Pros and Cons of Being a Blogger While Studying


It is a great hobby to blog while studying. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with that. It would be best if you considered them before you embark on that journey. Blogging is one of the many ways that a student can get income while still in school. The students can share their thoughts and opinions with their target audience. Visit My Paper Writer to read more on the subject.

Pros of Blogging for Students

⦁ Income. You can earn money while bogging. You can achieve this by advertising brands on your page or blog. The more popular it is to the audience, the more money you will receive as a blogger.

⦁ Sponsorships. Aside from earning money, you can get subsidies through blogging. An example would be bloggers that have an enormous following that can get needed by companies to collaborate. It is evident in a situation like a travel blogger getting tapped by traveling agencies to feature them or even restaurants inviting food bloggers to review their recipes.

⦁ Work experience. Blogging will give you a foot forward on occasion. The work can teach you elements that will help you, like instilling self-discipline, communication skills, creativity, and writing skills. You can also derive analytical and critical skills.

⦁ Self-Exploration. Blogging can help you explore the person you are. When you get yourself in a position where you ask what to blog about, you will think about information, your thoughts, feelings, or emotions, or some experiences you have collected. You will get to understand yourself. It can act as a mirror.

⦁ Change inspiration. For students, blogging is not just about collecting money; you can innovate ideas and beef up your progress. For example, your blog can be a forum for talking about issues affecting society or can act as a vessel for creating and raising awareness amongst your readers.

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Cons of Blogging for Students

⦁ Time consumption. It is one of the main disadvantages of blogging. If you are blogging, it will be more like a full-time job. Therefore, you will need to invest both your energy and time. You will need to search through your brain for content, conduct research, and sit down to draft a copy. On top of all that, you will also need to edit and proofread. When you put all these into context, you will realize that blogging will take much of your study time and set your academic success at risk.

⦁ Schedule conflict. One other disadvantage blogging can have over you is that it can ramp up conflicts in your daily or weekly schedules. Several bloggers have control over the time they spend blogging. But just like any other work, there may be times when the craft may seep in through your different work schedules. It can take you away from schoolwork, as in the case of travel bloggers.

⦁ It takes time to succeed. Just like a business, blogging takes time to bear fruits. You don’t wake up, start blogging, and start earning immediately. It may take you several months before you create a stable community and a following; if your main goal is to make your money right, then taking the road of full-time blogging while in college will not be a good option after all. It would be best if you learned how to balance your work and academic work.


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