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How to Write a Best Resume – Download 4+ Free Resume Word Templates

Post Updated: June 2023

The resume is the entry ticket to the job interview. But how do I write the perfect resume in 2023? And which errors do not work at all? Everything on the subject.

Do you have to write an application *? Then it’s best to start with your résumé. The curriculum vitae (CV), as the résumé is also called, is the heart of every application – and not without reason.

free resume templates for word

Structure: This is how your résumé should be structured

The curriculum vitae gives HR managers a precise overview of your educational qualifications, your professional stages, and other experiences and knowledge that you have gained so far. It is important that the résumé is simple and clear so that the most important points can be grasped quickly.

The reverse chronological structure has been established for years. That is, the most recent work experience is mentioned first. This is followed by studies or training, the school career, and knowledge. This has the advantage that HR managers see the most important information first.

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The following structure is recommended by career experts in 2023:

  1. Personal information (name, address, telephone number, email address, blog/homepage if applicable)
  2. work experience
  3. Advanced training
  4. Internships / international experience / part-time jobs
  5. Study Education
  6. Military or community service (if applicable)
  7. school
  8. languages
  9. Knowledge (IT, possibly driver’s license, publications, etc.)
  10. Interests/hobbies (optional)

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Content: how to write the perfect resume in 2023

Personal Information

The résumé begins with your personal information. At the top, in a header, state your personal name and address, as well as an e-mail address and telephone number at which the HR manager can contact you.

Application photo

You can place a professional application photo in the top right corner. While this is not a must, many HR professionals still like to see who they are dealing with. You can find out what to look out for here.

Professional background

This is followed by the professional career – in reverse chronological order. So start with the last or current job. First, state the period of time (month/year) and the company in which you worked, what position you held, and describe your tasks in a few brief bullet points. Like this:

12 / 2015-01 / 2021 job title

Company XY, location

– Task 1

– Exercise 2

– Task 3

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Further training, internships, part-time jobs

This is followed by relevant further training as well as internships and part-time jobs, provided that these still play a role at your career level.

Training, studies, and school

Now comes the section on school and vocational training or studies. Start with the times for your apprenticeship or your studies (month/year), followed by the data on your school career. If you have achieved a particularly good degree (grade: very good), please also mention the final grade – this will impress HR managers.

Knowledge and skills

The last part contains information on knowledge and skills – such as foreign languages, software knowledge, or – where required – also the driver’s license class.

In the case of foreign language skills, you should always state how well you speak the language. Typical formulations for this are:

  • Mother tongue/mother-tongue level
  • Business fluent in spoken and written
  • Fluent / very good written and spoken skills
  • Good written and spoken skills
  • Basic knowledge/school knowledge

Hobby and Interests

As the last point, you can indicate hobbies and interests. At this point, however, the experts argue. However, there is a big advantage in always showing off your hobbies. In any case, be sure to indicate the “right” hobbies. You can find out what these are here.

How to deal with gaps in your resume

The same applies in 2023: You should definitely avoid gaps in your résumé. You can find out how you can do this here. However, if it happens anyway, and you’ve been idle for a few months, this is how you should respond to recruiters.

It is imperative to avoid these mistakes in the resume in 2023

Mistakes in a résumé happen to everyone. But classics like spelling mistakes or gaps in the résumé are usually not well received. Find out here the typical mistakes applicants make over and over again.

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Best Free Resume Templates For Word

Before you get started hunting for a job you must check your resume thoroughly. Is it attractive enough to get you a job? If not then these free resume templates for word might help you. More Freebies

After getting an extremely positive result from the Creative Free Resume Templates article I decided to share a few simple and easy edit Resume Templates for Microsoft Word (Doc & Docx format). These CV templates are Ultra Updates’s property the most special thing about these 3 resumes is that you won’t find any of these on Hloom.  I will try my best to keep this post updated with more Word Resumes.

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Mark – Resume Template For Word (.Doc & .Docx)

Mark – Resume might sound funny to you. But this one is really the latest design of simple & unique resume trend.

Free Download

resume template for word

Free MS Word Resume

Free Download


Steve – Resume Template Word (.Doc)

Steve Jobs. is more simple than with a neat sidebar for personal & contact info.

Free Download

resume template word

Stella Word Resume Template (.Doc)

Simple & Neat Word resume template having a cool footer with about me and other detail fields. Especially those who think one should get the job by his skills & work not by face & personal interest of HR…

Free Download

word resume template

The following bonus infographic about writing a resume will help you in creating your resume.

How To Write a Resume For A Job


In conclusion, crafting a standout resume is crucial for success in your job search. Enhance your resume by incorporating the best colors to make a lasting impression. To further simplify the process, download our collection of 4+ free resume Word templates, designed to help you create a professional and visually appealing resume effortlessly.

Utilize these templates as a starting point, customize them with your unique information, and leverage the power of best colors for a resume to make it visually captivating.

Don’t miss this opportunity to present yourself in the best light and increase your chances of landing your dream job. Download the free resume Word templates now and take your resume to the next level.


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