Signs Of Weak Immune System

signs of weak immune system

The immune system helps you to fight infectious diseases and also help you to prevent from various deadly bacteria and viruses but if your body does not respond to a deadly bacteria and you can easily get caught by viruses or bacteria that means your immunity is not strong enough to fight against foreign particles.

For example, if anyone of a child whose immune system is not strong enough to fight foreign invaders more likely to catch flu and diarrhea. People with weak immunity if they eat specific food surely get problems in the digestive tract. People possess some skin problems whenever to go outside easily to catch some skin allergies.

symptoms of weak immune system

Following are the signs of a weak immune system,

  • Diarrhea
  • Respiratory problems
  • Skin allergies
  • Meningitis
  • Pneumonia
  • Flu

Causes Of Weak Immune System

The majority of the reason behind this primary immunodeficiency is hereditary or due to long term exposure of a healthy person to a specific deadly virus of flu.

Children of age below 5 are more likely to get affected by a particular virus and then the one who aged over 65 or 70.

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causes of weak immune system

More Symptoms Of Weak Immunity:

Weak immunity lead to bad health conditions like muscles pain, anemia, delay in growth, inflammations of bones, increases the chances of melanoma or cancerous cells, digestive tract infections or problems like indigestion of some specific food, heart problems, respiratory problems and blood-related problems like thalassemia minor or thalassemia major, etc.

B Cels Or T Cells Role In Weak Immune System:

B cells role in weak immune system

B cells secrete antibodies in response to foreign antigen and body own antigen in case of autoimmune diseases.

Autoimmune diseases are the type of diseases in which the overproduction of antibodies towards foreign virus leads to killing body own cells, which is a sign of weak immunity.

When B cells are not produced effectively it becomes lead to viral antigen affects efficiently

T cells found in the thymus, they have also a protective role against immunity. The T cells type natural killer T cells present naturally in every human body helps to fight infections since birth and then the other type memory T cells will remember the previously foreign virus to next extent, so that they will attack more efficiently next time but any one of the hereditary mutations occur in the genes who make T cells, the body will not be able to attack foreign pathogens so T cells or B cells moderate production will really helpful in coping these weak immunities.



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