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Top 15 WordPress Themes For Online CV

It is easy to create a resume or CV and submit it to the hiring manager for further evaluation; anyone can do that. However, creating a resume or CV website with a WordPress theme is not an easy task. If you are not familiar with the process, we suggest you try the following WordPress themes to make your work easier.

1. Graphix

graphix resume

According to resume that works, it is one of the best, multipurpose WordPress themes for online CVs. Using Graphix, you can quickly build any type of CV or resume website and can change its color whenever you like. This theme comes with a lot of features and a page builder that can be used to make and share your CV on social media.

2. Me

me wp theme for online resume

It is a nice WordPress resume theme that you can use to create both basic and professional CVs on the internet. It lets you design modern resumes instantly and gives you a chance to leave a good impression on the hiring manager.

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3. Jab (vCard)

jab wp resume

It is an advanced WordPress theme that is used to create CVs, resumes, and simple blogs. The theme has a lightweight design and many great options.

4. ShiftCV


ShiftCV is suitable for blogs and resumes. It is a responsive WordPress theme that lets you showcase your talent and build a professional CV in no time.

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5. See My CV Resume


As the name indicates, See My CV Resume will make your CV noticed and appreciated by the hiring manager. You can build so many creative resumes using this one of the best WordPress resume themes. It will let you organize your work history, social links, and skills on one page.

6. Profession


With Profession, it is easy for anyone to create beautiful, impressive, and professional resumes. You can build your curriculum vitae in just a few minutes and can then share it with social media friends or send it to the email of the hiring manager directly.

7. RScard


RSCard comes with a marvelous and great ACF Pro page builder. It allows you to create custom CVs and add as many elements to them as you like. You can also insert a custom logo and digitally share social media profiles with the hiring manager.

8. NEW


NEW is a Vcard theme that has been designed to make compiling and attractive resumes. One of the best parts is that anyone can use this theme. When it is fully installed, you can find a page to get started with. Choose from a number of colors, add your details, change the layout and font sizes and types and create your final product in a couple of minutes.

9. Kerge


At CustomEssayOrder.com, we believe that Kerge is one of the best WordPress themes you can use to create professional CVs and resumes in no time. It is perfect for all types of online portfolios and features different demos. If you are confused about how to use it, you can check any of these demos and start designing your resume instantly.

10. Mari


Mari is one of the best and most famous resume themes. It is super clean, modern, and easy to use and comes with unique white screen borders that make the resume websites feel like presentations. It is paired with fancy slide menus and comes with a lot of unique features.

11. Who I Am


Who I Am? I am not asking this question but trying to tell you that this is the name of a famous WordPress resume template. This option is good for those who want to use shortcodes for contact details, timelines, testimonials, skill charts, and portfolios. If you are one of them, then this is the right kind of WordPress theme for you.

12. Flatoo


Flatoo is yet another WordPress theme that can be regarded as one of the best WordPress resumes. It comes with a lot of styles to design CVs. You can use it to give a flat or bold look to your resume and can get creative with colors and fonts.

13. Mefolio


Mefolio is a relatively new yet wonderful WordPress theme. Experts from Write My Essay For Me love this topic and advise using it to create CVs and resumes the world over. One of its best advantages is that it comes with bold colors, plenty of layouts, rotating text options, video backgrounds, and gradients. You can go with any of those options and create your online CV in a matter of minutes.

14. Meraki


Meraki can help you design custom CVs and resumes. It is especially good for freelance writers, designers, web developers, and tutors. This is an SEO-friendly resume builder that has come with a nice and unique resume website template. The theme lets you showcase your experience, skills, special rewards, and work history and contact details in different styles, font sizes, and customized options.

15. Selfless


With Selfless, you can create beautiful resumes in as many numbers as you want. The name should not confuse you; it is opposite to what the name suggests. The WordPress theme offers plenty of options and features and makes your work easier.

With all these themes, you can do your work efficiently and can leave a good impression on the hiring manager by creating beautiful resumes.

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