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Top 11 Video Editing Apps For Android


Video Editing Apps For Android are something that anyone can do, but every device is not capable of performing. It is probably the heaviest task, for computers it requires a lot of space,  Huge RAM, and the process of editing.

Mobile phones do not have those specs which make them able to keep a high-quality video editor. We have the 10 best apps that can be very helpful for video editing on Android. With the help of these apps which can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store, one can enjoy blogging.

Top Video Editing Apps For Android

Here we have the top 10 apps for video editing on Android.

1. ActionDirector

It is the most important and most popular video editing app on PC as well as Android. With the help of this, we can import clips, and edit these clips. We can also render the video.

There are many other features like adding our music, slow motion, text, and much more. The best is yet to come, its best feature is that it supports 4k video. Before moving on to the next one always check if your device supports this app or not.

2. Adobe Premiere Rush:

It is another useful and interesting app for video editing on Android. Adobe Premiere Rush and Adobe Premiere Clip are two above-average video editors. It has a lot of features.

Here we can have multi-track timelines, cloud syncing, and advanced editing tools like adding music and clips. We can also add text to the videos using Adobe Premiere Rush. One can easily install it from the Play Store. Keep in mind that this app needs some bug fixes but its potential is amazing.

3. FilmoraGo

When we talk about the best and most reasonable video editing apps then filmoraGo definitely pops up in the mind. The basic features like trimming the video, and one can also play the video in reverse.

We can also have a feature of making a video for Instagram that is (1:1). Here we can also make videos for YouTube ( 16:9). In this editor, we can have slow motion, transitions, etc. One must keep in mind that a lot of features of this editor are free of cost.

4. Funimate

This is another good and useful app for editing videos on Android. This is an amazing app and the most popular. The stuff one has on the device can create a lot of videos differently. One can edit videos, in slow motion, move videos faster, and many other features.

One more thing is that there are 15 video filters in this app. This is useful for making short videos for social media rather than making longer videos. The best thing is this video can be downloaded for free.

5. InShot

It is the super video editor and one of the most popular video editing apps for iPhone / iOS, it exerts focus on filters, video trimming, and shortening of videos. It has various interesting features including a simpler timeline and audio channels.

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Fading in and out, adding music of one’s own choice, and cropping can be done using this app. It is great for YouTube, Instagram, and many other platforms because of the presence of a lot of features. It contains sticker packs for videos and speed controls as well. A lot of its features are free of cost.  One can also make videos for Twitter and LinkedIn from this amazing video editor.

6. Kine Master

This is yet another amazing video editor, a bit heavy but it almost supports all Android smartphones. All the other tasks that other expensive video editors are capable of, one can perform using this editor. In addition to that, we can have video image effect layers. Along with these, we have audio filters different video effects, and transitions.

One thing which we should know is that it is not as heavy as the other desktop editors are but it is closer to that. All the content on YouTube Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can be made with the help of this perfect video editor.

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7. Movie Maker Filmmaker

When we search for video editors then we get to know that most of them are not free, but this amazing video editor is free of cost. Here we can do all the tasks that one can perform on the paid video editors.

Video editing, trimming, slow motion, and adding clips can be achieved with this editor. One can arrange the events of the videos according to his own will. We can add sound to the videos. There are various filters available here that can be of importance.

8. Power Director

Another most important and comprehensive video editor on this list is Power Director. There are almost uncountable features of this editor including quick editing, effects and collage making, and slow-motion support. It is more familiar to people who often edit videos and looking for good video editors. It is capable of editing videos of every kind.

9. Quik

It is yet another quality video editor for the new generation. If you want to do simple editing then this should be the first choice. You can add photos and then the app analyses them and makes a video of them. Here you can find about two dozen video styles. Apart from the qualities, it is free to download from the Play Store.

10. viva video

This is the last app on the list, It is extremely popular at the same time affordable for users of Android. It is specifically designed for social media. Her short videos can be edited perfectly. It has a lot of video filters along with it is free of cost.

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11, Crello

You don’t want to skip Crello if you need to use a high-quality stock video clip in your projects. For example, you can create an animated gif Youtube video thumbnail, or a gorgeous Instagram video story right on your Android.

You can either play with the video itself or add it to a template. It’s easy to pick and modify a thematic video: you can trim and further customize your clip. The coolest thing about Crello though is that you can add numerous design objects to your video for free.


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