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How to Secure a New Job for the New Year


If you’ve spent the last 12 months hating your job, the new year is a great time to find a new one. The only problem is that many other people will probably have the same idea. With that in mind, here are some of the ways you can make yourself stand out from the rest of the crowd when it comes to applying for a new job.

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Offer new skills

One of the best ways to stand out when applying for a job is to make sure you are trained in the latest skills. We all know that technology has changed how every single office around the world operates over the last few years.

For example, people very rarely use fax machines these days, instead opting to send files over email. It’s highly likely that some employees at that workplace may have even started their careers using typewriters and have had to learn how to use computers on the job.

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It may be the case that many people working at the place you’re applying for may have never even had any real training on the latest tech. Therefore, a qualification in some of the latest technology can make your application stand out from the rest.

For example, cloud-based technology has only really become popular over the last few years and very few workers understand the full complexities. By completing an industry-recognized training course, like those run by Azure which offers many Microsoft certifications on a range of topics including the cloud, you’ll look massively appealing to any employer. They’ll be more tempted to spend money employing you if they know you’ll fill a gap in their combined knowledge.

Demonstrate those skills

It’s not enough just to state which skills you possess. While it’s good to explain how you got these skills and how you think they’ll benefit the team you’re looking to join, there is a much better way to persuade your potential employer that you do indeed have those skills. Instead of just talking about them, find a way of demonstrating you have them.

If you claim to be highly skilled at using Word, demonstrate this by making your CV look as professional as possible. If the job requires you to be skilled in things like video editing software, consider submitting a version of your CV that is in the form of a film rather than a Word document.

Don’t wait for the advert

You might think the best way to find your dream job is to scroll through the applications on your local job website. While this is the most obvious way, it might not be the best way of securing your dream job. If there is a particular company or specific industry you want to work in, get in touch with employers in that industry even if they’re not currently advertising a role.

It might be the case that they were thinking of employing someone but just hadn’t got around to advertising the position yet. Your eagerness will not only make you look determined, but it could also reduce the competition for the position. Even if they don’t have a position to fill, simply making that first contact will work to your advantage if a job ever does come up in the future.


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