoulders, which roll forward.

The Best Posture Corrector - A Complete Guide
The Best Posture Corrector – A Complete Guide

However, something can be done about a wrong attitude.

The answer is what is known as a “Posture Corrector”. What exactly it is and how it works is explained in detail in the following article. There are also helpful tips & tricks to help you find the best posture corrector for you.

What should you watch out for when buying and testing?

  • Should the holder disappear invisibly under clothing?
  • How long should I use a posture corrector?
  • Which variants do I need for my back problem?
  • Is there a difference between the variants for men and women?
  • What opinions do other buyers have about the product?

1. What is a Posture Corrector?

A posture corrector is basically a production that can be used to improve posture. Much effort does not have to be made.

Back pain and the like can often be traced back to incorrect posture. With a decent stabilizer, this problem can be alleviated or eliminated entirely. The posture corrector is a bandage and is worn on the upper back. They are also known under the name orthotics.

The material is flexible and elastic. Unfortunately, their size cannot be adjusted. However, they can be easily adjusted to the right width with a Velcro fastener. There are different versions of the bandage.

There is even the right equipment for elbows and feet. It is also comfortable to wear. Incidentally, it is carried in a similar way to a normal rucksack. The straps can be adjusted individually. How exactly it works is explained in the following section.

However, one more thing should be mentioned. The posture corrector must not simply be used by children.

This may only be done on medical advice. The initiative is the wrong choice here. Parents should definitely pay attention to this. Otherwise, the damage to posture can worsen.

2. How does a posture corrector work for correcting the posture of the back and shoulder?

As mentioned above, the posture corrector basically works like a backpack. In order to be able to adopt a reasonable posture, the back must be relieved. Unfortunately, that’s often easier said than done. Often it fails because of the implementation. Incidentally, a straight posture can help to improve body awareness.

To do this, the posture corrector is put on like an ordinary jacket. Optionally, it can even be attached under clothing. This is suitable for people who want to carry the posture corrector on the go. It is practically invisible under the shirt. Thanks to the Velcro fastener, the accuracy of fit can be regulated.

So the posture corrector can be adapted to any body shape. The first benefits can already be seen after the first application. On the one hand, the gait becomes more upright and the chest muscles are stretched. This has many health benefits.

The range of different posture correctors is enormous. Lay People, in particular, can quickly lose track of things there. You can take a look at the different variants in the following section.

3. What Types and Variants are there?

Before you buy it, it makes sense to find out more about the different types. There are a lot of them.

3.1 Rigid Posture Trainer

As the name suggests, this type of posture trainer is used for people with stability problems. Especially in the back area. Another example is people who come from a back injury. After an operation, it is impossible to stand upright on your own. The rigid posture trainer can help.

Its advantages include, above all, stability and recommendation after operations. Due to the rigid structure, it is not suitable for everyone. It is also quite heavy and can be uncomfortable. Rigid models are often made of composites or molded plastic. This gives them a relatively heavyweight.

3.2 Back bandage for corset

Then there is the bandage especially for those who wear a corset. In general, posture correctors are made of soft materials such as fabric. These types of bandages are designed to strengthen the middle and lower back. They promote good posture and also help prevent injuries. Their soft material helps to feel comfortable.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes restrict movement. They are often recommended after an injury or operation on the spine. In this way, movement can be restricted and the spine can be cared for.

3.3 Sacroiliac belt – pelvic belt or pelvic girdle

There is also the sacroiliac belt. It is used to stabilize the sacroiliac joint, which in turn is located on the lower back. This is where the pelvis and sacrum meet, among other things. A great benefit is a relief from pain. At the same time, a healthy posture is promoted. Depending on the size, it can also be uncomfortable. So it is best to use it around the hips. The elastic material adapts to every body shape.

3.4 Back support belt

It looks a little different with the back support belt. It is put on and worn like a wide belt. The muscles are supported by the lower back. In addition, it helps to get rid of tension and improve blood circulation.

Over time, it can warm up quickly and restrict movement. It is often used after lumbago or to prevent one. It is also warmly recommended for the prevention of chronic stress.

3.5 Back support for work

The last variant is the professional back support. These types of bandages are mostly used where there is a lot of strenuous work to be done. This includes heavy lifting. The belt helps maintain a healthy posture. However, it is very large and can quickly become uncomfortable.

