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How to Find the Best Hotel POS System

Best Hotel POS System

Hotel point-of-sale systems have to handle the unique operational demands of these businesses. Multi-purpose POS systems such as the Clover 2 provide customer-friendly features, affordable payment processing rates, and operational management capabilities. Here are a few guidelines for selecting the best hotel POS system.

Factor In Functionality

Start by considering the capabilities of the ideal POS system. Hotel operators may want to accept a wider variety of payment methods, customize billing strategies for reservations and incidentals or manage aspects of daily operations through a POS platform. Clover POS systems excel in all of these areas.

Payment processing capabilities are built into every Clover system. These systems also come with applications for managing basic operational tasks built into the software. An App Market with hundreds of supported integrations makes it possible to connect a POS system to other software and streamline workflows. A multi-purpose POS system can facilitate daily operations for managers and employees and enhance the guest experience.

Simplify Payment Processing

Hotel operators can depend on a Clover POS system to securely process payments from cards with EMV chips or magnetic stripes, contactless payments and other common methods. These systems can be set up to bill customers in accordance with the policies of any establishment. Built-in functionality and integrations available through the Clover App Market make it possible for employees to access important data, such as room availability, on a single device.

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One of the best features of Clover systems is flat rates for payment processing linked to a choice of monthly software subscription packages. Upon approval for this POS system, a hotel obtains a merchant account with low rates. Small establishments with straightforward billing or operational requirements may be satisfied by a Register Lite software plan with a lower monthly subscription fee and slightly higher in-person transaction rates. The full Register software plan has a higher subscription fee for more extensive features and lower transaction costs.

Get a Guest-Friendly System

The best POS system will also be able to meet or exceed the expectations of hotel guests. This experience starts with making a reservation and checking in. It may be possible to integrate a POS system with booking software for streamlined processing of guest and room information. At the front desk, hotel owners also have the option to select devices with customer-facing displays or printers.

When guests check out, they may request an itemized receipt of room costs, incidentals and other fees. A Clover POS system can be set up to keep track of all of this information and provide a detailed breakdown for any customer. Guests may also express concerns about data privacy. A Clover POS system provides superior protection for payment information and can be set up to ensure that other information processed through the system stays protected.

The best POS system for a hotel can make it simple to meet the needs of guests, manage employees and oversee daily operations. Hotel owners and operators should weigh the benefits of a Clover system that has low transaction rates and the ability to accept a variety of payment methods.


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