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Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps For iPhone (2024)

iPhones are equipped with the best cameras, and they are now getting better day by day. Now we can even shoot 4k videos with iPhones and edit them easily using any of these best Video Editing Apps For iPhone.


As today’s world is becoming increasingly advanced, iPhone has also become more powerful. It has become capable of performing highly difficult tasks. iPhones are equipped with the best cameras, and they are now getting better day by day. Now we can even shoot 4k videos with iPhones and edit them easily using any of these best Video Editing Apps For iPhones.

Because of the advanced features of the cameras, they are able to handle tasks like shooting videos and editing them. The latest iPhone released is the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro max. They are equipped with an Apple A13 Bionic chip. This chip is highly powerful and such chips are used in laptops. So, due to these features editing videos has become a possible task.

Here we will present the 10 best video editing apps for iPhone.

Video Editing Apps For iPhone


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1. LumaFusion:

There are many apps that are capable of editing videos, but LumaFusion is the best video editor. Features which this app has got no other app comes near this. One thing that one should keep in mind is that this a is paid app and it is worth every penny.

LumaFusion is not only used by YouTubers but also by mobile journalists. These journalists don’t want to carry heavy camera apparatus with them.

Let’s talk about its features, LumaFusion enables up to 6 video and audio tracks, for photos, video titles, and graphics. Moreover, it has 6 additional tracks for sound and video effects. Most professional video editors use this app. This will help you to edit your videos easily.

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2. iMovie:

iMovie is another beautiful video editing app that one must try. It is a part of Apple’s own products. It is a powerful video editing app that can even work on Macs and iPhones. The app has amazing features and it is included in the new generation of iPhone.

When we glance at its features we tend to know that one can import videos and photos for projects. Then one can edit them in a suitable environment. It has a lot of filters, different sound effects, and many more. Furthermore, it is easy to use. One can just scrub the finger on the screen and do whatever one likes.


This is another powerful video editor for iPhone, due to this app users will be able to perform a variety of tasks. Recording and importing video clips is easily possible with the help of Videoshop. Moreover, after recording or importing one can add text to the videos. One can even add desired music there. Tilt-shift and transitions in the videos are possible as well. This video editing app is mighty and enables one to do desired tasks.

After editing user can add themes, and filters to the edited video. The addition of the title and author’s name is possible as well. Export of videos is also possible using a video shop. We can export videos to Dropbox, and photos or we can even share them directly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many others.


Splice is the best video editing app from a company called GoPro. Here we can have a lot of benefits from using this app. One can transport photos and videos through this app. Later on, we can even edit them to make a movie of them. Import the videos that one wants and then edit them in a suitable way. This will make things easier when we get to use its filters and other features as well. One can also add the music of his own will, and later on, we can edit that as well. This is one of the most suitable video editors for the iPhone.

Inshot video editor:

Inshot is one of the most important video editors having the ability to work on iPhone and Android as well. This app offers a lot of features for editing. One can add his own theme, filter music, and many other things. Moreover, this app is easy to use because of its amazing display.

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6. Cameo:

This is another great video editing app for iPhone. This is superb in quality and its working is excellent. It has various features for editing high-definition videos. This app is capable of adding music, fetching the video, and adjusting the time frame inside the video. This is one of the most suitable apps for the iPhone. One must use this in order to edit videos.

7. Quik:

It is yet another helpful app for video editing on iPhone. It is an app by GoPro. With this app, one can edit a lot of videos. you can use those edited videos on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. There are plenty of filters included in this editor. Its use is simple and easy.

8. Kinemaster:

This is the best video editing app for iPhone due to its high quality and power. This video editor is basically used by professionals for editing high-quality videos. Its features are second to none. It provides filters, different sounds, and many more. If you want to edit high-quality videos like professionals then use Kinemaster.

9. Magisto:

This is a video editor which is specifically designed for iPhone. It is simple and offers a number of tasks. Sound addition in the video, changing fonts, and adding text in the videos are done through this app. Furthermore, this app is highly suitable for nonprofessionals. If you want to edit videos at a good quality then use Magisto.

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10. Filmmaker pro:

Last but not the least, it is a pro-level video editor for iPhone. We can edit videos using this amazing editor and can add music and a number of filters to our videos. This is simple and a very good video editing app for iPhone. It has a number of features that help us to make videos and then post them on different social media platforms.


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