There are of course other forms of back support. These include lifting straps or lower back stabilizers. Before buying a back straightener, a doctor should be asked for advice. If the help does not meet your own needs, the result can even be worsened.

4. The advantages and disadvantages of the posture corrector

The use of a posture corrector has several advantages. One of the other disadvantages should not be neglected.

For a better overview, these are compared in the following section:


  • Prevention of bad posture
  • helps maintain a straight posture
  • usable in the office, at work, and in your free time
  • can be worn under the t-shirt
  • available in different variations
  • easy to carry


  • can be a little difficult
  • if used incorrectly, it will not work

As can be seen, the benefits clearly outweigh the benefits. The posture corrector was developed especially for a healthy and straight posture. But ask your doctor before buying. Because back problems shouldn’t be joked with.

5. What do I have to look out for when buying?

If you are interested in buying a posture corrector, you have to consider a few things. Because in terms of function and equipment there are a wide variety of models.

The following section deals with exactly what is important when making a purchase and what should be avoided:

5.1 The material

The first point when buying should always be based on the material. Because not every material is suitable for everyone. Above all, breathable and temperature-compensating material is important.

This way you can ensure that you neither freeze nor sweat on the underside. It should also be noted that some models have magnets and rods made of plastic. The cleaning occurs there as difficult. A washing machine cannot be used for this. Just your own hands.

The decision depends heavily on the severity of the symptoms. The need for care for the spine also plays an important role.

5.2 The support function

In addition, it is important to pay attention to the support function. After all, the back should be in a straight position. This function should therefore not be missing from any posture trainer.

It is usually ensured by plastic rods in the back of the spine. Additional magnets have even been built into some of the bandages. This stimulates the muscle again and even massages it.

5.3 The size

As already mentioned above, the size of the straight-back trainer is also important. This is the only way for the support to function properly. It is important that the trainer is not too loose but not too tight either.

To make the purchase decision easier, it makes sense to pay attention to the following things:

  • belly
  • Waists
  • chest

Many manufacturers indicate these dimensions on their models. Ideally, a precise measurement is taken again before buying. Then the risk of a bad buy decreases. One of the other bandages can also be adjusted again.

5.4 Comfort

Comfort is crucial with a belt for the back. The posture corrector is usually worn for several hours. It is all the more important that it is comfortable.

First of all, everyone has to get used to the harness. At first, it will be strange and strange. But over time, the body gets used to it. The posture corrector should restrict normal movements as little as possible.

Furthermore, the belt must not be buckled too tightly. On the one hand, it cuts into the skin and, on the other hand, it is uncomfortable to wear. A classic mistake is wearing it too tight under the armpits. This leads to uncomfortable pressure points.

5.5 Affordability

The wearability under or over clothing must not be forgotten. Not everyone wants to be seen with the strap on. It seems strange and uncomfortable. That is why you should pay attention to wearability underneath clothing.

In this context, buyers should pay attention to the processing of the back support. Some can be worn directly on the skin and others can only be worn over a shirt.

However, it is recommended to wear it on top of clothing. Otherwise, the belt comes into direct contact with the skin, which can lead to unpleasant rubbing and itching.

Try out, different models. In this way, the most comfortable model can be found at the end. And wearing comfort is extremely important.

5.6 price

The last point deals with the price. Since the posture corrector is available in different sizes and variations, a lot of money can be saved. A comparison is ideal for this. All you have to do is enter the product name on special comparison pages and the best offer will be found within a few seconds. That saves time and money.

6. How long must a posture corrector be worn?

Most people will now ask themselves how long and how often the back straight holder should actually be used.

At the beginning of the treatment, it is usually worn for between 20 to 30 minutes. This is the familiarization phase.

As soon as the body or the back has got used to it, the minutes are screwed up.

The duration is then between 2 and 3 hours. After a few weeks, the duration of use can be extended per day. The answers and examinations from the doctor are always important.

In the event of deterioration or the like, he should be contacted immediately.

The bottom line

A stressful everyday life and frequent sitting can have a negative impact on health. This monotony is usually noticeable in the form of the back.

After a while, it starts to hurt. In this case, a back straightener can help. Basically, it is nothing more than a strap to stabilize the back. It is carried like a backpack or a jacket.

For reasons of comfort, it should not be directly on the skin. Things like size, weight, and workmanship are important when buying the best posture corrector. Heavy models can only exacerbate the problems.

Otherwise, nothing should stand in the way of your purchase, taking into account the points mentioned above.


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